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Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Services

Outsource Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Services

If foreclosure title and resolution are becoming a hectic chore in your mortgage closing schedule, outsource foreclosure title to professionals who deliver quality support at affordable rates

Before selling a foreclosed property, it is important to review the full chain of title. We at Outsource2India have extensive experience in ensuring this for our clients. Our foreclosure title resolution service is designed to provide foreclosure title and resolution services to lenders and credit unions.

By outsourcing mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support services, we carry out extensive research of public records and match it with the current title. This is enough to find the current liens on the property as well as establish if there are any conflicts with the title. To resolve the issue completely, we investigate all relevant parties in the foreclosure action. This ensures that the foreclosed property has a marketable title i.e. a title that cannot be contested in the future.

Why Should you Check and Resolve Title Issues before Property Foreclosure?

Sometimes a foreclosed property may have multiple owners. So, if all owners don't sign on the closing documents it may lead to title issues. Likewise, if the property has pending taxes or there is an outstanding judgment against it then property titles can get affected.

If it is found that the home to be foreclosed by the lender or real estate company is owned by multiple parties, then it is important to ensure that all owners must sign the closing documents at the time of foreclosure in order to complete the process.

In a similar way, it is important to ensure that all delinquent taxes and outstanding judgments of the property to be foreclosed should be settled before a clear title is received. All this must be taken care of in order to resolve any issues with the title. Sometimes, title defects such as encroachment before the property are purchased get detected after the completion of the property sale. Such defects must be corrected in order to get a clear title before the foreclosure.

Being a provider of mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support services in India, we have vast expertise in assisting with property title issues during the foreclosure stage. Our experts have end-to-end knowledge about all real estate and property laws and will provide you with the right title remedies. We review the title docs, the title policy, prepare real estate documents, and negotiate a resolution for you.

As an experienced mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support service provider, our services have assisted our clients to manage title issues with greater efficiency and ensure a seamless transition in property names. Transparency is the hallmark of our service which is why we make sure there are no hidden issues throughout the process and no hidden costs.

Our foreclosure title resolution team consists of title resolution specialists, title examiners, and accredited underwriters with expertise in region-specific practices. This is precisely why our title resolution processes are free from all issues. Our services are particularly tailored for lenders, credit unions, title agents, trustees, attorneys, brokers, etc.

Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Services We Offer

Our experts have vast experience in managing all issues pertaining to property titles. They have end-to-end knowledge of foreclosure, bankruptcy, REO, legal and title and hence can tailor fast resolution for you. Besides, they specialize in collateral issues and coordinate with vendors and custodians as and when required. Our specialization also extends to providing support to the resolution of litigation matters, reviewing court documents etc. All our title resolution experts perform duties in keeping with state and federal laws and accordance with company policies.

Our title experts have strong time-management skills. They know how to prioritize work assignments in the most efficient manner. Besides they have a strong aptitude for evaluating and quantifying risk. Our mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support services are as follows -

  1. Review Property Reports

    Review Property Reports

    As an expert foreclosure title and resolution company, we do a meticulous study of important property documents such as title insurance claims and title transfers. We go through each document to spot misrepresentation or inaccuracies that can flare into a major issue. Other things we investigate are bank approval docs, encumbrance certificate, property tax slips. The entire exercise of property report review is carried out by title officers. All our title officers have wide experience in identifying discrepancies with property documents in general and title chain.

  2. Doc Management for Attorney Use

    Doc Management for Attorney Use

    In the case of an attorney handling the title resolution case, we assist your attorney with all their document management requirements. We chip in to provide information related to the title search, title disputes, bank doc review, foreclosure process and send all the necessary docs. We assist your attorney coordinate with the seller, buyer and lenders and other players like home inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, brokers contractors etc. Assist title attorney with title litigation.

  3. Sales Closing Management

    Sales Closing Management

    As a premium foreclosure title and resolution services company, we provide you with all the support needed during the sales closing process. During the closing stage of foreclosure, we provide reviewed records about the property title, and tax payments. This is to ensure that there are no hitches due to title issues during the foreclosure process.

    A major feature of our service is fast and sound resolution. This is possible because we bank on a centralized solution to keep track of and resolve title issues.

Title and Resolution Process for Foreclosure Process We Follow

We have dealt with foreclosure title issues that have a long winding process as per the law of the state. Our knowledgeable legal counsel can give you the best advice on title resolution matters. Our process is as follows -


We believe the best way to expedite the process is to do extensive title research followed by a quality check. We also check to see if there are any delinquent taxes on the property.


If not, it would not be possible to carry out the foreclosure process. Even if the foreclosure happens the buyer which in this case may be the lender or real estate company will be responsible for clearing the taxes.


Another aspect of our title resolution service is to confirm there is no "unknown spouse" who can become a claimant.


Besides, we get in touch with the local utility company to find out if anything is owed. This is because utilities are unrecorded liens and can outlive the foreclosure title resolution process to impair the buyer's title.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Services to Outsource2India?

As a premier mortgage foreclosure title and resolution services company, we offer our clients excellent support to manage every title issue that can forestall a foreclosure issue. Our approach is to tailor a customized foreclosure strategy for every single case based on the complexity of the title issue. Once a strategy is finalized, we leave no stones unturned to get it resolved well before the actual date of foreclosure. Our title resolution services have assisted our clients to bring down all risks associated with the property foreclosure process. As a world-class foreclosure title and resolution services company, we provide our clients with numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include -

  • ISO Certified Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that takes care of the mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support. Our quality is simply a notch above the rest and consistently deliver on promises.

  • 100% Data Security

    Your data is always secure with us because we use superior technology and security systems that make your data impossible to access without permission.

  • Expert Team of Professionals

    A team of 1000+ mortgage professionals with-in depth knowledge of all key mortgage processes. We have a special team of title examiners with extensive experience in resolving issues with property titles and ensuring all title documents are up to date and accurate.

  • Technology-Driven Processes

    We bank on the latest technology to manage all title submissions and searches. This includes a centralized billing system to manage title searches, title details, and title transfers. Our automated platforms come with robust reporting functions for posting and getting updates on requirements. This assists in cutting down on delays in the sale of foreclosed properties. Our reliance on the best CRM and doc management systems helps our clients get easy and fast access to title reports and other property documents.

  • Quality Check

    We carry out detailed audits of the title documents to fish out errors. Every audit is followed by a re-audit to reduce the chances of an oversight. With extensive title research before foreclosure sales, we help eliminate risks associated with the title change process.

  • Affordable Services

    If you are worried about the cost, don't worry just leave your concerns behind because our custom services give you the freedom to customize the service to your exact needs so you'll not have to pay for service you don't need.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We operate from 8 global centers. This helps us provide our clients with 24/7 service on all queries related to title chain issues and other foreclosure requirements. This helps in expediting the work process.

  • Accurate Property Information

    We have a team to manage the ins and outs of property information. We place our clients in touch with the team in order to avoid confusions and escalations at the time of sale of foreclosure properties.

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Outsource2india delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of the past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Outsource Mortgage Foreclosure Title and Resolution Support Services to O2I

As a renowned mortgage foreclosure title and resolution support service providing company, we offer processing support that includes title review searches, assist in completing title summary and help in identifying all issues with the title and finding and initiating the right solution for resolving it. We leave no stones unturned to settle title issues prior to foreclosure. This includes preparing scriveners, notary affidavits, assignments and obtaining lien releases, redeeming properties from tax sales, complete chain titles by procuring missing deeds and requesting payoffs for UCC liens.

If you are looking for a renowned foreclosure title and resolution services company, contact us and outsource foreclosure title and resolution services for a robust solution.

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