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Outsource2india Developed a Custom Hotel Management Web App for a German Client

Case Study on Cloud-based Hotel Management Web App

The Client

A Germany-based client had contacted Outsource2india to avail our IT and software development expertise.

The Client's Requirements

Our client had observed that the hotel management landscape lacked efficiency especially when hoteliers had to take on the role of IT managers to handle multiple functions. This was costing time and money as their attention was going to front and back end functions such as booking reservations, payment processing etc. Therefore, noting this shortfall, our expertise was warranted to design and develop a smartly engineered web app that is integrated and Cloud-based.

Client Challenges

The unique challenges involved in the project were developing a simplified and user-friendly design so that the app can see more user adoption in the long term. We were posed with other challenges such as making the app interface adapt to various devices and their native screen resolutions as well as enabling easy-to-navigate GUI, so the interface can remain fluidic with intuitive and engaging elements.

Our Solution

At Outsource2india, the project was planned in stages and NDA was signed by the assigned team. We designed the following cost-effective solution for the hotel management web app -

  1. Multi-currency Payment Gateway

    We integrated a feature in the app that would allow guests to complete the payment in their preferred currency

  2. Real-time Integration with Online Booking Sites

    We integrated the hotel management app's dashboard with third-party booking sites so that the real-time information on room availability is fetched for prospective guests

  3. Securing the Data and Payment Gateway

    We secured end-to-end payment process with integration of a security layer to safeguard the transaction data and the guest's personal information

  4. Real-time Tracking of Maintenance/housekeeping Assignments

    We enabled supervisors to track the status of jobs assigned to the maintenance staff. With a few taps, your staff can be notified about in-house issues

  5. 360-degree Management of Guest Experience

    We helped the hoteliers to personalize services for returning guests by considering their feedback from previous visits

  6. Centralized Access to Unlimited Users

    We facilitated interdepartmental users to access the hotel management app to stay abreast on the latest updates as well as for other operational purposes

  7. Instant Report Generation

    Hoteliers could save time on analyzing trends and planning the budget by referring high-quality reports generated by the hotel management app

The Results

The client had heartily embraced the cloud-based hotel management app. We built the software to ensure that the best experience is provided to its users. The inn owners have also benefited from the app as it led to increased efficiency in management and better satisfaction among clients.

Outsource Custom Web App Development to Outsource2india

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