FTE Solution for a Reputed Software Company

Case Study on FTE Solution to a Software Firm by O2I

Outsource2india helped its client reduce the project delivery turnaround time, which in turn also reduced their total costs incurred!

Client Profile

The client is a leading product-based software company based out of South Africa with employee strength greater than 500.

The Requirement

The client had undertaken a project to develop software for call center operations. His company was facing project delivery issues, as delivery cycles were being too long, and it was getting difficult for them to adhere to the timelines. As a result, they contacted Outsource2india for help.

Major Challenges

The major challenges for team at O2I were:

  • To enable the client deliver software within stipulated timelines (timeline promised by the client to his customer)
  • To make sure that the developers with relevant and necessary experience and skill set were available in the client's time zone
  • To choose human resources judiciously, so that they were at ease to work in an offshore location

Solution Provided by Outsource2india

Our team spent a good amount of time and energy in precisely understanding the requirements. After a thorough requirement analysis, we came up with a solution that both the teams unanimously accepted and appreciated. Here is the value proposition we put forth to our client:

  • To meet the requirements within the desired time frame, we hired specialized personnel including software developers, testers, and quality analysts who had prior experience in developing call center software
  • We trained our team to bring their skills and knowledge in sync with what the project at hand demanded
  • We made sure that our work timings were strictly synchronized with the client's time zone
  • We stored all the source code safely in a repository, so that it could be conveniently retrieved whenever needed
  • We ensured regular status updates on the project management tool with the "Number of hours worked" and the "Tasks completed each day", to keep strict track of the progress
  • We gave the client a choice to instantly increase the resources employed whenever needed

The Outcome

We pride ourselves that the client was very happy with the results. We enabled his company to:

  • Deliver the product ready within the timelines that we had agreed upon
  • Bring down their testing costs, which brought the overall project costs down by an considerable amount
  • Develop robust and reliable software solution with the help of the skilled professionals hired through Outsource2india for the project

Owing to the praiseworthy work we did for the company on this project, they eventually outsourced two more projects to us!

If you too wish to explore the possibility of outsourcing your FTE requirements to Outsource2india, or simply hire a few of our efficient resources for software development and related domains, get in touch with our team of software experts who will guide you on our services and cost structures.

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