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Outsource Title Support Services for Companies

Title Support for Companies

Unclear title is a common cause of concern for mortgage lenders. It results in monetary losses when title transfer between seller and buyer is overseen with the lack of fiscal prudence. If you are a lender and share the same concern, it is your responsibility to order title services to keep you safe in the event of disputes between buyers and sellers after mortgage closure. Mortgage title support services are resource-intensive tasks, which is best left to experts like us.

At Outsource2india, we possess a high-level know-how of title ordering, title analysis, property transfer rights, and title insurance. Being a one-stop solution for your mortgage needs, we have 200+ certified mortgage professionals who are adept at legal requisites and regulatory compliances to provide complete assistance for mortgage title.

Title Support Services for Companies We Offer

If you are a mortgage title support company, it is crucial to have a 360-degree view of the property's transaction history to provide better service experience as well as to be financially secure. When you come to us for mortgage title support services we delve into the depth of property records to prevent grave delinquencies. Our service is aimed to cut the turnaround time and speed up decision making. The service we provide as part of mortgage title support are as follows -

  1. Ordering Mortgage Title

    To avoid legal contention from coming in the way of business it is crucial to have a title insurance that safeguards lenders and buyers from financial risks. Lenders and borrowers must require a separate insurance because lender's insurance does not protect a buyer's interest. Outsource2india orders a mortgage title on the lender's behalf to ensure that the collateral has a mortgage lien.

  2. Title Search

    By noting the buyer's need, we search and order titles on city, county, and even specific to the area. Optionally, if you have the infrastructure to carry out a title search, we can assist you with ordering. Our expert loan officers collaborate with title companies to fetch highly-accurate title reports. We routinely follow-up with concerned stakeholders as part of mortgage title support.

  3. Title Assessment

    A clear title brings a big relief to both lenders and borrowers. When you outsource title support services to us, we scan property title to look for unresolved disputes and irregularities. Mortgage title support service is a fraud deterrent that alerts the lender if a property is riddled with legal complications and do not qualify as an ideal collateral. In the search we look for past lawsuits, liens, defaulted taxes, and legal claims tied to the title that can affect the lender.

  4. Title Commitment

    A commitment report is the endmost summary of title search and ordering. It encompasses the title insurance conditions. The title commitment is a mop-up process to unknot faults and peculiarities that were picked up by the title assessment service. The commitment report will facilitate mortgage closure between lender and borrower.

  5. Mortgage Title Insurance

    If you lack the know-how of fetching title insurance for your clients, we got you covered. We offer an array of title support services which include obtaining title insurance. With broader knowledge of policy terms and compliances, we offer back-office mortgage title support where data is extracted and indexed from documents using automated tools. In this way, we ensure that your insurance requirements are met within a minimum timeframe.

Benefits Companies Can Avail by Outsourcing Title Support Services to O2I

Outsource2india provides back-office services for mortgage title that is aimed to mitigate or eliminate the risks faced by lenders during mortgage closure. Our services are customized to lift you out of scenarios that lead to financial losses. The benefits are more than a mere cost and time-saving. The mortgage title support for companies we provide can help you avail the following advantages -

  • Access to 200+ certified and accredited mortgage experts with over 10 years of service experience
  • 40% savings on expenditure and 70% in turnaround time
  • Customized services that match your business size and spending capacity
  • Experience the power of process automation along with higher efficiency

Title Support Services Process We Follow

From rendering customized services to making them cost-effective, we have numerous merits that emphasize why you should outsource title support to O2I. The workflow we follow is finetuned to streamline the mortgage processing. Here is the transparent workflow we follow to handle your project -

Document Collection  

01. Document Collection

The inputs in the form of seller information sheet and commitment letter are gathered by our team from banks and other sources. We issue an acknowledgment on receipt of documents

Evaluation of TAX Records  

02. Evaluation of Tax Records

We pull up tax payment records by consulting tax authority and look for unpaid tax dues owed by the property seller

Creation of Paper Trails  

03. Creation of Paper Trails

We analyze the tax payment history and create a strong paper trail that is mapped end to end during the property's timeline

Title History Evaluation  

04. Title History Evaluation

We perform title checks to see if the collateral was the bone of contention in the past and if the title transfer was done without tort

Title Commitment Report  

05. Title Commitment Report

Once the collateral is deemed clear we issue a commitment report that will allow lenders to take decisions based on qualitative analysis

Sale Closing Transaction Execution  

06. Sale and Closing Transaction Execution

Get a single-view of the mortgage portfolio based on which you can deny or close mortgage to finance the client

Why Choose O2I's Mortgage Title Support Services?

Reliable service, timely reports, and round-the-clock support are hard to come by when your budget size is limited. But not if your choice is Outsource2india in need of assistance for mortgage title. We are providers of custom mortgage title support services that are crafted with your needs in focus. Here is a list of benefits that await you by outsourcing title support services for companies to O2I -

  • Certified Title Support Company

    We are an ISO certified company as well as a member of the mortgage bankers association (MBA). Our services offer limitless potential to see through faulty titles to give lenders a shot at serving responsible borrowers by mitigating their financial risk.

  • Data Security

    If you want to work with people who would treat your confidential data with diligence, you look no further. Working with us is a risk-free experience. We safeguard your data by handling with care.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    From title examination to ordering a mortgage title we follow proven practices that deliver results of superior quality. Every project involving mortgage service is handled with care to lower errors and avoid rework. We double-check every report to ensure that the output adheres to the SLA.

  • Short Turnaround

    Industry compliances and policies are labyrinthine. It becomes challenging for lenders to stay abreast with every regulation. This is where we come in. With decades of experience in the mortgage projects, we handle your needs within the stipulated time.

  • Scalability

    The reason why we are a notch above the rest is that we specialize in customizing services that allow you to scale up when required.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    We not only serve clients who outsource high-value projects, but also individuals and small enterprises with a limited budget. Our mortgage services are priced flexibly to let you choose services within your budget.

  • Single-point Contact

    If you are tired of bot responses, fret not! We assign a dedicated human representative who will be your exclusive agent for communicating with us. You can get project updates and inputs in real-time without delay.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, Developers, and Title Experts

    We know why it matters to have qualified experts on the task. With varying challenges such as complexity and volume we know it is best to let accredited mortgage professionals (AMP), certified mortgage banker (CMB), certified residential underwriters (CRU), certified mortgage bankers (CMB), and residential certified mortgage services professionals (RCMS) with 10+ years of experience to handle title support services. This guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    To facilitate fast and accurate services our teams are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure where all latest technology and automation tools are housed and readied for deployment once the project commences.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We have the most secure data exchange system that eliminates the chance of data being exposed to unauthorized elements and misuse. We routinely check the health of VPN and secure FTP to keep them ready for securely pushing and pulling project files.

  • Round-the-Clock Availability

    Want to reach us immediately? Get in touch by phone or email and get responded in no time. We know time is money and have qualified resources to provide 24/7-time zone support no matter where you are.

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Customer Testimonials

I am impressed with your team's ability to learn our system so quickly. They have a good grasp on how our system works, they even had to correct me on something today. Rajeev's response and attention to detail has been impressive and appreciated. Thank you everyone and I look forward to being even more impressed by your team in the future.

VP, Corporate Operations,
Appraisal Company, Detroit, MI
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Outsource Title Support for Companies to O2I

Outsource2india is an ISO certified mortgage title support services outsourcing company with 25 years of industry experience. We offer a range of mortgage services that are trusted by many across the mortgage industry. With the merits of solving several challenging title support requirements, we have been a proven leader in the mortgage sector. With a team of 200+ certified mortgage professionals, we handle each project in the way you expect it to be done. Since we use automated tools for data aggregation and compliance adherence, you face minimum risk by partnering with us.

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