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Case Study on Mortgage Valuation Services for a Valuation Company

Mortgage Valuation Services for a Valuation Company

Customer experienced 25% increase in business and 50% cost reduction with Mortgage valuation provided by Outsource2india

About the Customer

Our customer, owner of a growing valuation company specialized in providing mortgage valuation services (commercial and residential sectors) across the United States. The customer approached Outsource2india after facing unsatisfactory results with another service provider who handled their quality check of appraisals.

Challenges Faced

Our customer wanted us to handle their quality check of appraisals, as they were not satisfied with the services of another service provider. The customer's appraisals, which came from individual appraisers across the US, had to be thoroughly checked for quality and completeness before being delivered to the respective client.

Four main challenges that the customer faced -

High quality services, fast turnaround time & reduced costs. Partnering with Outsource2india is one of the best decisions we made for our business - CEO, Leading Mortgage Valuation Company in US
  • Fast turnaround time expectations from brokers and lenders
  • An irregular flow of appraisal reports from the appraisers
  • Specific guidelines from lenders and brokers
  • Increasing volume

Solutions Provided

Our customer was going to bring back their quality checking process in-house, when they came to know about Outsource2india, from one their clients. The customer was not sure if an outsourced team could handle their services. So, at the beginning, customer wanted us to only handle a small portion of their volume.

At Outsource2india, we began the solution, by organizing several go-to meeting sessions which explained the walkthrough of the customer's process to our team members. Next, we came up with customer specific guidelines and generic instructions for reviewing the customer's appraisals. Also, we stressed on maximizing the quality and reducing turnaround time of the customer's appraisal review and delivery. Our experts then created steps to improve the overall quality and turnaround time of the customer's appraisal review and delivery.

Given below are few excerpts from our solution -

  • Our mortgage team documented the review and delivery procedures for each of the customer's clients
  • We provided customer with a dedicated team of appraisal reviewers who efficiently worked across multiple shifts to ensure that reports were quickly reviewed and delivered to the lenders
  • We dedicated specially trained individuals to handle the customer's large clients
  • We cross-trained our reviewers, so that they could easily handle the increase in volumes for any of the customer's lenders
  • We set up a separate QC team to conduct random checks on reviews and delivery. This enabled us to meticulously follow all the guidelines and instructions given by our customer

Outcomes & Realized Benefits

The customer was very happy with our solution and asked us to handle over 90 per cent of their total volume. With our high quality services and fast turnaround time, our customer was able to restore relationship with their clients. The customer's clients also started sending in more appraisal orders. With our quick review and seamless delivery process, our customer was able to sign up with clients who required stringent SLAs (Service Level Agreements). This enabled our customer to experience a surge in business revenues.

As a result of partnering with O2I, customer was able to leverage the following benefits -

  1. Drastic reduction in the Review and Delivery turnaround time (It was reduced from 24 hours to less than two hours for any appraisal file in the queue)
  2. Substantial reduction in the revision requests received from lenders
  3. 25% additional business from existing clients, because of high quality standards and decrease in turnaround time
  4. Reduction in the operational costs by a whopping 40 to 50%
  5. Increase in the capability to easily scale up operations and provide services to new customers
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