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Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services

Outsource Pre-fund QC audit support services

We will check the compliance and completeness of loan documents to ensure it is safe to be financed

Pre-fund QC audit is considered as a critical part of mortgage quality control. It is mandated by the FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc. The Pre-fund QC audit is recognized as the only proactive way to ensure quality loan processing. The pre-fund QC audit will eliminate any difficulties before they become a major concern. When you outsource pre-fund QC audit support services to experts like us you can save up to 15% of the cost.

By outsourcing pre-fund QC audit support services to Outsourc2india you can save time, and money. In addition, we can reduce the burden associated with errors and time spent in the warehouse queue. Our methods also comply with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements while proactively detecting fraud and limiting liabilities.

Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services We Offer

When you offshore Pre-Fund QC Audit Support Services, you can be relieved from the stress of compliance and errors because we ensure that it is taken care of. The services offered under pre-funding mortgage loan audits are as follows -

  1. Loan Application Review

    We will review the reported information furnished by borrowers. Using a comprehensive checklist approach, the name, employment status, loan repayment history, and other information is verified by gathering supporting documents as an evidence to borrower creditworthiness. The discrepancies (if any) will be flagged for further action from lenders.

  2. Assessment of Income and Liabilities

    The W-2 forms, bank statements, and pay stubs are scrutinized for discovering hidden liens and liabilities caused by borrowers to another stakeholder. This information will mitigate risks faced by lenders before processing the mortgage loans. A report on the detailed audit will be compiled and furnished to lenders. We heavily rely on systems such as MERS to enhance the accuracy of our assessment.

  3. Quality Review in Underwriting

    Our pre-fund QC audit support services are engineered to detect discrepancies within the customer-file that are at risk and to address the same before the loan process is moved to closure. As part of the underwriting process, we focus on risk assessment by following a detailed document verification steps that ensures movement of error-free submissions that adhere to compliances.

  4. Mortgage Appraisal & Desk Reviews

    Appraisal desk review is a common practice in pre-fund QC audit. It is a method used to scrutinize the appraisal process. Being a top Pre-fund quality control company, our services are chosen to spot and rectify flaws in the appraisal. It is our goal is to ensure that the loan amount released by the lenders equates to a fair market value of the collateral. This is to prevent borrower from getting unfair advantage.

  5. Federal and State Regulatory Compliance Checks

    Depending on the type of financing option we customize regulatory compliance services so that our team can keep track of modifications made to guidelines and regulatory compliances. The information will enable us to carry out the pre-fund QC audit as per the GSE guidelines. In this way, you can process loans that have the highest chance of being approved by GSE.

Pre-fund QC Audit Process We Follow

We follow simple steps in pre-funding mortgage loan audits that will help you understand what happens behind the scene. Here are steps involved in pre-fund QC audit support services -

Collaboration with Lenders  

01. Collaboration with Lenders

We work with lenders to identify the needs by collecting mortgage documents submitted by potential borrowers

Verification and Validation  

02. Verification and Validation

We will verify the data to ensure it is free from fallacies and other discrepancies. We also check if the reported data aligns with compliances

Report Submission  

03. Report Submission

We will compile a report that will allow lenders to take further actions, including sending borrowers, a notification to fill the information void

Re-verify and Finalize Report  

04. Re-verify and Finalize Report

Once the documentation needs are fulfilled, we will recheck the submission before sending a final opinion to lenders

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services?

Outsource2india is a reputed pre-fund mortgage quality control audit company that leverages the best industry practices to bring fulfilment to lenders dealing with a plethora of borrower application. Here are the top reasons why we are pressed into action for Quality Control audit -

  • Certified Provider of Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services

    O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that meets lender's demand with prudence and passion. Pre-fund QC audit is among many mortgage services we offer to close the gap in your business.

  • Data Security

    As part of data security needs, we have been successful in bringing to table methods that would allow you to stay insured from data loss or mismanagement. For this effort, we have been accredited with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We take no chances with accuracy while carrying out the pre-fund QC audit. Our services have always catered to every client's need with the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    If you are time crunched, we have got you covered. Our services can be sped up to finish the QC audit in a short TAT.

  • Scalability

    You can scale up or down depending on your needs by hiring us for pre-fund QC audit support services. We serve with dedication to deliver scalable mortgage services.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    You can customize the pre-fund QC audit support services to fit your needs without compromising the quality. We are specialists in mortgage services and have offered our services at flexible prices to let you be in control of choices.

  • Single-point of Contact

    We offer a dedicated support who will answer to your needs in the shortest time. Our project point man can be contacted anytime, anywhere to get real-time updates and reports on the service.

  • Experienced Team of Pre-fund QC Auditors, and Mortgage Specialists

    We have been in business for 25 years, and over the period, we have acquired the best minds in the mortgage industry who can resolve challenges you face with pre-fund QC audit. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in mortgage rules and regulations.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have a modern infrastructure that is frequently upgraded to suit the industry's pace. We feel your customer's pulse better and to this end, we offer sophisticated contact center support that are operational to handle calls, emails, and web chat support in a fast and secure way.

  • Customs Pre-fund QC Audit Software & Tools

    We use advanced AI and ML supported tools that take care of data aggregation and organization. This shortens the effort needed in data collection and segmentation. Our software is purchased from reputed publishers that provide timely updates and support.

  • Secure File Sharing

    File sharing is easy while working with O2I because we have the next-level data sharing platforms that are secured with state-of-the-art security systems. This makes sending and receiving data through SFTP, and VPN free from risks.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We can be reached at your convenience without time zone restrictions. We are a company that is operational on 24/7/365 basis. This uncomplicates the process of reaching us because we are available through a phone call, email, or web chat.

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Outsource Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services to Outsource2india - Leader in Mortgage Service

Outsource2india has been in business for 25 years and have understood the fabric of the mortgage industry and its functions. We offer a wide range of mortgage services that can bring you the best values. You can avail pre-fund QC audit support services at an attractive price to meet your needs. We offer the skill and expertise needed to bring speedier solution without stretching your budget. Every step of the pre-fund QC audit support services is supervised by subject matter experts in the mortgage. The other services we offer include mortgage processing support for credit unions and reverse assistance service.

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