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HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare BPO

Outsourcing Healthcare BPO to India is extremely popular today. However, there are several concerns being voiced about data security and adherence to standard quality norms. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is widely acknowledged as the norm for healthcare BPO and Indian companies are well versed with the Act and other regulatory bodies.

What does HIPAA cover?

HIPAA covers all protected healthcare information. It does not apply to specific records, but to information. This material is protected in any form by HIPAA and it continues to apply whether the content is being printed, discussed orally, or changed in form. For organizations that deal with the electronic management of healthcare information it is not only vital to protect the electronic maintenance and transmission of this data, but also protect any paper versions or oral discussions pertaining to this information.

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Outsourcing Healthcare to India - HIPAA Compliance

Outsourcing Healthcare BPO like medical billing and coding to O2I involves the transfer and maintenance of important information. It is an obvious concern for companies outsourcing healthcare work to be ensured that vendors are complying with international standards.

At Outsource2india, the coders are professional, skilled, and well versed in international coding practices. Most coders are AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) certified and have a minimum of 4 years experience. Membership and subscription to coding bodies like the AAPC and AHIMA ensure that Indian coders are constantly updated.

Staff Education/Training

  • Awareness programs for all employees
  • Ongoing training and testing programs link HIPAA education to staff rewards
  • HIPAA resource directory to update employees on regulations, news and events

Transaction Standards

  • Dedicated team of software programmers developing HIPAA compliant transaction

There is a thorough understanding of patient confidentiality and all medical records. It is also well known that HIPAA makes constant changes as it incorporates or discards certain practices. Indian companies make sure that they are always aware of such changes, thereby ensuring that all information is safe and adheres to the highest standards of quality.

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