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UI/UX Design Services

Are you experiencing a high bounce rate on your website? Do you have to worry about dealing with your customers' complaints? If yes, then, you are facing something called user experience failure. Getting a better user engagement requires an intuitive navigational experience, which is only possible if you optimize your system using user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

Your users are most likely to engage if your web or mobile app is intuitively designed. For that to happen, you must collaborate with a UI/UX design services company, like Outsource2india Solutions. We will build your website or mobile app having robust functionality and unmatchable UI/ UX design.

UI/UX Design Services We Offer

At O2I, we have an extended suite of UI/UX designers, who stand on our strong foundation of service expertise in the UI design service domain. We have a team of strategists, innovators, consultants, onsite managers, and extended development teams who can look after your project and successfully deliver it on time. We are thorough in our UI/UX design approach and inculcate all the major digital strides.

Our UI/UX design services will give you the much-needed mobility and agility, allowing you to optimize the interactivity and flow of your web or mobile app along with the improved look, feel, presentation and interactivity of your system. Some of the UI/UX design services we offer include -

  1. Information Architecture and Wireframes

    Information Architecture and Wireframes

    Your user pins his hope highly on the experience he is receiving from your web or mobile app. And the user experience relies heavily on the information architecture (IA) of the system. Thus, your application should be fast, intuitive, steady, and corroborate your organization's vision. At Outsource2india, we have adopted the best principles of design and architecture. Our UI/UX designers are structurally adept at organizing and categorizing the information to align your business goals and your user's goals.

    When you outsource UX design services to O2I, our UX designers will start by mapping the block level diagram and storyboards and then, channelize the entire designing process to get better insights into your end-goals. And after understanding the core objective of your business, we will work on creating a skeleton of your planned website, better known as UI wireframe. Later, we will keep boosting the prototype with updates and features. This phase paves the path of user journey and converts into a working interaction model.

  2. User Interface Design

    User Interface Design

    At O2I, our UI/UX design services incorporate all the basic and necessary trait of user-friendly UI design that includes app's usability and scope, visual design, and architecture. Our team of UI designers understands that the form and function must be tuned together. If one is missing or is not appealing, the end-result will be offbeat.

    When you decide to outsource UI design services to us, we will build your web UI or mobile UI that are visually appealing, easy to navigate and operate. Our expert UI designers focus on the design language that amalgamates the best of technology and the latest innovation.

  3. Interactive Design

    Interactive Design

    Through our UI design services, we can provide the perfect UI design for your application (mobile or web). Our UI/UX designers and developers bring together all the potential permutation of the intended designs and interactions and ensure that the final set up is consistent with your application architecture.

    We render our UI/UX design services keeping in mind that your website achieves the perfect blend of the people and machine.

  4. Visual Design

    Visual Design

    Through our visual design services, we aim to mold your users' navigation and browsing experience of your website (or app) by leveraging illustrations, photography, space, layouts, typography, color, and aesthetic appeal. Our UI/UX experts take into consideration the best practices for visual designing which include Gestalt properties, hierarchy, space, contrast, color balance, scale, dominance, and similarity.

    Outsource2india is one of the leading provider of UI/UX design services in India, and we understand the market competitiveness. So, we focus on the aesthetics of the product and implement the best combination of colors, fonts, and images.

  5. User Testing

    User Testing

    We concentrate a lot on the usability of the product we design for you. That is why our UI/UX designers incorporate the five best aspects of designing, which includes learnability, satisfaction, performance, memorability, and flaws. If you have a high-performance app that is not well tested with certain requisite conditions, then, eventually your app will start showing errors or become unusable.

    Our UI/UX experts are adept in usability testing on potential users to evaluate your app before it goes live. If any UX issues arise during the UX building case, they can easily rectify those.

    The usability testing is mainly intended to dive deeper into your users' requirements and likings by focusing on their reactions while they use the product. This way, we can know the pitfalls and users' preference and use that information to create an effective user-centered design.

  6. Integration and Support

    Integration and Support

    After we render our services, we will not keep you waiting for assistance. We are there for you 24/7 and you can contact us at your preferred time for any issues or questions. At O2I, we provide extensive back-end integration assistance and support to enhance the process efficiencies and make our collaboration 100% hassle-free.

UI/UX Design Tools We Leverage

Our UI/UX design services are intended to optimize your systems where you will be able to engage more with your customers. Our UI/UX professionals are well adept at creating innovative designs following the lean principles. This enables the final design to encompass a distinct aesthetic appeal. We also put a lot of effort and attention to the user experience. And in doing so, we follow some of the tools below -

Our UI/UX Design Process

We at O2I, help you make the most of the digital technology capabilities to steer the complex UI/UX design challenges arising from growing customers' expectations. Our team of UI/UX designers can help you gain and retain a competitive edge.

When you choose O2I for outsourcing UI/UX design services, we will follow a validated approach to cater to your UI/UX design. The steps we follow are -

UX Analysis  

01. UX Analysis

We have a systematic approach to the UX design services. When you decide on outsourcing UX design services to us, we will start by analyzing your system. We will methodically check for what is working for you and what isn't. Then, keeping your business objective in mind, we will draw out a UX design with respect to the service or products you offer. Our UI/UX designers will start their project based on this research.

UI Wireframe  

02. UI Wireframe

After we have a thorough idea of your pain points and business objectives, our UI designers will first create a skeleton of your web or mobile app, which is known as UI wireframe. After several discussions and approvals, we will incorporate the changes in the frame and boost the prototype. This step brings life to the user journey into a working model.

Visual Design  

03. Visual Design

After the prototype is ready, our UI/UX designers will give the necessary "look & feel" to your app. Our UI/UX professionals are expert at playing with colors, pairing the typefaces, and setting out the layouts.

UI/UX Testing (User Testing)  

04. UI/UX Testing (User Testing)

User testing is an important step to make your system error-free. After making the necessary changes to the visual design of the initial prototype, our UI/UX designers will deploy the required tools and software to monitor the UI, UX, and the visual design. If any inconsistencies come up, we will rectify those. We will also perform a detailed analysis to convert the data into actionable design improvements. We will continue the user testing until and unless we get to the phase where no issues pop up and you get the app you envisioned.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource2india Developed Web Portal with Payment Option for World's Largest Logistics Company

Read the case study to learn how O2I helped a US logistics company with web portal development as well as a payment option. We designed the portal to support maximum interaction without lag in performance.

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Customized Theme Design for Training Course Provider

Outsource2india Provided Customized Theme Design for a Top Training Course Provider

Read a case study on how O2I provided Custom Theme for an Australian Training Course Provider with features that recognizes users. O2I developed a customized theme package for the client so that they can toggle between themes.

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Why Choose O2I for UI/UX Design Services?

For the past decade, Outsource2india has worked with clients across the globe, ranging from small businesses, eCommerce companies, healthcare organizations, global enterprises to educational institutions. Each UI/UX design project is special to us, and our professionals work together to deliver a seamless, beautiful, aesthetically appealing and highly functional application. Outsourcing UI/UX design services to us can give you access to the following benefits -

  1. Cost-effective UI/UX Design Services

    We inculcate an omnichannel approach to UI/UX design services allowing you to achieve a productive and sustainable digital transformation through your application. With a focus on increasing your conversions, repeat traffic and creating better online brand loyalty, we have the required skills, expertise, and infrastructure to provide with you a world-class and creative UI/UX design services at highly affordable prices.

  2. Infrastructure

    Our offices have modern infrastructure and latest equipment required to provide the best UI/UX design solutions. We have Independent Internet Leased Circuits, built in IT redundancies, 200% power back up, etc. We also mandate that our team members strictly comply with your industry's regulations.

  3. Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have over 10 delivery centers and four offices spread across the globe. It allows us to provide a valuable advantage in providing better support and make ourselves available at your service when and where you need. Moreover, our sales and customer support teams work across all the time zones and are readily available to provide their service at your convenient time.

  4. Quality Assurance

    We are an ISO-certified company and have a multi-level quality assurance process. The QA and testing are all done by our experienced team of UI/UX testers who ensure that we deliver only the best quality UI/UX design.

  5. Experience

    We have a total experience of 10 plus years in the UI/UX design services. Our UI/UX designers exceed 25 in capacity. Furthermore, our combined management experience exceeds 100+ man-years. So, when you outsource your UI/UX design services to us, you can be assured of highly professional UI/UX design service.

  6. Follow-up, Maintenance, and Assistance

    O2I is one such company to provide UI/UX design services 24*7 and back-end sustained support to its clients. Our team of UI/UX designers are always updated with the latest design features, plugins, and developments. When you collaborate with us, we will be the first to update or upgrade your UI/UX design.

  7. Faster TAT

    When you outsource UI/UX design services to us, you will see a faster turnaround for all your projects. We leverage our global delivery centers' resources to deliver the industry's best customer service through modern communication channels.

  8. 24/7 Availability

    We assign a dedicated project manager once you outsource UI/UX design project to us. Our manager, call center executives, and sales team are always available, and you can give them a quick call to raise any issue or discuss your queries.

  9. Ease of scalability

    At O2I, we have the required resource capability and wherewithal, both in terms of know-how and infrastructure. You can depend on us to handle any surge in your business demands so that you pay only for the services provided.

Outsource UI/UX Design Services to Outsource2india


I can't say enough about the excellent work that Outsource2india has done on our website. They took a below-average website and transformed it into an appealing and informative website. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The designer listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations.

Photography company in Worcester
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At Outsource2inida, we have an extended suite of UI/UX designers, who can provide you with a high-level of scalability & flexibility, which can be customized according to your needs. Outsource2india has a formidable team providing UI/UX Designs, mobile app designs, and various other custom software development services to global clients.

At O2I, we deliver quality UI/UX designs at compatible rates with exceptional support. With around 24 years of experience in the Digital World, we carry in-depth digital technology expertise and are results oriented. We believe that a mobile or web app is a powerful marketing and sales tool which not only help you in establishing your brand, but drive traffic and produce a tangible ROI. Our UI/UX design services allow you to leverage the power of a robust application that evolves with your business and lays the groundwork for long-term success.

If you have decided on outsourcing UI design services to India, look no further. Approach us now for building and driving your application towards yielding a sustained impact on the market with the help of our UI/UX Design Services.

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