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Mortgage Compliance Support Services

Outsource Mortgage Compliance Support Services

We diligently check mortgage applications to ensure compliance with regulations at affordable rates so you need not devote time or additional resource to run assessment

Are you looking for some dynamic and robust compliance support services for mortgage processing, then contact Outsource2India to get custom back-office support and end-to-end mortgage lending processing solutions at affordable prices. Our mortgage compliance support service is a solution-driven platform that works as a service for complex regulatory environments.

With an increase in market constraints over the years, lenders face challenges in running a mortgage business efficiently. Barriers such as legacy technologies, meeting market dynamics in terms of regulations and sectional mortgage processing have created an oversight for lenders and business owners. Hence, outsourcing mortgage compliance support services benefit an organization financially and enable its ability to quickly plug-in, consume and deliver high-end values to the business.

Mortgage Compliance Support Services We Offer

O2I, a well-known mortgage compliance support service provider offers a long list of services like financial promotions, documentations and training, technical queries, FCA Applications, Risk evaluation and improvement plans, compliance observation designing and so on. As per the client requirements and demands, we customize and deliver the services. Here are the services we offer -

  1. Loan Inception

    Loan Inception

    Being a top mortgage compliance support company, Outsource2India supports customers to improve and upgrade mortgage loan origination processes that help with any regulatory issues. We give a detailed checklist to look after in the customer documents for the loan origination process.

  2. Property Evaluation

    Property Evaluation

    Outsource2India, being a mortgage compliance support service in India, also keeps an eye on appraisal changes that are happening globally. We support our lenders by not only providing the right facts but also by reviewing property reports as per regulatory norms.

  3. Loan Underwriting

    Loan Underwriting

    When you outsource mortgage and compliance as a service, we totally comply with the FHA agency. We provide back-office support as per the requirement of the objective standards, which are set by governments, which includes compensating factors, loan characteristics like debt to income ratio, etc. We look after the Loan underwriting process by considering all necessary macroeconomics factors and risk elements in place.

  4. Loan Closing

    Loan Closing

    We, at Outsource2India, maintain a loan closing checklist as already prepared during loan set up. Therefore, a closing checklist is also drawn, which contains all the details required for the loan closing process. Later, as per the procedure, all information gathered from your customers are legally confirmed for the loan closure.

  5. Loan Post-closing

    Loan Post-closing

    Along with the post-closing process, meeting all compliance requirements and providing an extensive solution for the customers is our prime concern. We make sure all the needs such as customer signature on closing documents, title information, etc.are met and checked accordingly. An audit is formed to find all the information and documents are in compliance with regulatory policies.

Mortgage Compliance Support Process We Follow

Outsource2India is a mortgage compliance support service providing company that helps lenders in terms of taking out the extra burden of creating separate teams for mortgage and compliance as a service operations. We provide tools for our customers to work on the company infrastructure and deliver output that efficiently meets their audit requirement regulations. By outsourcing mortgage compliance service, the overall processing time gets reduced with slowing down of risk factors. It also saves a lot of time and in house budget which can be further leveraged for other value-added business activities. Outsource2India follows a stringent process for mortgage compliance support services to deliver error-free services at affordable prices within the given time. The steps involved in this extensive process flow of mortgage support service include -


01. Review

The first step is document compliance review. Meeting regulatory compliance is mandatory for every organization. Comprehensive document review enables easy clearance of regulatory compliance. Our experienced review team makes sure that all documents are meticulously reviewed before passing onto the next stage like tax returns, payslips, bank statements, stocks & bonds, etc.


02. Check

The next crucial aspect for a mortgage is checking eligibility and meeting loan criteria. We go through all procedures and documents to ensure that the facts provided are accurate. We take care of the entire back end processing for traditional and non-traditional loan checking details. Our thorough evaluation includes bank statements, payment defaults, existing loan information, FICO scores, and other debt/income details.


03. 3rd Party review

As per new regulations, lenders should intensively work to mitigate risk exposures by third-party tie-ups. Outsource2India, being highly experienced, takes up that responsibility with real-time license checking to ensure better protection from appraisers, mortgages brokers, etc. After the review, we share a detailed report with our customers on appraisal reports, Property owners' insurance details and other necessary forms.


04. Verify

The next step is a thorough verification of borrower details. Any wrongdoing in verifications could result in catastrophic regulatory violations and losses. Hence, we have a profound process right from scanning, OCRs to match relevant pieces of information and so on. Verification includes information like employment, deposit, previous mortgage data, property sale history, etc. which has a legal effect on overall compliance services.


05. Preparing Property Estimation

Another crucial area is loan estimate preparation. We consider factors like costs, risks, and others to prepare the loan estimate accurately. This is because we understand how vital it is for lenders & bankers.


06. Clearing

After the successful completion of all the above steps, the final step in the process will be clearing the case. We ensure that the reports are delivered to clients within the quick span without much delay as it has a direct impact on the lending business.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Mortgage Compliance Support Service to Outsource2india?

Outsource2India is one of the leading Mortgage compliance support services providing companies. We combine the latest software and technology with mortgage commerce experts to deliver the best compliance services. We help our customers to deal with complex tasks involved in mortgage loan processing. Apart from getting a variety of personalized services, our clients get access to many other perks such as -

  • ISO Certified Service Providing Company

    Outsource2India has now been identified as a proud carrier of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification. It means we can handle all kinds of risk-related tasks and ensure to provide international standard quality services.

  • Access to Talented Pool of Professionals

    Outsource2India has a large number of mortgage professionals, qualified consultants, various compliance executives, support staff and subject matter experts who are experienced and have the capability to work in complex situations. These professionals are regularly trained on ever-changing regulatory policies and the latest software and technologies. So, we have the best workforce that is capable of handling the entire mortgage and compliance delivery services.

  • Latest Tools and Technology

    Outsource2India leverages all advanced technologies available in the market such as cloud integration, automation, robust business outcomes and quick deliver analytics.

  • Cost-efficient Services

    We help our clients increase their revenue and maximize profits. Also, O2Is personalized services reduce our clients operating costs by more than 40% when they outsource to us.

  • High Data Security

    We pay sheer attention to the Data and operational information of our customers. This helps us reduce risks of data sharing, data fraud, and other risk elements. It allows us to focus on primary compliance support services and set high standards within the industry for us.

  • High-quality Services

    Our decade long horizon of industrial working experience has made us a customer and service-centric mortgage support service provider in the world. Hence, we firmly believe in providing the best quality and superior class outputs.

  • High Scalability

    We have sufficient workforce and resources to scale up or down our operational work depending upon the clients' needs. This is why our customers need not have to worry about their fluctuating requirements or deadlines to have their services delivered with high quality.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Another point that adds to our buffet offering is our world-class infrastructure. As a reputed consulting BPO in the market, we possess all the latest tools, platforms and proficient mortgage specific resources to have our customers experience the best possible outsourcing model.

  • 24/7 Support

    We work round the clock, 24/7 throughout the year. We are here to clear and resolve any of your concerns/queries at any time.

Customer Success Stories

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O2I Streamlined Mortgage Services for a Residential Mortgage Lender

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Outsource Mortgage Compliance Support Services to Outsource2india


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Outsource2India is a well-known mortgage compliance support service providing company. We possess strong experience of more than 25 years in mortgage loan processing and regulatory compliance support services. We have been serving a plethora of organizations locally and globally in the various niche, thus, making us versatile in terms of domain expertise. We have multiple centers in the world with the best in the house talent pool to cope with different time zones of clients. Also, we leverage the latest tools and technologies to keep ourselves updated as per market shifts and regulatory policies.

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