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Outsource2india is hub of mortgage services; whether it is pre-qualification, closing, post-closing, processing, pre-processing, title services, underwriting, or appraisal. Being a thought leader, we don't just want you to outsource your mortgage services to O2I, but also appreciate and feel blessed to be able to make you learn about how these services are rendered. Here we present highly-researched mortgage articles that will help you learn a lot about the nitty-gritties of our services, by diving into our well-researched resource pool.

Mortgage Origination Cost Went Negative in 2018 - Is It a Good News for Lenders in 2019?

The cost of mortgage origination hit an all-time high back in 2013-14 but is now it is high again. This has affected the business of a lender drastically. Will things change in the coming year? Read the article to know more.

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3 Trends that are Turning the Mortgage Industry Upside Down

Home buying experience is never the same as before. The mortgage industry is disrupted by the "Amazon effect" with broker's role becoming insignificant in facilitating transactions. Read ahead to know the three factors that have flipped the mortgage industry and how stakeholders are impacted by this change wave.

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Why is Profit Margin Compression the Biggest Hurdle for Mortgage Executives?

It is important to understand the concept of profit margin compression and how it is affecting the mortgage industry. The article explains why is profit margin compression one of the biggest hurdles for mortgage executives.

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Top 10 Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders

Due to stringent compliance requirement and the need for processing higher volume of loan requests with accuracy, the industry has developed affinity towards loan servicing software. The loan servicing software will allow servicers to optimally manage portfolios, revenue, and deliver better customer experience in an economical way.

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Top 6 Trends Expected to Shape the Mortgage Industry in 2018

It is important for clients to understand the trends in the industry which will help them to take the right business decisions at the right time. Read the article to know the top trends which are expected to shape the mortgage industry in 2018.

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Benefits of Hiring a Mortgage Loan Processing Company

The benefits of using the services of a mortgage loan processing company are numerous. Read this article which lists down the various advantages.

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Outsourcing Mortgage Services to India

Outsource mortgage services to India and benefit from the extra time, finances and energy that you can invest back into your mortgage business.

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How Can Mortgage Process Automation Transform your Business Processes?

Read Outsource2india's article on the mortgage automation's impact on mortgage operations and how Mortgage Process Automation Can Transform your Business Processes.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Qualified Mortgage (QM) Rule

Know what the new qualified mortgage rule are and how it will affect both lenders and borrowers alike.

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GUS - Components and Overview

Read our article about the Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) components and a general overview of this system.

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FAQs About Freddie Mac

Read our article which provides all the details and some of the frequently asked questions about Freddie Mac.

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HOEPA Compliance Requirements for Mortgage

The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) is intended to protect consumers from unfair and abusive practices in mortgage lending.

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Loan Processing for Brokers

Whether you are a small-to-medium sized loan brokerage house, large scaled mortgage Loan Company, or simply a single rogue broker operating on your own; each loan has to be processed and funded as one mortgage loan at a time.

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Pre-Underwriting for Wholesale Lenders

If you are involved in the wholesale lending arena, you must have witnessed the industry change and re-invent itself several times over. Competition has come and gone showing no regard for lender size or stature.

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A Definitive Guide to Mortgage Closing and Post-Closing

One of the major repercussions in wake of the financial crisis is increased scrutiny bearing on all aspects of the mortgage industry.

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Loan Modification Underwriting Process - All You Need to Know

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since capital markets began to unravel in the USA nearly 6 years ago. As a surviving lender, you have been traveling this bumpy road for far too long.

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