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Outsource Mortgage Processing Support for Credit Unions

Mortgage Processing Support for Credit Unions

Are you finding it difficult to provide high levels of customer service that credit unions are known for? Are you forced to increase manpower and infrastructure resulting in higher overheads to match the increased workload? Then outsourcing mortgage processing support services is the best option for you! We, at Outsource2india, can provide you with the best quality mortgage processing support services which will relieve you of all the lengthy and time-consuming processes.

Our mortgage loan processors can determine the feasibility of granting loans by following the lending approval matrix and credit union policies. Mortgage loan processors gather and verify loan applicants' financial data and validate details of titles held and follow state and federal regulatory guidelines at every step. Outsource2india's loan underwriters then step in and perform a detailed credit analysis of the loan applicant to verify if a borrower's financial ratios meet the bank's lending standards.

Mortgage Processing Support Offered by Outsource2india

We are a company that offers mortgage processing support services in India - right from loan origination to closing. We are able to quickly learn your process and hit the ground running. Here is how we can help -

  • Document Assembling

    The major reason for the delay in mortgage processing is due to the delay in collecting all the relevant documents. Our team members who are experienced certified mortgage professionals are familiar with the current regulations and ensure that all loans comply with state and federal rules and understand exactly what documents are needed for smooth mortgage processing.

  • Document Review

    Our services have stringent review processes in place that follow industry best practices to protect the credit union from both clerical errors and major compliance issues. We provide quality assurance that guarantees a high level of accuracy with meticulous screening for errors and non-compliance to regulatory guidelines.

  • Detail Verification

    Our team of mortgage experts has the required expertise and skills to provide in-depth client data verification services. This ensures that all the data is accurate and provides the client with a smooth mortgage processing experience.

Mortgage Processing Support Process Followed by Outsource2india

We can help you streamline your mortgage processing. At O2I, we start by studying the credit union's mortgage process. We then document all the steps so that our in-house team can follow the same processes and systems. Next, our transition team study the process and list out the inefficiencies in the customer's processes. After seeking approval from the client to replace these inefficiencies with better processes, we implement the solutions.

Our mortgage processing flow follows these steps -


Validation of documents for data accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements


Tracking and follow-up of outstanding titles to ensure receipt within the specified timeline


Meticulous and timely uploading of all loan documents into the storage system


Coordination with the credit union's loan officers


Modification of loan processes based on the latest regulatory requirements


Regular reporting of review findings to top management

Why Outsource Mortgage Processing Support to Outsource2india?

We are one of the few mortgage processing companies that have over a decade of experience in providing mortgage processing support for credit unions. Here's what sets us apart -

  • Certified Mortgage Processors

    Our team members are Certified Mortgage Professionals who are experts in mortgage processing. They are also experienced in using the commonly used mortgage processing software packages

  • Ease of Scalability

    When you partner with us, our team is your team. The team size can be scaled up as the work picks up or scaled down when the workload is low.

  • Cost Reductions

    You can benefit from better resource usage and reduce your spending on infrastructure. In addition, quick disbursement of loans helps credit unions keep their operating costs down while increasing profits.

  • Shorter Turnaround Time

    Our mortgage processing support team know the exact sequence of steps that will get the loan processed quickly. They take care of all the compliance issues so that there are no violations that could lead to delays.

  • One-point Contact

    You will liaison with a one-point contact who will help you at every step. In addition, you will have 24/7 access to our services so that you are aware of every stage of the process.

  • Data Security and Confidentiality

    In order to protect sensitive and confidential information, our team members undergo regular training sessions on cyber and data security best practices and are aware of new and evolving threats.

  • 24/7 Access to Services

    You will have 24/7 access to our services so that you are aware of every stage of the process. This ensures that you will have complete control over the mortgage process.

Client Success Story

Mortgage Services for Residential Mortgage Lender

Streamlined Mortgage Services for a Residential Mortgage Lender
We provided mortgage processing support to a prominent residential mortgage lender with an average closing period of two or three months and was unable to process loans quickly.
Read the case study.

Outsource Mortgage Processing Support to Outsource2india


Marshall & Santosh,
Thank you for the meeting today. I wanted to pass along my gratitude to your team for helping with these files. My team and I appreciate your continuous assistance and hard work. You make a great impact in our daily process, and it does not go unnoticed. Please let us know if you need anything! Thanks.

Lead Shipping Specialist,
Residential Mortgage Company, Utah
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Outsource2india is your answer to high overheads, loan processing delays, and regulatory compliance issues. Whether the delays are due to necessary paperwork not being provided by the borrower, or delays in closing because of title-related problems or because of under-appraisal of the property, we have the answers.

We have over a decade of experience in providing mortgage processing support for credit unions and series of other mortgage services. The services we provide includes Residential Mortgage Loan Services, Renovation Loan Mortgage Services, and reverse assistance services. We assure you of high-quality mortgage processing support services with a high degree of accuracy and compliance to state and federal regulations. We provide other services such as Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services, Mortgage loan boarding support services, Assignment of Mortgage Services, Jumbo Mortgage Loan Processing Support, Warehouse Line QC Audit Services, Post-close QC Audit Services, Mortgage Lien Release Support, Mortgage Title Policy & Document Retrieval Support, pre-fund QC audit, Fixed Rate & Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Support Services, reverse assistance service, conventional loan processing services for mortgage, mortgage processing support for credit unions, mortgage closing support and more.

Let us take care of processes such as title-search, property appraisal, broker price opinion support and credit checks for you. Let your loan officers focus on providing the high levels of customer service that credit unions are known for.

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Mortgage Processing Support for Credit Unions FAQs

  • Is it better to get a mortgage through a credit union?

    Credit unions can help you get your mortgages refinanced with lower interest rates, leniency, and even set up practices to build your credit scores.

  • Do credit unions refinance mortgages?

    Yes, credit unions do refinance mortgages.