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Read this case study to find out how Outsource2india developed a mobile Trigger, Responder and Web app which worked together to help a user take wedding photographs and enhance them in real-time!

Case Study on Web Based Android & iOS App Development
Case Study on Web Based Android & iOS App Development
Case Study on Web Based Android & iOS App Development

The Customer's Business Requirement

An acclaimed and successful enterprise based out of UAE, got in touch with our team at Outsource2india for a mobile app solution. The customer specializes in delivering cutting-edge advertising services to several global giants.

The customer wished to introduce an innovative method for shooting photographs at weddings. Their proposed idea was to use a 65 inch dual screen device which would operate on Android 4.2 and could be displayed in an upright position at the wedding venue. This device would then be used as a selfie camera to click images of the wedding guests who gathered in front of it.

The customer intended to bring this idea to reality and was looking for a professional and skilled service provider who could meet his requisites and develop the following within a very short time span -

  • A Trigger mobile app with the capability to automatically commence the countdown timer of the camera on the dual screen device
  • A Responder mobile app especially designed for the 65 inch screen. This app would have the capability to click pictures and send it to the Trigger mobile app
  • An easy-to-use web based app which would liaise between the Responder app and the Trigger app, allowing the user to check and download his/her photograph

After an extensive search for potential mobile app development partners, the customer decided to work with Outsource2india after seeing our astounding track record of completing projects within a very short time span, while offering low cost services with impeccable quality.

Challenges Faced While Undertaking the Project

While working on the project, our team of mobile app developers faced quite a few hurdles, including -

  • The entire project had to be completed and delivered to the customer within a short time span of 60 days
  • For a seamless end user experience, our team had to make sure that the Trigger, Responder and Web App simultaneously worked without any problems
  • We had to equip the Trigger app with a feature to provide real-time updates on the status of the queue (number of wedding guests lined up for the photo shoot)
  • The Trigger app was required to include a built-in image enhancement feature, wherein a user could select any type of photo enhancement feature to apply to his/her photograph
  • Requesting additional photo enhancements was chargeable. Therefore, the app was also required to support a robust in-app payment option.
  • Finally, the mobile app had to be compatible with any device that ran on iOS8+higher and Android 3.0+higher

Outsource2india's Winning Solution

Our team of developers was not only able to complete the project within the stipulated deadline, but also ensured that each and every feature requested by the customer was incorporated within the mobile app. Our winning solution included the following -

  • The Trigger app was built to remotely trigger the camera feature from the user's phone. Once the camera feature was turned on the device, the user would receive real-time updates about the current status of the number of wedding guests in the queue
  • To further enhance end user experience, we included a feature wherein a user could download the Trigger app by simply scanning a QR code on the Responder device. This would immediately download the app on their mobile device from the Play Store/App Store
  • The Trigger app was especially programmed to execute the following -
    • Based on the number of wedding guests in the queue, the Trigger app would display the ETA as well as sound the Alarm, if so requested, to notify the exact time the user could click his/her photograph
    • A user could quickly choose any level of image enhancement required for a photo, directly through the Trigger app. Payments for the enhancement could be directly made within the app, along with submitting an email address for delivery
  • The Responder app was built to take any number of retakes as required by the user. The retakes could then also be viewed by the user
  • Our team also devised a web app which would liaise between the Responder and Trigger app. This app was built to execute the following -
    • A user could get immediate access to the app, after registering his/her details for the first time through the Trigger app
    • The web app could store detailed user profiles, along with a profile picture and basic details
    • The web app would store all the photographs taken by a particular user. The user could then delete or share the images on popular social media channels

Our Project Achievements

Although our team had to overcome several difficult challenges, the skilled programmers and developers at Outsource2india worked hard to make sure that the project was completed within the requested deadline. Some of the high points of our successful project completion included -

  • By developing apps that seamlessly worked with each other, we were able to significantly enhance the end user experience
  • The apps could be used on Apple as well as Android devices, as they were developed with separate tools for each operating system (.NET, SQL Server, Android and iOS)

Choose Outsource2india for Custom-built Mobile App Solutions

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The best part of working with us is that we adhere to deadlines, offer cost-competitive services and follow stringent processes to ensure that you receive a functional mobile app that works without any glitch.

Read similar case studies to find out how global businesses have benefited from our mobile app development services. If you have a similar requirement for a mobile trigger and responder app, get in touch with us right now and learn how we can turn your innovative idea for a mobile app into reality!

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