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Outsource SAP Testing Services

SAP Testing Services

Specialized SAP testing services to prune the risk of performance issues & deployment errors, and enhance the productivity of SAP implementation for your business!. Our SAP experts help organizations realize the full potential of their SAP investments and mitigate the risks by incorporating a trusted test approach.

Testing Services
Specialized Services
Consulting Services
Testing Services
  • SAP end-to-end testing
  • SAP functional testing
  • SAP performance testing
Specialized Services
  • SAP testing automation
  • SAP testing frameworks
  • SAP testing optimization
  • SAP customized testing
Consulting Services
  • SAP test recommendations

Complete Range of SAP Testing Services

  • End-to-end Testing

    Our end-to-end testing services combine both manual and automated testing, and significantly mitigate the risk of errors and defects in your SAP system, right through the planning and implementation to the deployment stage. We devise detailed test cases and methodologies for every deployment, execution phase, and modules of SAP to ensure that the entire system delivers you the desired productivity goals.

  • Functional Testing

    With frequent changes and updates, to various functional units of SAP, our quick functional and regression testing will ensure that all the functional units deliver the desired output. We also ensure that the whole process does not cause any stoppages or breaks in the application.

  • Performance Testing

    Our performance testing will not only analyze the performance of your SAP deployment at peak loads but also help you with fine-tuning the SAP technology stacks including your host platform, network infrastructure, database, software components, module interactions, etc., so that peak performance of your SAP system escalates.

O2I's Specialized SAP Testing Services

  • Test Automation

    With manual testing dominating the scene during the entire SAP deployment stage, it becomes more important to enable SAP automation testing wherever possible. With our expertise spanning the entire SAP setup phases, we clearly understand when to implement test automations, and the right areas where both manual as well as the automation testing can work in-tandem to get the desired results. This drastically improves the performance, and minimizes the implementation time.

  • Test Frameworks

    With our profound expertise in testing SAP deployments, we can give you a complete testing framework which is flexible and robust to accommodate any changes based on your specific needs. This framework does not stick to status quo manual testing procedures, and gives you customized testing procedures, tools, schedules, analysis, reporting system, etc.

  • Test Optimization

    Most test systems and procedures are just designed to meet the basic testing needs, they ignore max performance and max risk mitigation capabilities of the procedure. This is where our test optimization services come into the picture, and fine-tunes your existing system through testing integration, combining procedures, increasing testing efficiency, prioritizing, etc., to ensure that your whole testing infrastructure runs optimally.

  • Customized Testing

    If you just want to get some critical units like SAP FICO or even a sub-module comprehensively tested or if you are on budget or are planning to achieve phase-wise testing comprehensiveness then our customized testing can quickly deliver the desired results for you.

SAP Consulting Service

  • Test Recommendations

    We can analyze your entire SAP requirements and give you a complete end-to-end test recommendation, which includes an exhaustive list of do's and don'ts to develop a testing ecosystem. We give you the complete plan, execution paths, tools required, nature of testing to be done, schedules, report generation, and analysis procedures, etc., as part of our SAP consulting service.

Testing Tools We Leverage

Our vast technical expertise in handling SAP testing and consulting on a large scale has enabled our team to fully utilize the capacity of every testing tool used for SAP and other ERP software. We leverage these tools based on the precise needs, to get optimum results. Some of the tools that we use are:

White Box Testing
Black-Box Testing
White Box Testing
  • Dev Partner Studio
  • Dev Partner for Java
  • JUnit, NUnit
Black-Box Testing
  • QTP - HPMI
  • Selenium - Open Source
  • JMeter - Apache Friends
  • RFT - IBM Rational
  • Rational Robot - IBM Rational
  • LoadRunner - HPMI
  • OpenSTA - Open Source
Test Management
Defect Tracking/Issue Management
Test Management
  • Test Director
  • Quality Centre
  • Digite' ALM
  • Mantis
Defect Tracking/Issue Managemen
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla - Open Source

O2I's SAP Testing Approach

We realize that engaging a standard test approach for all businesses will never yield the desired result, that's why we follow the following standard approach which is highly customizable, economic, and productive for every enterprise.

O2I's SAP Testing Approach

Why Opt for Specialized SAP Testing Services from O2I?

  • Frequent Changes and Updates

    Due to the frequent software updates and rollouts, the need for testing at regular intervals becomes all more important. This is mandated by two reasons: one, old test cases or scripts may not suffice for the updated versions; and two, to ensure that the changes do not affect the functional capabilities and execution speed of the software.
  • Integration Issues with Existing Systems

    At times, SAP systems are integrated with the native system to ensure faster execution time and reduce the deployment overheads of other modules. However, this is prone to defects and errors, mandating a detailed testing procedure to ensure overall stability and execution ease.
  • Resource Optimization and Cost Cutting

    Outsourcing SAP testing to a specialized vendor like O2I will help you cut down costs by restricting the services of your in-house test engineers to handling critical core jobs. Also, this will allow your existing team to focus more on functional aspects of SAP which increases the productivity of the deployment.

Outsource SAP Testing to O2I

Outsource2india offers end-to-end SAP testing solutions that are based on the industry's best practices and standardized testing approach that warranties desired performance levels.

Our testing services guarantee increased test coverage in less time, reduction in testing efforts, and less post go-live defects. If, these are also the qualities you are looking for in your outsourcing vendor, contact Outsource2india's SAP experts with your requirements now.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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