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Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

Outsource Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

Reduce mortgage closing costs and provide your existing and new customers with round the clock support by choosing Outsource2india

Are you worried about the increased cost of your in-house mortgage closing services? Are you unable to provide 24*7 team coverage and losing valuable customers? If your answer to either of these two questions is "Yes", then you must collaborate with us for a better mortgage closing support service.

At Outsource2india, we have the latest workforce management and reporting tools to help you compete with your rivals and improve your market share.

Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions We Offer

Credit unions are the preferred choice of the consumers for its lower fees, optimal interest rates on deposits, and their emphasis on customer service. Credit unions serve the community and in doing so, they put more stress on proving small dividends. They are customer-oriented and often fallout in the due process. That is where our expert mortgage closing support for credit unions comes. The mortgage closing support services for credit unions we offer include -

  1. Assembling Mortgage Closing Support Documents

    When you outsource mortgage closing support service to us, our expert loan processors can take the lead in gathering the support documents on mortgage loans for credit unions in an efficient, error-free, and compliant way. The document we assemble includes appraisal reports, inspection reports, title search, mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, contracts, LE, etc.

  2. Mortgage Closing Document Validation

    After collaborating with the mortgage underwriters, loan officers, and third-party vendors to obtain documents, our trained mortgage closing experts thoroughly check those documents for any discrepancies. If everything is sorted out and in order, they dispatch those closing documents for further process.

    Outsource2india is an expert mortgage closing support service provider, where our loan processors leverage modern mortgage closing software to expedite the reviewing process and provide complete security of your customer data. We can also make the necessary adjustments to meet the compliance regulations and alter the documentation if we find any potential issues.

  3. Closing Instructions Preparation & Dispatch

    We realize that the credit unions exercise rigorous diligence to assure the absolute accuracy of the mortgage closing documents and deliver it within three days of signing. Our offsite mortgage closing support for credit unions are streamlined in a way that adheres to 100% mortgage and federal regulations, thus, avoiding any penalties. We also prepare the closing instructions statement and send those instructions to the finance team along with wiring instructions, bank notes, and E&O insurance.

  4. Tax & Fees Assessment

    Our mortgage closing assistance also encompasses assistance and collaboration services with the settlement companies. We will work with them on your behalf for evaluating the fees and taxes. Our team of trained loan processors can also reach them for any clarity or for passing on your instructions for final disbursement of the mortgage loan.

  5. Mortgage Closing Support Tools We Leverage

    At O2I, we follow a streamlined process to cater to your needs for mortgage closing support service. Some of the tools we leverage in the process include -

    Our Mortgage Closing Support Process

    At O2I, we provide comprehensive mortgage closing assistance for credit unions. When you choose us as your mortgage closing support partner, we will evaluate the scope of the solution you need. We will observe your in-house mortgage processing techniques, outline the fallouts in your process, and render our expert service. With us, you can save enough costs to be able to increase your business profits. Our mortgage closing support process includes -

    Gathering Mortgage Closing Documents  

    01. Gathering Mortgage Closing Documents

    Our proficient loan processors will collect the mortgage closing documents on your behalf and prepare the files to deliver to the title company

    Assessing the Validity and Legitimacy of Documents  

    02. Assessing the Validity and Legitimacy of Documents

    They will review the records for any discrepancies or inconsistencies and will make a comprehensive assessment

    Preparing of Closing Instructions Statement  

    03. Preparing of Closing Instructions Statement

    Then, they will proceed to prepare a closing instructions statement and transfer it to the loan funding department

    Evaluating Taxes & Fees  

    04. Evaluating Taxes & Fees

    The next step is to evaluate the taxes and the related fees and handing down the credit union instructions to the agent for the final payment of mortgage funds

    Delivering of Mortgage Closing Documents  

    05. Delivering of Mortgage Closing Documents

    Lastly, our team will make sure that all the concerned parties involved in the final closing process are informed about the time and date

    Other Services you Can Benefit From

    Benefits of Choosing O2I for Mortgage Closing Support

    When you outsource mortgage closing support service to O2I, you will get a substantial edge over your competitors. We ensure compliance friendly mortgage closing support through our extensive experience in the mortgage support industry. Here are just a few of the many benefits of outsourcing mortgage closing support service to O2I -

    • High Quality

      Outsource2india is complaint with ISO quality management systems, thus, ensuring complete security, privacy, and confidentiality of your customer data. We have a motivated team of mortgage closing support professionals who can help you with all your closing challenges and inquiries. With their extensive knowledge of the mortgage closing industry, they can relate with your customers emotionally and render their service likewise.

    • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

      At O2I, our team of mortgage closing support executives has access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure in the form of world-class office spaces, uninterrupted network equipment, and modern communication tools and technologies. We can efficiently render our services for all your mortgage closing requirements with our relevant industry experience.

    • Multiple Delivery Centers

      Outsource2india has a global footprint with over 10 delivery centers and four global offices. This allows us to effectively cater to your growing requirements from multiple corners of the world in various languages.

    • Flexible Pricing Options

      Our customized mortgage closing service enables us to focus on your pain points. You can collaborate with us on the need basis. With our flexible pricing options, you get the benefit of selecting the scope and period of the mortgage closing service from us.

    • Industry Expertise

      Our extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and over 10 years of support - service experience gives substance to our credibility and allow us to get ahead of the changing demands and render industry-wide best services.

    • 24/7 Availability

      Our executives work day in and day out across all the time zones to cater to your needs and queries. They are available 24/7 and when you partner up with us, you can be certain that our contact center executive will always be accessible for your calls regardless of the time zone difference.

    • Economy of Scale

      At O2I, we have the necessary resource capability, both in terms of expertise and support. You can depend on us for any spike in your business demands to exploit the cost advantages.

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    Outsource Mortgage Closing Support to Outsource2india

    Outsource2india has been a pioneering mortgage closing support for credit unions in India. We provide high-value mortgage closing support for credit unions and a series of other mortgage closing support solutions to its global clientele. At O2I, we have an extended suite of mortgage closing support professionals who can provide you with a high-level of scalability & flexibility, which can be customized based on your service needs. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the US and UK mortgage and federal laws. We have rendered our services to the exact requirements of credit unions. We continuously grow and streamline our mortgage outsourcing process to deliver immeasurable value to our clients. Get in touch with us today for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective mortgage closing support for credit unions.

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