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Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation

Outsource Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation

We accelerate the loss mitigation process by offering experts who gather essential signatures for faster closure of mortgages at highly affordable rates

Outsource2India has over 25 years of experience in assisting mortgage lenders and other institutions meet their extensive mortgage notary signing needs. We offer a range of signing services - from mobile to in-home thus ensuring our clients can meet all their signing needs at one single stop. Our signing services are designed to expedite the overall mortgage loss mitigation process. As a premier signing support service providing company, we understand the signing requirements of all mortgage documents and provide nationwide signing services within guaranteed timelines.

When you come to us for your signing requirements you get access to a battery of signing professionals with a wide knowledge of all the necessary signatures needed to stave off foreclosures. We leverage their wide knowledge to provide real estate closings with accuracy, security, and in the process reduce impending losses.

The Importance of Signing Service in Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosures

The foreclosure process, which is a part of the loss mitigation program, is beset with problems. Sometimes they get stalled due to procedural defects and sometimes it falls prey to outright fraud. However, if the procedural defects are due to signature defects then you need to avail the help of signing service companies. These companies work for mortgage companies, escrow companies, and real estate agents to take care of their end-to-end loan signing needs.

The signing service provided by third-party companies is a kind of brokerage service. These companies act as the loan signing middleman for mortgage officers and agents or escrow officers. They approach loan signing authorities and other stakeholders to get the loss mitigation documents ready for the foreclosure process. Sometimes they even help in arranging meetings with the notary signing agents. All this help is rendered in exchange for a signing fee.

Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation We Offer

We have designed our signing services to provide you all the support needed to avoid loss mitigation. Our experience gives us the understanding to verify documents and get it authorized. We bank on well-developed workflows and advanced modern-day technology such as sophisticated CRM systems and process automation to streamline all notarizing tasks and loan document signing. It is because of this systematic approach that our clients outsource signing support services for loss mitigation to and ensure signing takes place on time. Our services include -

  1. Faster Collection of Signatures

    Faster Collection of Signatures

    We are in touch with authorized notaries and can get things done fast for you. We schedule appointments with them to assist you to complete your notary signings. Besides, we also order schedules and follow up with notaries to complete the signing of loan documents on your behalf. Each move of ours to get documents signed are thoroughly documented. Some metrics which we document include the date of receiving docs, date of sending docs to the notary, date of completion of a signature, signing fees, other expenses etc. This keeps you in complete control of your signing process. Our services include dispatching loan modification documents signed by the borrower, stakeholders and notary to public record office for being officially recorded.

  2. Error-free Delivery of Loan Estimate

    Error-free Delivery of Loan Estimate

    Our clients prefer our signing services because of our methodical approach. Besides getting documents signed from the right authorities we review the docs to make sure that there is no scope for legal escalations in the future especially after a foreclosure. As a premier signing support service providing company, we go out of the way to protect you from losses that emanate from lapses such as missing signatures or fraudulent signatures.

Signing Support Assistance for Loss Mitigation - The Process We Follow

Once a client approaches us for signing service, we explain our service procedures and then enter into an agreement. After the signing of the agreement, the mortgage professional will hand over the documents to us or email the signing service documents to us. Based on the types of signatures needed we provide them with a timeline. Thereafter we either take the docs to the nearest signing authority or mail it to them. If the client wants the task by themselves, we fix an appointment with the notary. The preliminary steps of our signing process include -


We have our own database of signing officers and notaries. After receiving an order our agent will enter the signing service types and the zip code in which the loan signing appointment is supposed to take place. This leads to a list of loan signing agents.


After zeroing in on the agents our signing service agents will reach out to the loan signing officer or notary by email or phone call and coordinate with them to take up the work or agree for an appointment with the lender.


We approach the first loan signing agent available and are ready to get the loan signing. We get into an agreement with him on the time frame and then transfer the documents or set up an appointment.

Benefits of Outsourcing Signing Support Assistance for Loss Mitigation

Our extensive knowledge of signing requirements has helped a range of mortgage professionals get overall loss mitigation hurdles on time. Besides lenders, we have assisted lenders, credit unions, financial institutions, title agents, appraisers, high-volume title agencies, meet all their closing needs. Over the years we have emerged as a trusted partner for meeting all sorts of signature service needs to avoid foreclosure. Outsourcing signing support requirements to a signing support service provider for loss mitigation can deliver a host of benefits. These include -

  • Time-Bound Services

    Availing third-party services helps you focus on your core closing tasks leaving the signing part to be taken care of by a trusted partner. This ensures your work is done on time and you are ready for circumventing losses.

  • Volume Handling

    Yet another advantage of outsourcing is that it helps you manage your workflow volumes. If there are signatures to be done to more number of mortgages you can handle it efficiently irrespective of the location and urgency.

  • Technology Updates

    Most third-party signing support providers bank on advanced technology to support your requirements. This helps you with real-time updates and empowers you to follow the status of your req1irements in real-time.

  • Validation

    Reputed signing providers help you integrate with national signing bodies like the National Notary Association. This allows all stakeholders to verify the profile of the assigned signing professional and ensure compliance with National Notary Association standards.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Signing Services for Loss Mitigation to Outsource2India?

All our mortgage professionals responsible for document signing needs have end-to-end knowledge of Notary Law & Notarize Policy/Procedures. Besides, our agents work closely with Notary Operations managers and other signing agents to guarantee a seamless closing experience for all loss mitigation needs. We also ensure they support you with personable and professional customer service. Our signing professionals are supported by experts with subject-matter expertise in eClosing and Notary Signing Agent protocols. Other aspects of the service include scheduling signing appointments with clients, reviewing loan terms, and scheduling appointments with an in-house or outside mobile notary. The following are some of the other reasons for which we are chosen over others for signing requirements -

  • Expert Mortgage Team

    Expert mortgage professionals with wide experience in handling the end-to-end process of signing documents. All the signing professionals enlisted with us keep themselves updated on industry standards. We enroll them only after ensuring they meet all our certification expectations. This includes regular, training and continued education on signing requirements. We also carry out annual background checks to make sure their reputation is intact.

  • Advanced Infrastructure and Tools

    Reliance on most advanced document management systems to facilitate e-signatures and provide real-time updates on the signature status.

  • Large Network of Contact Centers

    Wide connection with a network of signing agents and notaries throughout the length and breadth of the country.

  • High-quality Services

    Services rendered in complete compliance with regulatory body requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Strict adherence to turn around times to ensure loss mitigation services happen as per schedule.

  • End-to-end Support

    Comprehensive service that takes up the complete signing requirements from tracking notaries to ordering and following up with them to return documents to lenders.

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Customer Testimonials

Outsource2india delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of the past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Outsource Loss Mitigation Signing Support Services to Outsource2India

We at Outsource2India have huge experience in handling all the requirements of the mortgage industry and hence have a very good understanding of all the operational aspects of the mortgage underwriting process. We have enlisted an extensive network of authorized notary experts and officers vested with signing powers to ensure you get all the necessary signatures needed for a fault-free foreclosure. Besides these, our signing services help you check and validate promissory notes, title information and other mortgage deeds. Our 'no-compromise' approach to regulatory requirements and our commitment to signing schedules has made us the most sought after signing support service provider for loss mitigation.

If your mortgage business is looking for a reputed and process-driven signing service requirement then look further. Contact us now.

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