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O2I's MSuite Streamlined Loan Onboarding Process and Tightened TAT for a US Lender

Case Study on How Msuite Improved Loan Onboarding for US Lender

The Client

Our client is a Florida-based non-bank, full-service mortgage company with 31 years of industry presence. They chose wholesale, retail, and correspondent channels to provide mortgage loans. The client is also one of the largest loan origination and servicing companies in the US. They are fully licensed to operate in all 50 states including Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The co-issue team under the client fields loan packages from various lenders that run into thousands. The loan package handled by the client includes borrower documents, a lender-specific checklist, disclosures, closing documents, and so on. Aside, the co-issue team also receives digital data tape that comprises particular loan information.

The client's team performs the onboarding of loan packages and commences the indexing process. The same team is also in charge of reviewing data fields dispatched in digital tape. The manual process demanded incredible accuracy else the process of onboarding would lead to imprecise data filling the system.

The client's co-issue team often dealt with a massive fluctuation of inbound volume where over 90% of monthly work had to be processed in under 2 weeks.

Client's Requirement

The client wanted a solution that would streamline the onboarding process and tightened the average TAT. They wanted an efficient provider to cope with work volume fluctuation and pave way for scalability.

Business Challenge

The existing challenge bothering the client was the cumbersome onboarding process. In addition, incoming loan packages frequently fluctuated in volume and kept interrupting the client from achieving scalable performance. Each month, the manual team at the client's end worked 2 weeks under extreme pressure while they sat benched for the next two weeks.

Our Solution

Being an OCE-based tool, the MSuite provided the solution to all of the client's problems. The tool's indexing engine split the documents and inserted them into the system while the extraction engine helped in extracting specific data points from documents. The data extracted by the tool was compared side by side with the digital data tape. The MSuite tool created an exception report after comparing the data points and notified the client whenever the documents or data were missing so they could be requested from the lender.

The Result

By having automated the indexing and data extraction, we helped the client to shrink the average loan boarding duration by up to 70%. Besides, the accuracy of the co-issue loan boarding process swelled to a whopping 99% from 96% which was previously recorded. The client also achieved a 50% cost savings through automation. Today, they are seeing opportunities to scale in daily business as dependency on human-driven operation fell sharply.

Outsource MSuite Automation Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india's MSuite mortgage automation tool is making new milestones for clients that are pinched by budget constraints to hire more specialists for loan origination tasks. The client whom we helped adopt the MSuite found our solution could speed up documentation, and loan origination functions without losing edge in speed or cost of processing. They unlocked insights that revealed the giant step they had taken with the MSuite tool.

Contact us if you have a requirement similar to our client and we will help take advantage of our MSuite tools.

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