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Outsource Continuous Integration Testing Services

Continuous Integration Testing Services

Continuous integration testing is a practice in which isolated code changes are tested and immediately reported as soon as they are introduced into a shared repository. This method is widely used by software companies to quickly detect and correct any defect that is added to the code database and is known as continuous integration testing. It offers a wide range of benefits, such as quick and constant feedback on the software status, increase code coverage, decrease the code review time, etc. However, having a thorough knowledge about CI is important before diving into this testing procedure and hence carrying out this process in-house can get daunting for software companies.

Outsource2india has been providing quality continuous integration testing services for several global clients for over 19 years. We have a team of professional software testers, who understand the purpose and importance of continuous integration and plan the testing process accordingly. Outsourcing continuous integration testing to us can help clients take advantage of the benefits we offer, which include quick turnaround time, harnessing latest tools and technologies, affordable pricing, etc.

Our Continuous Integration Service Offerings

Being in the software development and testing industry for almost two decades now, we understand the complexities associated with every service we provide and ensure that the customer is satisfied at every stage of the project. Some of the key CI services we offer include -

  • Performance Testing

    During software development process, functionality of the applications will be tested, but the performance is usually neglected. This can lead to failure of the software after being deployed. To avoid this, our team can help you perform continuous performance testing of the application, along with its speed, reaction time differences, consistency, response times, etc.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression defects can be a pain for a software developer, if they are not detected in the early stages of software development cycle. We have a team of software testers who run continuous regression tests while the software is being developed and report the bugs immediately. This helps in resolving the issues quickly and reduces the development time considerably.

  • Scalability Testing

    Testers usually create a bridge before testing the application and its extensions. However, it is better to continuously test the scalability of the software application, as it quickly identifies any defects, if introduced into the code base. This method will also help in improving the throughput, network usage, memory usage, etc. of the application. Our team of testers ensures that your business risk is reduced considerably.

  • Load Testing

    This is one of the most important testing methods and is a mandatory process, which should be carried out by every software developer. We help you conduct continuous load testing in an iterative way. This will help in tuning the application and making it ready-to-use. We can also reuse the existing test cases and achieve certain performance related goals.

Benefits of Continuous Integration Testing

Although this type of testing is known for its major benefit of providing software developers and testers with an opportunity to quickly identify and fix any defects introduced into the code base, it offers numerous advantages that are worth evaluating. Some of the major benefits of CI include -

  • Transparency

    As every code developed and added to the code base will be available to everyone across the team, CI serves as a transparent mode of software testing, which provides everybody with equal opportunity to detect and fix defects. This increased visibility across the team increases accountability and proves to be a motivator for the entire team.

  • Convenience

    The CI system can directly push the code to staging or even production after it passes all the tests. The changes made are visible in the staging phase, once the code passes the tests and can be directly deployed.

  • Parallel Build Support

    With the help of parallel build support, multiple tests can be performed and processes can be built over different machines. This will help in reducing the build time to a considerable extent.

  • No Broken Code in Production

    CI ensures that no code is put into production without testing it. This minimizes the chances of sending broken code into production and reduces the chances to almost negligible.

  • Reduced Code Review Time

    CI along with the version control system reduces the time needed to review merge request. This will in turn drastically reduce the time needed to review the code.

Why Choose Our CI Services?

Having worked with a variety of clients from different parts of the world and domains has empowered us to successfully work on any kind of software application. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Affordable Prices

    Our services are reasonably priced to enable clients to save valuable money, which can be invested in other core functions

  • High Accuracy

    We take pride in providing testing services of very high level of accuracy and ensure that the software application is completely bug-free

  • Data Security

    We ensure that all your critical data is completely safe with us by strictly following our confidentiality agreements and data security policies

  • Use of Latest Technologies

    We make use of some of the latest continuous integration tools and technologies including Selenium, Jenkins, GitLab CI, Circle CI, Travis CI, TeamCity, etc.

  • Industry-Best Infrastructure

    Aimed to provide top-quality software testing services to all our clients, we have industry-best infrastructure in place. This ensures that all the services we provide are quick, accurate and cost effective

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    Time is extremely important when it comes to global outsourcing and we know the significance of adhering to client deadlines. Therefore, we have multiple delivery centers spread across different time zones to ensure that all your testing projects get completed within the deadline

Get Defect-Free Software by Outsourcing Continuous Integration to O2I

Outsource2india is a leading continuous integration testing company based in India and has been serving global clients with their software testing needs for over 19 years now. Our vast industry experience has helped us master the complexities of CI and provide all our clients with top-quality testing services. We have a team of highly skilled software testers who are capable of working on different software testing tools to provide the customers with the best possible customer experience. By hiring us you can get access to certified testers, best infrastructure, cutting edge continuous integration testing tools, and easily scalable services.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective CI testing service provider, then feel free to get in touch with our executives today.

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