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Xamarin Development

The mobile app development market is currently witnessing unprecedented growth, most of which can be attributed to the increasing popularity and success of cross-platform apps. More than 80% of the developers believe that cross-platform apps are easier and faster to develop, and is probably the reason why the market for cross-platform apps is estimated to reach USD $7.5 Billion by 2018. As manufacturers and organizations move towards an increasingly mobile future, the appeal for cross-platform apps in only going to grow, as well as the tools and frameworks available which makes cross-platform app development as streamlined as possible.

When it comes to cross-platform app development, Xamarin is the undisputed king, owing to its ability to develop to deliver native-like iOS, Android, and Windows apps while using existing codebase, skills, and development languages. Unlike most other cross-platform app development platforms, Xamarin's biggest selling point is that apps developed using it have native like performance, and therefore is not a compromise solution.

Our Xamarin App Development Services

  • Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development
  • Xamarin iOS App Development
  • Xamarin Android App Development
  • Xamarin Windows App Development
  • Xamarin Mobile App Development Strategy and Consultation
  • Xamarin.Forms Mobile App Interface Development
  • Mobile APP Testing using Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin Crash Reporting and Distribution

Xamarin can help build native as well as cross-platform apps on a shared C# codebase, while using the same language, IDE, and APIs everywhere, across mobile platforms. This ensures that the apps developed using Xamarin not only have a native UI and native API access, but are also comparable to native apps when it comes to performance.

With Microsoft now acquiring Xamarin, it has become easier for developers to work Microsoft Visual studio which integrates Xamarin natively to ensure fully complaint .NET portable class libraries. At O2I, we use Xamarin because our developers not only find it easier to develop and design modern smartphone apps, but also to suitably integrate and test them while using pre-built backend connectors and native user interfaces.

Why Use Xamarin Mobile Application Development?

At O2I, we believe that Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform mobile development solutions available currently, and which has none of the negatives of other platforms such as PhoneGap, etc. By allowing for affordable, efficient, and simultaneous development, Xamarin not only helps us deliver quality mobile apps with ease, but also allows your customers to benefit from a rich mobile interface and native app capabilities. There are many reasons why Xamarin development is considered by our experienced developers as one of the foremost examples of cross-platform development, including -

  • Existing .NET libraries can be easily reused by developers
  • More than 75% Shared C# app logic and almost 100% shared C# user interface code ensures rapid mobile app development for multiple platforms
  • Popular PCLs (Portable Class Libraries) such as JSON.NET, SQLite, and ReactiveUI can be used on any mobile operating system irrespectively
  • Access any iOS API while gaining the ability to use existing Objective-C code and frameworks for app developed on the iOS platform
  • Ability to build wearable apps for Apple Watch by integrating Apple WatchKit
  • 100% compatibility with Android APIs, and also the ability to enhance JAVA APIs with ASync support and .NET naming conventions for enhanced developer comfort
  • Automatic binding generator for Android ensures existing JAVA code, frameworks, and other custom controls can be reused extensively while compiling a Xamarin app
  • 100% API support for Android Wear apps

Why Choose O2I for Xamarin App Development?

At O2I, we have 23 years of experience in developing the best possible mobile solutions for our clients, and have delivered high-profile projects for global clients. By choosing us you stand to gain from the following -

  • Experienced mobile app developers who specialize in Xamarin development
  • Cost-effective services which ensure better operational benefits for you
  • A complete in-house solution for the whole mobile app development lifecycle, including business analysis, back-end development, integration and testing, app publishing, and maintenance
  • Low-risk mobile app delivery models based on budget and scope
  • Ability to hire Xamarin developers especially for your requirements as and when required
  • Ability to integrate popular back ends such as Microsoft Azure, Parse, SalesForce, SAP, etc. within your app
  • Fully secure and encrypted Xamarin apps as per request

Outsource2india - The Ideal Destination for High-quality Xamarin Development

At O2I, we are committed to your success by providing not only bespoke mobile app development services, but taking care of the entire mobile app development lifecycle for you. From strategy, to design, development, and sales, we ensure we guide you through every phase of development, while developing an app which can't be distinguished from a native one.

Whether your requirement is for iOS or Android our services will ensure significant cost-savings while keeping your customers satisfied. Contact us right away for a zero obligations quote.

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