O2I Upgraded MS Exchange to Office 365 for A Plasma Supplier

Case Study on MS Exchange to Office 365 Upgrade for Plasma Supplier

The Client

The customer is a US-based highly reputed company supplying high-quality frozen serum and plasma to labs across the globe. They collect serum and plasma from verified donors and then ship it as it is or in a frozen form.

Client's Requirement

The client wanted an easy-to-manage email system with impeccable security. They were looking for a scalable email system that would fit their budget. An important directive from the client was that the system should have minimum downtime and minimal user interaction in pointing mail clients at the new server. So the client approached Outsource2india to migrate all their emails to the new system.

Business Challenge

The customer wanted to upgrade their email system as the current one couldn't handle their evolving needs and requirements.

O2I's Solution

Outsource2india's team began by conducting a series of meetings with the client. Our team understood the details of their business and documented their requirements precisely. We figured out their business challenges and everyday issues in the current system.

Once armed with adequate information, we developed an action plan. The client was kept in the loop during all processes to get insights from them. We took the following steps to address the client's issues -

  • We evaluated their existing deployment and replaced the outdated Microsoft Exchange server with Office 365 environment. In doing so, it helped in providing the required functionality
  • Outsource2india migrated all the user accounts seamlessly and synced all passwords
  • We conducted extensive testing to ensure the mail flow and accounts were working efficiently and meeting all expectations
  • To ensure we followed the client's directive of a system having minimum downtime, we undertook data migration during off-hours on weekend
  • We offered effective and detailed documentation as well as onsite engineers to point their clients at the new mail servers without hassles
  • A key feature of our service was that we were successful in keeping all mail data intact and ensured no mail data was lost

The Result

Outsource2india successfully created the Office 365 environment and migrated all the end-users to the new system seamlessly. We also fulfilled the client's directive of minimal downtime and disruption of business. Our effective solution has helped the client to save a massive amount of time and effort required to manage the email system. The new system has improved security and is reliable. The service has been consistent with no interruption and is cheaper. The saving of time and energy helped the client in focusing on core business activities.

Outsource MS Office 365 Setup and Migration Services to Outsource2india

If you lack the bandwidth or migration expertise just like the supplier in this case study, outsourcing MS office 365 setup and migration to Outsource2india will help. In doing so, plenty of time and effort can be saved because we have a skilled team of MS product specialists who can install a licensed version of MS Office 365 or upgrade from previous versions to the latest one. They help in configuring inbox to files in the distributed system to enhance availability and access speed. So start your journey with us and begin customizing the project.

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