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Lease Abstraction Support Services

Outsource Lease Abstraction Support Services

We prepare summaries of lease documents so it comes handy for real estate companies, lessee, and lessors to evaluate, challenge, or just peruse key information at affordable rates

Are you looking for a lease abstraction support to have a summarized version of your lease document to assess the financial benefits, liabilities, and in general to avoid misinterpretation? A well-made lease abstract helps property managers, tenants, and investors become aware of legal, financial, and business information to make informed decisions. We ensure to make lease terms easy to interpret creating a standard format that is reasonable and easy to update. By outsourcing lease abstraction support services to Outsouce2india, we help you identify errors, inconsistencies, and partial information that can transpire into a financial burden on one or more parties.

Being a top lease abstraction support service provider for 25 years, we have accumulated experience in several simple and complex lease abstraction processes which enables us to deliver high-quality insights to help you make swift and well-informed decisions. When it comes to cost and quality you are unlikely to match the service levels of a lease abstraction support service providing company like O2I.

Lease Abstraction Support Services We Offer

When you choose a lease abstraction service company like O2I to outsource your needs, we take care of compiling summaries that are elaborate, accurate, and helps to discover possible discrepancies. This helps us pass on the complete benefits of the outsourcing lease abstraction process. The services we offer are as follows -

  1. Lease Data Abstraction

    Lease Data Abstraction

    The legal wordings in a lease document can be tough to interpret if you must process information and arrive at decisions quickly. The lead documents contain everything from critical dates, lease rights, clauses, and deadlines for renewal and termination. All of these data are compiled in a simple format that is easy to digest to make relevant financial and business decisions. We empower your decision-making abilities by scanning and aggregating the crucial data peppered throughout the document.

  2. Crucial Date Lease Abstraction

    Crucial Date Lease Abstraction

    We collect information on rental schedules that are reoccurring on a monthly or annual basis. If helps you stay informed about the updated terms and possible renewal options.

  3. CAM Costs and Audit Terms

    CAM Costs and Audit Terms

    We have long been in the business of providing the best lease abstraction support services in India. Therefore, we understand the nuances of CAM charges, tax brackets, pro-rata shares, and host of other factors that are crucial at the time of auditing. We also create a detailed summary of possible exclusions and grace terms for the rental payment.

  4. Fee Schedules Lease Abstraction

    Fee Schedules Lease Abstraction

    We round up information on miscellaneous fees, accrued late fees, processing rates, waivers, and a range of non-upfront costs involved in the lease contracts.

  5. Lease Abstraction of Obligations

    Lease Abstraction of Obligations

    Insurance may be an obligation for tenants and homeowners in certain cases. So do the communication of notice dates, user restrictions, and the subletting terms. To outline policies covering all these aspects, you'll need a detailed lease abstraction that we provide, all under one roof.

Our Lease Abstraction Process

At Outsource2india, we incorporate a robust Lease Abstraction support process to make sure that mortgage loans are offered to first-time customers without a down payment while giving no money down home loans. Here's the process we follow at O2I while buying a home with no down payment -


01. Lease Record Data Capture

We will source the client's lease document in digitized format or as paper-based


02. Sorting Lease Data into Template

We use software like Yardi, ProLease, Colliers 360 and more to scan the lease data and sort the same in the prescribed template


03. Sanitization of Lease Abstract

We will identify the relevant abstract and ensure the data is accurate. If needed, errors will be flagged and rectified


04. Comprehensive Quality Control

We carry out comprehensive quality control checks on the lease abstract to ensure faster decision-making

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Lease Abstraction Support Service to O2I?

Outsource2india has garnered the reputation as a top provider of lease abstraction support services in India and across the globe. The benefits of outsourcing lease abstraction process are as follows -

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    If anything, it is the pricing where we are unmatched because our lease abstraction support services are highly customizable and thereby comes with it, the cost advantage.

  • ISO Certified Lease Abstraction Service Provider

    O2I is an ISO certified lease abstraction support service providing company where our professionals focus on ensuring quality in each step.

  • High-Quality Services

    Accuracy of lease abstraction is how we earn our client's confidence prompting them to repeat the business over and again.

  • High Data Security

    Our teams sign the NDA before the project commences. They do what it takes to avoid data from falling into wrong hands.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    If anything, it is the pricing where we are unmatched because our lease abstraction support services are highly customizable and thereby comes with it, the cost advantage.

  • Highly Scalable Services

    Scaling up or down is easy because we have a large bandwidth to accommodate the additional request if the client chooses to do so.

  • Short Turnaround

    When you outsource lease abstraction support services, you can rest assured that your project will be dealt with faster and on priority without errors.

  • Access to Full Time Mortgage Support Experts

    At O2I, there is never a dearth of resources. We have extremely qualified lease abstraction specialists with decades of cumulative experience in the project.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We follow a sophisticated approach because we have a powerful infrastructure that includes a suite of Lease abstraction software with AI functions. Our infrastructure is also one of the most secure in the world.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    When it comes to the lease abstraction loan process, we offer continuous support through the team. They take you calls, and respond via emails or any channel of your choice. Our support system is always agile.

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Outsource Lease Abstraction Support Service to Outsource2india

Lease abstraction demands a lot of time and dedication to addressing basic and advanced issues in lease abstraction. This is why most homeowners, real estate companies, and tenants fin it convenient to outsource lease abstraction support to O2I. It is a small part of a larger REO service that serves businesses by preventing financial burdens.

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