O2I Developed SaaS Application for US-based Mortgage Lender

Case Study on SaaS Application for US-based Mortgage Lender

The Client

The client we served is a startup based in the US and is a real estate mortgage lender.

Client Requirement

The customer wanted a comprehensive rule engine that would help them to validate the loan files using specific parameters. The customer wanted the application to generate reports and specify the parameters that needed to be rechecked and rectified to process the loan application.

Business Challenge

The client was hitherto, evaluating the loan files against the FHA manually and decided to automate it henceforth as it was a very time-consuming task.

O2I's Solution

As the rule engine was to be comprehensive, it had to allow the user to define rules in their system. Our solution was as follows -

  • Our team of developers brainstormed for hours to come up with a solution; after putting out several raw ideas, we shaped them into concrete innovations
  • After intensive efforts, our team created a Software as a Service application especially for mortgage bankers
  • The mortgage banker could create the validation rules for loan files within the framework of the FHA
  • Our application also included a ticketing system for customer support requests, integrated billing, invoice generation, and pipeline features like ad discussion, and sharing or broadcasting of rules

The Result

The customer was able to simplify their work and free up critical resources and divert them to core activities and increase productivity. With automated loan file validation, the component of manual error was eliminated, and the customer was able to attract more applicants, thereby increasing business.

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