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e-commerce Website for a Socks Manufacturer

e-commerce Website for Socks Manufacturer & Retailer
e-commerce Website Manufacturer & Retailer Mobile
Case Study on e-commerce Website Socks Manufacturer

Customer Requirements

Our customer is a renowned socks manufacturer and retailer, situated in the APAC region. The customer has been successfully manufacturing outdoor socks and sporting goods since1972. Over the last three decades, the customer has gained a loyal group of customers and become a household name when it comes to retailing sports goods. Before approaching us, the customer was selling products through retail stores and online via a simple business website.

Upon witnessing a rising demand for their sports products, client urgently required an easy-to-navigate website, with a streamlined content management system (CMS), and in-built group buying and auction features. Not only did they want the website to have a responsive web design, but also wanted in-depth customization options for designing custom socks to the users.

The Challenge Ahead

When the customer approached us with this requirement, the company did not have a powerful online presence, which was affecting their business. To ensure that the e-commerce website was a success, the customer wanted a unique website design which was aesthetically appealing and an intuitive design which would enable his users to customize any product in a quick and easy fashion.

Outsource2india's Intuitive Approach

Our team of experts put together a solution that included a CMS system and customizable features. We ensured the website design was fully responsive and featured a completely secure shopping cart and checkout process.

As requested by our client, it also featured a comprehensive customization feature allowing users to customize socks. Additionally, we also ensured that the client had full control of the backend features of the website including the ability to control all the stock attributes, stock levels, delivery details, payment methods, etc.

End Result

With an extensive experience in software and web development, our team was able to deploy an e-commerce website which not only met the customer's needs, but also surpassed it. Our inspired approach to the customer's e-commerce website design was further manifested as their total web sales eclipsed offline sales in a very short time, so much so that in 12 months the sales increased by a whopping 100%!

Since the website was now SEO ready, it ranked higher in popular search engines, giving enough confidence to customer to extend a similar solution to other subsidiary offerings.

The customer was also extremely satisfied with how we handled the handover process, during which we provided their team with extensive e-commerce management training.

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Does your business have a similar e-commerce requirement? ? Do you need an open source e-commerce website development solution but don't know who to choose and which platform to go for? At Outsource2india, we understand how e-commerce websites should be built. We have been developing inventive and cost-effective websites for almost 25 years now, and we can offer you with a robust and aesthetically appealing design which can bring in more sales for your business.

Get in touch with us today for scalable, customized and cost-efficient website design services. We would love to design a bespoke eCommmerce website that can improve your online revenue generation.

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