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Conforming Mortgage Loan Support Services

Outsource Conforming Mortgage Loan Support Services

Outsource2india has cleared the roadblock of stringent guidelines for mortgage lenders with its conforming mortgage loan support services

Is it becoming a challenge for your mortgage business to stay abreast with the changes in regulation? After the housing crisis hit the US, the government has come up with many uncompromising guidelines and rules that demand more documents and approvals involving experts to deal with them. Not only the US but also in several other countries, conforming mortgage loan lenders face these issues. Hiring an expert who can help you comply with ever-changing guidelines can take away some part of your profit.

With more than two decades of experience in conforming mortgage loan support services, Outsource2india's conforming mortgage loan support can be counted upon whether it is verifying credit score requirements, customer documents such as W2 forms, pay stubs or determining customer eligibility. We provide end-to-end back-office support services to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Conforming Mortgage Loan Support Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, our conforming mortgage loan support services team is equipped with top-level infrastructure to deliver desired results to the clients within the promised time limit. Our conforming mortgage loan support services offer several benefits to our clients. We have categorized those services as below to make our clients choose them easily.

  1. Pre-approval Support Services

    Pre-approval Support Services

    We carefully go through all customer documents to make sure that they meet client guidelines to avail mortgage loan. The documents like employment history, credit score, previous loan history, etc. will be examined to ensure that the customer has full ability to repay the loan. The minute information about loan applicant is recorded with precision so that the underwriting process will go smooth. We make sure that outsourcing conforming mortgage loan support services to Outsource2india maximize the chances of receiving pre-payments from borrowers on time.

  2. Loan Application Support Services

    Loan Application Support Services

    We carefully verify applications to make sure that every information reported by the customer is authentic. Forms, employment details, payment history will be verified to initiate the approval process. a checklist to make sure all the required information has been fulfilled to process the application further.

  3. Property Appraisal Support Services

    Property Appraisal Support Services

    With the property appraisal services, we communicate with the licensed property evaluator and will get the property evaluated. We examine the evaluated price to come up with a fair market value for the property examining documents like ownership details, history, and lawsuits filed over the property, if any. We compose a report with all such information which will help you in the property appraisal process and back you during unforeseen foreclosure and litigations.

  4. Loan Review and Underwriting Support Services

    Loan Review and Underwriting Support Services

    With review and underwriting services, we perform a thorough review and validation of the loan information before it has been sent to underwriting. By outsourcing conforming mortgage loan support services to Outsource2india, the underwriter will be equipped with all the information required to make any well-informed decisions.

  5. Loan Closing Support Services

    Loan Closing Support Services

    At Outsource2india, we will come with a report including the information like eligible loan amount, approved loan amount and loan payment tenure or terms. We will come up with a strong procedure for loan closing process. Along with the reports and procedure, we enlist documents that must be acknowledged and signed before closing the loan. Our loan closing support services will help you close the loan securely along with policies, disclaimers, and payment instructions that will speed up loan closure.

Mortgage Loan Support Services Process We Follow

A well-organized process is as important as a team and the latest software. Thus, at Outsource2india, we follow a unique work process to complete the project efficiently within the promised turnaround time keeping the quality high. The unique process we follow at looks as below -


01. Analyzing the Requirement

We thoroughly process client requirements by examining and classifying them based on the required support and turnaround time


02. Mortgage Loan Review

We will follow the document checklist to verify and record documents for the whole mortgage loan process, starting from pre-approval to closing


03. Report Creation

Based on documents review, we create sophisticated reports at each stage of pre-approval, underwriting, review, appraisal, approval, and closing


04. Service Delivery

We transfer all reports, checklists, and related information that helps our clients (lenders) carry out a smooth and hassle-free conforming mortgage loan process

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Conforming Mortgage Loan Support Services to Outsource2India?

There is a plethora of conforming loan support services providers, choosing the best one that suits your requirement is quite challenging. Lenders consider factors like pricing, support, turnaround time, scalability, communication and much more. At Outsource2india, along with our expert managers and team leads, we offer a list of benefits which aren't offered by any of our competitors. Few of such major benefits are -

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Mortgage Loan Service Provider

    O2I is a world-class mortgage loan services that can cater to all mortgage lending companies across the world. We use top-tier loan processing practices to reduce your processing time and increase the work rate and customer-friendliness. Our efforts have earned us ISO 9001:2013 certification.

  • Incredible Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified organization and maintain international standard data security guidelines. All our employees and consultant have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us. They obliged to accept legal consequences, in case, they break confidentiality terms. All the data transferred between O2I and clients will be encrypted and will be transferred through secured FTP or encrypted emails.

  • Quality and Accuracy

    At O2I, we always strive to deliver more value for the price paid by our clients. Our team of QA always do strict, multiple quality checks to obtain high quality, error-free and accurate by-product for the clients.

  • High Scalability

    When the demands expand in the market, client requirements may expand. With more than 1000 in-house professionals, we are always ready to scale up our services to match with client's expectations so that they can easily scale up the business to a greater extent with our services.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We possess a strong team, latest technologies and infrastructure, and all these factors help us to deliver desired results to the clients within a short time without compromising in the quality of the work.

  • Flexible Pricing

    From our experience, we have learned that each client will have varied requirements. Some lenders just want us to handle credit score requirements while some may need end-to-end support. With varying needs, we invoice our clients only for the services they avail. Thus, our conforming mortgage services are considered cost-effective and affordable in the market.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Communication is a crucial part of any kind of business. We cannot afford to let the communication between us, and clients go out of line. When there are multiple points of contact, there is a maximum chance of things going out of hand. At O2I, we understand the communication between the two parties and enable a single point of contact for clients by appointing a dedicated manager for each client.

  • Dedicated Team

    When a team is working on multiple projects, the chances of meeting deadlines are in mere fractions. To ensure that services are delivered on time with the highest possible quality and accuracy, we will always have a dedicated team working on a single project at any time.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Having a great team of experts and experienced team is a great thing. When the expert team is accompanied by the latest tools and technologies, then it can do wonders. At O2I, we are equipped with top-notch, latest tools and software to enable our team to deliver the best services that match international standards.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Since O2I offers conforming mortgage loan support services to lenders across the globe located in different time zones, we focus on ensuring that no client is left mid-way for resolving their issues.

Customer Success Stories

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Outsource Conforming Mortgage Loan Support Services - Mortgage Services Expert


Outsource2india delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Being a conforming mortgage loan lender, feeling helpless to catch-up with changing rules and regulations from the government? Want to concentrate more on customer service by reducing the manpower and the cost of backend tasks? Looking for someone to take care of end-to-end back-office tasks of conforming mortgage loan? Then it's time for you to stop worrying about it. Outsource conforming mortgage loan support services to Outsource2India. With more than a decade's experience, O2I is has become a pioneer in providing conforming mortgage loan support services in India. With modern infrastructure and talented professionals, O2I has been delivering services adhering to government guidelines and international standards. At O2I, we ensure that you won't regret your choice of outsourcing conforming mortgage loan services to us.

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