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Software Development for the Telecom Sector

The need for IT services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services. At Outsource2india, we offer an array of software development services within the telecom and networking sectors. Our services include the development of telecom software solutions, testing, implementation and maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions.

Depending on your requirements, we offer turn-key solutions, (for fixed requirements) or time and material solutions (for more dynamic requirements).

Component-based Network Management System

We offer a productized service – a component based Element Management System and Network Management System for equipment vendors. It consists of a set of pre-built scalable NMS components addressing the generic Topology and FCAPS functionality (source and binary) Network views (map/shelf/tree) and North bound interfaces (CORBA, XML, SNMP, TL1 etc.).

It manages the following network elements-

  • VoIP Gateways
  • Cable Telephony equipment
  • Soft Switches

The following diagram shows our areas of expertise (highlighted in purple) within the component based Element Management System and Network Management System.

Workflow Management

This productized service has the following features-


  • Extensible Relational Object Model
  • Map View
  • Automatic Geographical Placement
  • Switch View
  • Context-Sensitive Menu framework
  • Easy Interoperability


  • Alarm Management
  • Alarm Consolidation
  • Alarm Filtering
  • Alarm Correlation
  • Alarm Propagation
  • Alarm Escalation
  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Log Management


  • Software Management
    • Software Upgrading
    • Software Backup
  • Scheduled Configuration
    • Scheduled Upgrade
    • Scheduled Backup
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Activation
  • Off-line Configuration
  • Synchronization


  • Performance Monitoring & Scheduling
  • Schedule Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Thresholding support – Fault Detection
  • Scheduled Reporting (In both text & Graphical format)
  • On Demand Reporting (In both text & Graphical format)


  • Authentication
  • Role based Authorization
  • Data-level Authorization
  • Intrusion detection & recovery
  • Standards Based (JAAS)

To better integrate our productized network management system with your requirements, we provide the following services -

  • Software development services that customize the product to suit your requirements.
  • Requirement analysis and creation of functional specifications.
  • A formal technology transfer program to train your team on NMS components.
  • Integration of your NMS with leading OSS vendors.
  • On site team to deploy your NMS at service provider locations.
  • On going maintenance and upgrades of your NMS.

In addition to our productized NMS, we also have expertise in the areas highlighted in purple-

Workflow Management

We also offer telecom software solutions at these levels -Element Management Systems, Network Management Systems, Service Management Systems and Business Management Systems.


We have expertise in VPN, Class 5 Centrex, and VOX


Our productized service (described above) has solutions for Testing services, Fault, Configuration, Accounting and Performance.


  • SP to SP Gateway
  • Service Activation/Management
    • Order management
    • Inventory
    • Provisioning
    • Subscriber self provisioning
    • Flow through/real time provisioning
    • Network element modeling
    • Validation & scheduling
    • Service activation
    • Failure handling & recovery, etc


Customer care

  • Order entry
  • Order Status Display
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer self service
  • Customer data (accounts/ contracts)
  • Product configuration


  • Modeling of billing systems
  • Billing system interfaces and synchronization

If you require customized telecom software solutions, or if your needs match any of our services described above, please contact us here. Our Client Engagement team will contact you within 24 hours.

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