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Outsource Turnkey Development Services

We are a one-stop provider who can work in all aspects of product development from concept to production at just $15 per hour

The turnkey design and development approach requires material resources and a highly skilled team to deliver a powerful turnkey solution. Turnkey software development solutions are very useful for organizations looking to solve a specific problem.

We offer you a full range of turnkey services. By working with a turnkey development service providing company, you gain access to companies that specialize in product design and development. Turnkey companies often have access to the best manufacturing, engineering, and design equipment on the market, so leveraging their experience can be a great way to make your product as efficient as possible.

Turnkey Development Services We Offer

Outsourcing doesn't mean everything is delivered - many companies choose to work in partnership with a turnkey manufacturer, providing mock-ups, basic designs, and purchasing new equipment or opting to integrate existing equipment into the line. Turnkey providers bring cutting-edge innovation with them as part of their service package.

These are some of the turnkey services offered by Outsource2india, a leading turnkey development service provider -

 Identifying successfully and executing development strategies for partners and investors
 Procuring brands and negotiating operating agreements
 Design and construction consulting
 Project Evaluation
 Providing Financial Analysis
 Secure Crucial brands
 Entitlement process management
 Delivering roll-out programs
 Brand and Investor strategic objectives
 Negotiating and managing the process
 Administering plans, designs, and construction
 Negotiating sale components

Our Turnkey Services Process Flow

We offer you a simple process flow that is easy for you to understand -


01. Requirement Analysis

As a turnkey development company, we help you go from concept to prototype to production. In the first stage, we sit with you and understand your requirement


02. Design

Then we put together the architecture, create a model and then design a circuit as a prototype


03. Redesign

As per your changes, we redesign the prototype and put it through our expert analysis


04. Development

It is thereafter produced, assembled, and tested to check the quality and determine its effectiveness in the most cost-effective way


05. Testing and Final Delivery

Once the product reaches its prototype stage, we test it, certify it and make changes as per special requirements that the client may have

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Turnkey Services?

We help our clients benefit from our experience and technology expertise and assist you in creating innovative products in the most effective way -

  • Cost-Effective

    At O2I, all the development is done under one roof. Hence the cost is lower than going in for customized solutions.

  • Faster Development

    Once again as a single team, our facility carries out the entire development process, hence there is better team coordination and there are no delays.

  • Easy Maintenance and Modifications

    Most companies like ours provide maintenance for the products created. We will modify and make changes to your product as requested.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Developed a Secure a Data Analytics App by Incorporating Power BI

O2I Developed a Secure a Data Analytics App by Incorporating Power BI

We developed a secure data analysis app by integrating the Power BI platform for a top logistics provider.

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O2I Developed a Secure Video Editing App for an App Distributor

O2I Developed a Secure Video Editing App for an App Distributor

A leading app distributor required a secure video editing app to sell to its customers. Our software developers created a custom video editing app within a quick turnaround time.

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I want to thank you for the professional way in which you are managing the project and meeting our deadlines.

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Outsource Turnkey Services to Outsource2india

We are a leading provider of turnkey development services in India and have become the strength of the industry. Our turnkey services are designed to develop products in their entirety - from concept to final product stage. We offer tailor-made and scalable software that addresses your unique needs.

If you are looking for services that are affordable, contact our team to know more.

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