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Outsource Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Building Information Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is relatively new to the architectural circuit but has seen significant rise in implementation worldwide. BIM has added new dimensions to the construction industry and has directly or indirectly helped curb costs, define practical timelines and resolve conflicts that are common in architecture and construction.

Outsource2india has the technology and expertise to offer BIM services. With the growing demand for BIM services, team O2I can support right through the lifecycle of the project by engaging with construction and architectural companies. O2I engineers are trained to use Autodesk Revit and can value-add at every level to help design professionals, suppliers or building contractors get a more holistic perspective on the project.

O2I's BIM solutions are total end-to-end and work in collaboration with clients, design professionals, suppliers and building contractors. Our BIM solutions are flexible and can accommodate changes at the design stage while making project planning & scheduling simpler and easier.

Benefits of O2I's BIM Services

Outsource2india can work with construction companies servicing almost any industry - residential, commercial, educational, corporate, industrial, healthcare and hospitality, construction projects.

Using Autodesk Revit, we offer highly-advanced BIM services with following features -

  • Create and Visualize 3D Model Using Virtual Intelligence - We take designs into a digital space for greater control and visualization
  • Incorporate an Additional Dimension, 4th Dimension - We incorporate time-based modeling to determine how the structure's development will unfold with timeframe additions to 3D models
  • Detect Possible Clashes and Mitigate Risks - Using advanced modeling tools, we help recognize and prepare possible problems within a model and mitigate risk before the actual construction begins
  • Create Libraries & Families - We offer library creation for both existing and new and developing projects within the Revit framework
  • Provide Construction Documents of Superior Quality - We offer accurate printable error-free quality formats for both presentations and execution purposes. We can develop all necessary visualizations and documents for construction, to ensure projects get off the ground

There are many other features of BIM than stated above. Read more about the importance of building information modeling.

BIM Process We Follow

Scoping Work

Define scope, Ensure details available

Understanding Input

Analyze input, Establish clarity

Effort & Pricing

Indicate time, resources and pricing

Project Assignment

Set up team and resources by Project Manager

Execute Draft

Create output based on input brief, Output to match input

Drafts shared

Share outputs with Client, gather feedback

Final Edits

Changes based on feedback, thorough quality check

Final Delivery

Final drawings shared using client preferred method

Why Outsource BIM to O2I?

It is important that every element of design is communicated to people involved in building their vision. Outsource2india oversees the development of BIM tasks, and has a dedicated team to define quality and accuracy, and create necessary architectural services for any information based model.

The production staff and engineers are trained on Revit and work directly with architects, engineers and building operators to create the most accurate BIMs possible. Our team specializes in perfecting interior designs, using drafts, sketches and drawings that have been developed as part of the design phase.

Contact Outsource2india Today for Your BIM Needs

Using the newest and most advanced versions of Autodesk Revit, our engineers provide the necessary drawing, design and support services to engineering, construction and architectural firms. Additionally, we ensure that the final design matches the requirements perfectly.

With happy clients in the US, UK, Australia, India and other countries around the globe, trust Outsource2india with outsourcing BIM to get the job done right - from inception to completion. Contact our experts today.

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  • Space planning and design for retail outlets
  • Signage design and drafting
  • Drafting elevations for approvals before refurbishing
  • Aligning store features to latest design guidelines
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