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Outsourcing Web Analytics Services to India – FAQs

Why do you need Web Analytics?

The increasing number of businesses that rely solely on their websites to attract business stands proof to the lucrative advantages of online selling and marketing. However, as you invest in your websites, it is equally important to measure your website's performance. You need to make sure that the investments you have made in your website are showing the right returns and helping you meet your business goals.

You will need incisive information that helps you understand which portions of your website are performing well and which ones need to be changed. By being informed about your website's performance, you will be able to make effective decisions that will help increase your revenue and meet your business targets. This is where Web Analytics can help you.

Make informed decisions and meet your website's business goals now.

Read the following web analytics FAQs to discover more about outsourcing web analytics services to O2I.

Can Web Analytics Services be outsourced to India?

All the data required for web analytics is generated online. This makes it possible for the analysis to be conducted from any geographical location. The raw data can easily be transferred to any location through e-mail or FTP and useful reports can be created out of it.
O2I has been providing web analytics services to customers in the US and UK. Our web analytics reports are self-explanatory; they have analysis on visitor behavior and comments explaining the statistics or graphs within the report. By outsourcing web analytics services to India, you can benefit from a good analysis of your website.

Why outsource Web Analytics Services to O2I?

Web Analytics involves two resources - expertise and tools. Both these resources are expensive. The US market has a dearth of Web Analytics consultants and the service itself is expensive. In fact, certain web analytics tools could cost up to $40,000 a year. To carry out effective Web Analytics, one requires technical and marketing knowledge as well as exposure to online marketing. Along with a combination of these skills you also need to know how the Internet works.

Outsourcing web analytics services to O2I solves both these problems. We can give you access to experienced web analytics professionals who specialize in website performance and increasing conversions. We use licensed, web analytics tools to give you accurate, incisive information. By outsourcing web analytics services to O2I, you can benefit from cost-effective web analytics services.

Outsource to O2I now.

What Web Analytics tools do you use?

We can use different kinds of tools. We have also developed our own in-house tools. The choice of tools depends on the size of your organization, the extent and frequency of reports, the number of people who need access to it and whether or not real time data is required.
There are two options that you can choose from when you outsource web analytics services -

  • Internal Team -
    We can have a small team functioning from your premises and a team operating from our premises. Through this service we train your existing onshore team. We assist the team with setting the tools, working on the reports and defining the metrics. The team is trained so that they can work on it themselves confidently and with in-depth knowledge
  • Outsourced Team -
    Through this service we offer long term Web Analytics by setting up a team offshore, which will be totally dedicated to your Web Analytics requirements. This team will monitor, report and analyze you websites. We also offer site optimization services apart from routing reporting, where specific recommendations are made on the site. This eliminates the need for manpower from your side. Outsourcing web analytics services to India can help you benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Outsource your Web Analytics Services to us.

What is the output?

We would need to look at what you want to achieve for your website from our web analysis. We will put down those measures that you specify, and then look at what you need to measure. After this, we will delve into how we should measure those specifics, how often we should measure and how we can present the measure.

The measure can be presented through Power Point, HTML page or Excel. Once the measures have been presented we will analyze the data and arrive at findings and recommendations. The same process is repeated each time you want to make a change.

We can produce one or more reports at a decided frequency. This frequency could be daily, weekly or fortnightly, depending on your preferences. We even offer ad hoc reporting. Each of these reports will contain numbers, analyses and recommendations. By outsourcing web analytics services to India, you can benefit from our in-depth web analytics reporting services.

How will Web Analytics help my business?

Meeting goals and increasing your revenue are the primary demands of your business. Web Analytics Services can help your business meet these demands. It will tell you if your money spent is well spent by giving you that cutting edge to analyze your present scene and to propel you into favorable action.

Can I get started with a free Web Analytics Services trial?

Yes. All you need to give us is 1 or 2 months worth of log files of your website. You will get a snapshot analysis of what's happening on your site and areas that could be improved, if the right suggestions are implemented.

Your log files can be collected from your Webmaster or hosting provider at no cost. If required, we could coordinate and collect the files from your hosting provider. Start now.

Is there a specific process that the Web Analytics project would go through?

Yes there is a specific process involved. There are four steps that the project would go through:









Do I need to buy Web Analytics tools?

You need not buy tools unless you need access to the tools and want to use them. If you want to use a hosted tool, you will need to pay the vendor of that tool.

What about my data? Will it be secure?

Your data will be absolutely secure. Outsource2india has set up Firewalls. Different measures can be called upon to ensure the level of security you need. The different levels of security could be implemented at both the hardware and software levels.

Outsource Web Analytics Services to O2I for accurate website traffic analysis.

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