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Outsource Solar Panel Layout Design Services

Harness the power of solar energy and move towards a more sustainable and renewable source of energy by outsourcing solar panel design services at prices starting at just $9 an hour

You know the importance of proper installation when it comes to your solar panels. You wouldn't trust just anyone to alter your home, business, or client's electrical components. You must take the same care when planning your solar panel design. For example, panels facing the wrong direction do not receive full sun coverage and can be half as effective (or less) in creating energy as those installed to track the sun as it moves throughout the day. Additionally, you'll want to install your system in a way that ties into the current electrical system as smoothly as possible. All of this takes careful planning.

Are you planning to venture out into the solar panel design business and have no idea where to start from? Are you on the lookout of skilled solar panel designers who can take care of all your requirements? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource solar panel design services to an experienced and skilled solar panel design service provider. Outsource2india has been one such solar panel design service providing company that can take care of all your requirements with ease. At O2I, we know that expertly planned solar panel layouts help maximize energy yields while minimizing disruption to current electrical systems and architecture. We have some of the most skilled and experienced solar panel designers on board who can cater to all your needs. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services.

Our Solar Panel Installation Design Services

Being a leading solar panel layout design services providing company, our layout designs are custom created for your project and account for all critical variables from geographical location and nearby structures to existing electrical systems and roof pitch. We offer a variety of services that come together to create a comprehensive solar panel layout design plan.

  • Professional Energy Simulation Services

    Professional Energy Simulation Services

    To help you get a clear understanding of the amount of energy that will be produced by your system, we will create professional energy simulation models. These models will show you how much energy your system will produce at specific times of the day and under circumstances (such as full sun, partly cloudy days, etc.).

  • 3D Design Mockups

    3D Design Mockups

    Want to see how your solar energy system will look and function? Our 3D software allows us to show you general design mockups as well as the way different elements interact (for example, sun-tracking and shade patterns).

  • Roof-top Mounting Plans

    Roof-top Mounting Plans

    Are you planning to mount your solar panels directly on your (or your client's) roof? Whether on the roof of a home, an outbuilding, or a business, our professionals will help you design a layout that is effective, safe, and visually appealing. Our team of electrical engineers has the required skills and experience to provide clients with the best quality roof-mounted solar panel design services. We can help design the solar panels as per the client's requirements and customize them to get the best output.

  • Ground Mounting Solar Plan Design

    Ground Mounting Solar Plan Design

    Whether you are looking to create a small patch of ground-mounted panels or a solar field, our experts will craft a high-yield layout that protects the surrounding environment and protects the system from wildlife and other environmental interference. Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled electrical engineers and solar panel designers who can deliver the best quality designs for your ground-mounted solar panels within a short time. We ensure that the system is designed in a customized manner to suit the client's requirements.

  • Top-of-Pole Mounting Design

    Top-of-Pole Mounting Design

    Top-of-pole designs are tricky, but we are proud to offer design plans that we stand behind. Specialized software and years of training help our experts craft top-of-pole designs that are safe, sturdy, and create high power yields. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while providing high-quality and error-free top-of-pole solar panel designs. We ensure that the system is designed within a quick time and provides the best efficiency.

  • Photovoltaic Systems Wiring Schematic Design

    Photovoltaic Systems Wiring Schematic Design

    Photovoltaic systems wiring is one of the key steps while designing a solar panel. Our team of electrical engineers at Outsource2india can provide clients with highly accurate and error-free schematic designs that can go right into production.

Solar Panel Installation Design Process Followed by O2I

O2I is a reputed solar panel layout design service provider and has been providing customized solar panel layout designs to global clientele. Our simple four-step process helps us create the best possible solutions for your solar panel project.


01. Get in touch

We begin by getting to know you, your project, and any essential elements affecting your project


02. Gathering information

Next, we use the information you've provided to us to collect more information about the project. We look at things such as geography, topography, current and plans for the site, electrical systems already in place, and local regulations


03. Generating plans & reports

We use Helioscope software to create project design mockups, run energy flow simulations, and more. We generate reports from this information and weigh options against your specific parameters


04. Presenting the plans

We present the winning plans for you. These are the ones with the highest efficiency and which cause the least amount of disruption to your current systems and architecture and which fit any additional personal considerations you have shared with us, such as budgetary constraints

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Solar Panel Installation Drawing to O2I

Our expert designers are trained in electrical design engineering the use of all related software. They bring a professional approach to every project and always aim high when it comes to customer satisfaction.

  • Custom Layouts, Every Time

    We know that every project has unique requirements. Whether we're creating a layout for your home, your business, or your client, you can be confident that our professional designers will create a custom layout for each project based on its specific goals, requirements, restraints, challenges, and more.

  • Experienced Team Players

    Are you a solar panel installer? Do you need experienced professionals to assist your team on a client's project? Our professionals at O2I are very experienced in working with remote teams and providing high-level assistance to those who need it.

  • Expert Planning

    Here at O2I, we know that selecting the best location and orientation for your panels is essential. Your design must account for -

    • The path the sun follows in the sky throughout the day
    • Changes in the sun's position from season to season
    • Your geographical region
    • The direction and pitch of your roof's surface
    • Nearby shade-makers (trees, buildings, etc.)
    • Local regulations (fire codes, building codes, etc.)
    • Existing electrical elements
  • Affordable Services You Can Trust

    Having worked alongside many organizations in a wide variety of industries, Outsource2India has created a reputation for professionalism and high-quality work. We are proud to offer our high-level services at affordable prices, starting as low as $9 an hour for solar panel planning designs.

Why Choose Outsource2india for Solar Panel Design Services?

Outsourcing solar panel design services to us can give you access to a series of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us as your solar panel design service providing company are -

  • Affordable Pricing Packages

    We help our clients with highly affordable and flexible pricing packages which will suit their business requirements and budget well.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We know the importance of having the best infrastructure and have access to the latest tools and technologies along with world-class office spaces.

  • Error-free Services

    We are an ISO certified firm that ensures that all the services delivered by our team will be of the best quality and completely error-free.

  • Delivery Centers

    Our team operates through several delivery centers spread across the globe and this allows us to deliver the best quality services within a quick time.

  • Data Security

    Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certified firm, you can rest assured that all the data you share with us for solar panel string design will be kept in secure locations.

  • Dedicated Manager

    When you choose to outsource your needs to us, we will assign a dedicated manager to you who will be the single point of contact for all your needs.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    All our teams including the sales, marketing, customer support, and project management are available 24/7 to answer your queries via phone or email.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled solar panel designers who can take care of all your needs with ease.

  • Easily Scalable Services

    We have the required bandwidth to scale up the service requirements and ramp up the team size as and when the client needs it.

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A well-regarded US-based architectural enterprise was in search of a CAD modeler and quest brought us to their attention. Our team provided them a cost-effective CAD modeling solutions.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner,
A Manufacturing company in the US
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Outsource2India is an experienced provider of Solar Panel Layout Design Services and related electrical engineering, architectural, and design services. If you are looking for an overall solar panel layout design services in India, we can complete the project from start to finish. If you only need help with part of the process (for example, you may need help using Helioscope software), we can provide those smaller, more specific services at your request.

For more information on outsourcing solar panel layout design services or to book a consultation, or to get your custom quote, contact us today.

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