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Mortgage Lending Outlook for 2022

Tough Competition and Margin Compression - Mortgage Lending Outlook for 2022

There have been many different changes in the mortgage industry over the past few years. However, one very important factor might have been impacting the business efficiency and profitability and that is margin compression. There has been a great decline in the expectations of lender profit margin over the last few years that have gone by for sure.

The recent figures that we have today aren't really optimistic as well. According to the Quarterly Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey by Dannie Mae, the margin outlook for lending has gone through a decline over the second quarter of 2021. About 46% of the lenders tend to claim that they have been expecting lower margins of profit for the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. Most experts have made the prediction that lenders might have to prepare properly for the margin compression in the upcoming months since it is going to be a worse situation than it was in 2018.

Important Factors That Drive Mortgage Margin Compression

There are so many important economic factors that have a role to play in driving margin compression. Some of these reasons are listed below in detail to ensure that lenders can have an idea about the topic.

  1. Increase in Tough Competition

    This is exactly the time when the entire market tends to be teeming with tough competition. Hence, lenders have to face the heat from different fintech companies and startups that operate without any particular infrastructure. Also, there are large chains that tend to have surplus money and are willing to take risks. Apart from that, there is also the refinance boom that is coming to a probable end. All of these important details are making the lenders feel the innate need to actually fight for roles in the small market of origination.

  2. Lower Purchase Demands

    It was seen in the past that the demands for a mortgage actually have managed to hit an all-time low and almost came to a halt due to that. The survey on Fannie Mae made a point that the numbers of purchase demands have been pretty low over the last few years. This has led to the production of an average yield for earning all the assets also going down along with the purchase demand. This is one of the main reasons why mortgage compression has been affected as well.

  3. Regulatory Adherence

    When it comes to the increase of margin compression, this is another one of the factors that have a pretty major role to play in affecting the operational efficiency of the lenders for sure. According to a survey done on the lenders and their views on margin compression, about 61% tend to have a belief that the regulations that are imposed on the lenders have the tendency to smother their efficiency of operation. This is due to the fact that these regulations end up decreasing their outlook for the profit margin. The impact that challenging regulatory compliance has is that it creates certain changes in the flow of work for the lenders. So, the smaller lenders actually end up looking for different points for revenue generation in order to raise the standards that they have.

  4. Widening of Primary and Secondary Spreads

    Along with refinances, the origination volumes also tend to fall pretty consistently. Hence, the primary and secondary spread tends to always remain in a wide condition. The increase of the costs related to origination is said to be a major effect on the profit margins. This is the case even though there is a lot of difference between the mortgage rates for the primary and the secondary markets.

How Can Mortgage Lenders Fight Margin Compression?

Since the decline in profitability still seems to be a pretty major reason for concern amongst the people. it is really important for the lenders to make sure that they understand how it is possible to combat margin compression in the best way. The two most effective ways of doing that are -

  • Making Improvements in the Process of Lending - Making changes and certain improvements in the process of lending and optimizing the workflow can actually help a lot in decreasing margin compression. Lenders will be able to properly balance all the lending products that they have such as refinancing, mortgages, etc.
  • Outsourcing Mortgage Support - This impactful way will lead to control of lower margins of profit for sure. Associating with proper companies that have mortgage support outsourcing services will empower the lenders as well as their businesses to achieve more goals in the future.

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