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Mortgage Document Recording Support Services

Outsource Mortgage Document Recording Support Services

If you need document recording done on time with 98% accuracy, outsource mortgage document recording support to experts at O2I for an affordable hourly rate

Mortgage Document Recording is the process of putting a document into official records in a systematic and sequential way to ensure property heirs can be chronologically traced. There are over 100 types of documents including deeds, foreclosures, easements, leases, licenses, and fees, that can be recorded officially, depending on the property and real estate transaction type. When it comes to mortgage the most important documents that need recording are encumbrances, list ownership, and lien priority. Recording them in the right order and on time ensures proper real estate transactions.

Outsource2India has over 25 years of experience in diverse back-office support services to mortgage lenders and credit unions, one of which includes document recording service. Our clients have leveraged our document recording service increases the speed of the document recording process and most importantly ensures all the loan documents are recorded in the right order.

Why is Mortgage Document Recording Support Services Important?

Mortgage document recording is important because it establishes who owns a property as well as helps to resolve future disputes over property claims. In the case of mortgage liens, the date of recording is used by the courts to establish the order in which liens get the payment first. The documents that need to be recorded first depends on the rules of the state. Official records are to be kept in the order of the statutes passed by the state.

Why Outsource Mortgage Document Recording Support Services?

A mortgage document recording is outsourced in order to remove the complexity of the process. Document recording systems are marked by individual state statute and so vary by state. It is difficult to have an upper hand knowledge of the kind of statutes used by the states to record instruments, to track title, which is why these tasks are outsourced to professionals with state-wise knowledge of recording requirements. Yet another reason for outsourcing is the advantage of cost and time. By outsourcing, this onerous task our clients have been able to get this task done in a streamlined manner.

Document Recording Services We Offer

Driven by a team of 500+ mortgage professionals with wide exposure in dealing with GSE and government-approved lenders, we assist our clients in recording diverse documents; from subordinations to deeds of trust and assignments as well as in assisting an all-inclusive document preparation service for reviewing and recording invoices, property insurance, signatures and recording fees. Being a reputed mortgage document recording support service provider, we offer a host of document recording services that include -

  1. Walk-in Document Recording

    Walk-in Document Recording

    With this kind of recording, we review loan documents to spot errors that can lead to violations of statutes laid down by the state. Once the errors are identified our experts assist you to correct them. Thereafter the documents are taken to the respective record office. In the record assist we produce the files as required by the recorder in the desired order. Once the job is completed, we follow up with the recorder till the recording process is completed and relevant papers testifying the same is handed over to us. Our expertise in the document recording process will ensure there are no errors and the process is completed on time.

  2. Mailed Document Recording

    Mailed Document Recording

    With this service, all mortgages and real estate documents are dispatched directly to the state recording office followed by receiving and filing the acknowledgment of having received the mails by the office. We bank on diverse mailing services to send the documents to the recording office. These include first-class and priority mail. Our clients leverage our mail document recording services to get their services done in a cost-effective manner. After mailing the documents we do constant follow-ups to ensure documents and other intended changes are recorded.

  3. e-Recording Services

    e-Recording Services

    This is by far the most popular document recording service we provide to our clients. The process entails submitting documents digitally to the recording office. Most state recording offices accept this form of service and we liaison with them digitally to get the recording services done instantly. One big advantage of this mode of service is the ability to get proof of the document recording instantaneously. As a leading mortgage document recording support service providing company, we offer e-recording document recording services that help clients submit documents quickly and meet complete information accurately.

  4. Doc Archiving

    Doc Archiving

    This is the final step of the doc recording process. Once the document recording process is completed at the state record office, we take the hard copy of the filing information and scan them for archival. All documents are properly indexed in order to make them easily accessible. Thus making it easier for future reference. Once the job is done, we rely on advanced CRM and MIS systems to make these documents available as and when you need them. Our services ensure the docs are stored securely on the cloud.

Document Recording Support Process We Follow

Every state and recorder have document recording requirements. Most states permit the submission of documents physically, through emails, and digitally through an e-recording vendor. Once the documents are submitted, they are reviewed for omissions and if there are omissions or errors or are submitted without following the statutes as required by the state they are rejected. Being a top mortgage document recording support services in India, here is what we do ensure that our mortgage document recording support is 100% accurate -


We would assess your requirements by collaborating with you. This would help us understand what the best approach is suited to handle document recording.


Our team will select project experts based on their cultural fit and expertise.


An approved document is indexed instantly and a UI code is appended to it. The identification code is a combination of numbers and letters. In some states, the deeds are indexed in a deed book and occupy a designated section in the deed book. This section also makes a mention of the date and time of submission and recording, and the fees paid for the recording.


After recording, the documents are returned to the document submitter which may be a company or an attorney or an e-recording vendor. The copy contained in the deed book becomes a part of state public records.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Document Recording Services to Outsource2India?

Over the last 25 years, we have developed a systematic approach to the verification and recording of documents. We thoroughly check the appraisal and title report of a property and ensure all parameters as required by the state have been followed. We have a special QA team to ensure the monotonous task is completed to perfection. Our client leverages our services to help to make sure that the property is registered in the record books no sooner than it is sold. Given below are some benefits that you get by having us as your partner -

  • ISO Certified Mortgage Document Recording Support Provider

    As a global document recording services company, we have perfect expertise in recording docs as per the statutes of respective states. We keep documents short and simple and always use a standardized and consistent format to record documents. This is followed by a quick double-check of the work, to ensure there are no omissions whatsoever.

  • Experienced Team

    We have years of experience in helping lenders assist their customers in protecting their home investments. We believe that experienced people help in the company's continued success which is why we invest in diverse talents.

  • Balanced Skills

    Our document processors have perfect knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and title/appraisal/escrow related software. Besides they have strong attention to detail along with with the right written and verbal communication skills.

  • Well Defined Process

    We have a well-defined document recording process. It involves following every guideline contained in the rule book, title policies, recording practices and smaller requirements that affect recording commitments. We bank on a checklist-based approach to ensure completeness of all loan documents. This is followed by an extensive review. After the review process, the documents are submitted in the state/regional/county recording office to make them official. The overall process is managed with the efficiency needed to give speed and accuracy.

  • Quality Check

    Our processors do a quality check of all documents sent for recording multiple times to ensure completeness, accuracy, and compliance with legal and technical requirements. We also assist our clients in getting the documents corrected. Our exposure to document recording has over the years equipped us with the skills needed to deliver end-to-end support.

  • Bank on Best Tools

    We bank on a range of tools such as doc management tools and CRM software to improve the accuracy of information. This helps us spot wrong and missing the wrong information in loan documents.

  • Improve Documentation Times

    Our well-defined process, efficient staff, and range of tools help us improve the time taken to complete the document recording process by up to 30%. At the same time, we ensure cost-effective pricing for our clients.

  • 100% Data Backup and Recovery

    We have the infrastructure needed to provide 100% data security. We back our security measures with 100% data backup and recovery.

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Outsource2india delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of the past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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