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Mortgage Robotic Process Automation Support Services

Outsource Robotic Process Automation for Mortgage Processing Services

Decrease your legwork by outsourcing mortgage robotic process automation support services to O2I

Are you contemplating to outsource mortgage robotic process automation? Then you will need a reliable provider who understands your existing mortgage framework and workflow in the same way as your in-house team. This is important because identifying key areas where automation is practical or necessary can save you the time, money, and efforts which can be spent on more important functions. Without casting doubts, dive in to understand why working with Outsource2india can bring you foolproof results.

When you choose mortgage robotic process automation from O2I we study your workflow and categorize the areas where automation with AI and ML can significantly lower the time spent on rule-based processes such as data entry, organization, and verification. It is our goal to help you find an efficient way to manage the mortgage process.

Mortgage Robotic Process Automation Loan Services We offer

Committing errors in data entry, extraction, and validation can be expensive to rework and rectify. It is one of the top reasons that culminate in an unhappy service experience. If you want to put an end to manual and routine process in the mortgage landscape, it is time to upgrade to a practical solution like mortgage robotic process automation. The services under mortgage robotic process automation include the following -

  1. Mortgage Loan Processing

    Data inputs in W-2 and Fannie Mae form 1003 can be automated so that data aggregation and verification can be taken care of by robotic process automation. Our strategy is straightforward and simple. We identify and automate rule-based tasks to free up mortgage professionals from legwork. The mortgage robotic process automation can be tuned as per your liking so that you can sequence the operation according to speed up your business workflow.

  2. Mortgage Underwriting

    We make updating loan attributes an easy task through robotic process automation. This can be accomplished on the go especially when changes are warranted. For instance, verification of MERS is essential for underwriting. We simplify this process with RPA. Our solution can collect and organize borrower documentation such as income reports, credit statements, and tax filing records to shorten the time required for underwriting. Once you automate mortgage underwriting, underwriters can rely on a steady stream of accurate information that will speed up decision making.

  3. Mortgage Appraisal

    Estimation of fair market value (FMV) is prone to errors especially when a manual appraisal is considered. When robotic process automation is integrated into mortgage appraisal the collection of ownership history, title document, location description, and value of comparable is simplified. RPA compiles the data and presents an appraisal report in the format preferred by the appraiser. Our solutions can also verify reports and furnish a preliminary report based on the geography in which the property is being housed.

  4. Mortgage Loan Closing

    When you outsource mortgage robotic process automation support services to O2I, the closing time for mortgage service can be shrunk by a huge margin. RPA can also increase collaboration between originator, underwriter, and processor. By reducing the workload on your loan processing team, they become free to focus on other important areas to help you stay in business and grow faster than the competition.

The RPA for Mortgage Process We Follow

Outsource2india is an experienced mortgage robotic process automation enabler. Being a company that has been in business since the dawn of RPA we possess the know-how of latest developments to accelerate and make an otherwise manual mortgage services error-free. Our transparent methodology is as follows -

Client's Mortgage Process Analysis  

01. Client's Mortgage Process Analysis

In the initial stage, we will observe and analyze your existing process workflow to identify opportunities where RPA can bring better value

RPA Modelling on Manual Tasks  

02. RPA Modelling on Manual Tasks

From manual data capture to validation we identify select tasks where RPA can be a superior substitute to manual process

Testing the Prototype  

03. Testing the Prototype

After the prototype is developed we will test the model with various test values to understand the behavior of the RPA under real-time conditions

RPA Implementation and Testing  

04. RPA Implementation and Testing

After full-scale implementation of RPA in mortgage services we will perform alpha and beta tests to ensure the process is accomplished without errors

<i>05.</i> RPA Integration and Client Support  

05. RPA Integration and Client Support

We will integrate RPA with your existing mortgage process and will provide support and training for seamless adaptation

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Mortgage Robotic Process Automation Support Services?

People look for performance benchmark to compare providers of mortgage robotic process automation support services in India. With 25 years of deep-rooted industry presence, we are driven by client support to offer offshore mortgage robotic process automation support services that are more user-focused and easily deployable without being heavily hardware and software intensive. Here are more reasons why O2I is the first choice for outsourcing mortgage robotic process automation support services -

  • Certified Robotic Process Automation for Mortgage Services Company

    O2I is ISO 9001:2015 certified for its unwavering commitment to ISO regulatory compliances. We strongly advocate to providing quality mortgage robotic process automation services to clients worldwide. We have a long-standing tradition to meet client's requirement with absolute professionalism.

  • Data Security

    Every year we see digital threats that surface via the world wide web threatening the integrity of business data. We take extreme precaution and follow timely measures to protect your confidential mortgage data at our end, as well as on the Cloud. Ergo, O2I is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for its determined efforts to keep your data from the clutches of unauthorized members.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Precision is a top concern at O2I and we go the full circle to ensure the quality of mortgage robotic process automation is on par with your expectation. With a team of experienced testers, we measure the operational efficiency of incorporating RPA in the mortgage process. The full effects of the outcome are studied for further optimization.

  • Short Turnaround

    By availing O2I's mortgage robotic process automation solution you can exploit a range of customized RPA solutions to experience industry's fastest turnaround time because we work at blazing speeds to avoid a bottleneck in the mortgage process and business pipeline. From the evaluation of client portfolio to appraisal, to loan closure the RPA can speed up processing of tasks.

  • Scalability

    We can help you scale new heights with your mortgage business without revamping your existing resources from the ground up. We make scaling easier with mortgage robotic process automation so that a sudden increase in mortgage process applications will not take your business by surprise.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    At O2I, we take pride in making the mortgage robotic process automation solutions affordable. Our flexible pricing puts you in control of choosing the right option for your mortgage needs. With the freedom to customize mortgage robotic process automation, you can save more time and money in the long run.

  • Single-point of Contact

    With a dedicated contact representative, you can get help without waiting in the queue. Our skilled agent will be assigned to work exclusively on your project until completion to ensure that you are always satisfied with the quick response and resolution to emerging challenges.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, Automation Experts, Underwriters, and Appraisers

    We have a technical team who oversees implementing robotic process automation across multiple levels of mortgage processing. Our team will swing into action to tech-enable your business process so you can seamlessly deal with more volume of applications and reduce the pile-up.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Be it technology, hardware, software, or security infrastructure, we ensure it is up-to-date and protected physically and digitally. Our tech teams are always on deck to ensure that our resources are in optimal health and ready to support operations carried out by RPA specialists, mortgage experts, and testing teams.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Data sharing platforms used by our team is secured using proprietary software and accompanied by the real-time support so that any glitch during data transfer operation will be taken care by our support staff. We always use secure FTP and VPN to keep the flow of messages unaffected.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We are operational 24/7 all around the year as we run various other services for clients from near and distant time zones. If you need to reach us just dial us in, or send emails, or let us know your concerns through a real-time web chat. Our staff is skilled to hear your concerns with politeness and provide a possible solution that will leave other competitors in the dust.

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O2I Streamlined Mortgage Services for a Residential Mortgage Lender

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O2I provided valuation services to a valuation company and upped the business volume by 25% and brought cost reduction by 50%.

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Outsource Mortgage Robotic Process Automation to O2I - Leader in Mortgage Services


Outsource2india delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Mortgage businesses that count on mortgage robotic process automation services have never lost track and have been successful in achieving the desired results. We have always stood by our promises and served over 250 mortgage banks and lenders worldwide. Explore our mortgage services to discover the right solution that fits well within your budget. With an accessible pool of skilled RPA specialists, you can automate most routine mortgage application process on the go. The range of services offered includes reverse assistance services, mortgage processing support for credit unions, and more.

Reach us now if you are looking for a safe way automate mortgage services with RPA at an affordable rate.

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