Application Support and Maintenance Services

Outsource Application Support and Maintenance Services

Ensure that your applications have high availability, relevance, and reliability by choosing our application support and maintenance services at prices starting at $15/hour

For any business that has computerized systems, applications must have high availability, relevance, and reliability - especially during peak times. At Outsource2india, we provide indispensable, advanced support, and maintenance for applications to businesses across a range of industries like banking, healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, logistics, telecom, marketing, and so on.

Our wide-ranging, KPI-based end-to-end support enables mission-critical business apps and software to perform without interruptions, facilitating the smooth flow of business processes.

Application Support and Maintenance Services We Offer

Our scope of services includes custom enterprise apps developed for corporate use, and SaaS products and apps deployed on the premises, which are released in the market. The services can be broadly classified into proactive and reactive services, details of which are provided below -

  • Reactive Support and Maintenance Services

    Reactive Support and Maintenance Services
    • User Guides for Self Service

      Our team at O2I creates guides for users that contain all the necessary information regarding the product and the technology, including manuals and FAQs. We also provide a database with an easy search function so that users can quickly get the info they want.

    • We facilitate receipt and recording of queries submitted through multiple channels and prioritization of the support requests. Prompt resolution is provided for routine or frequently occurring issues, and more complex ones are escalated to the next level. Updates on the status of those requests are provided till they are resolved.

    • To ensure availability, resolving issues in the performance of the app, account admin incidents and software config issues are critical. We also perform software installations and carry out log investigations to analyze the root cause of problems.

    • We also customize software, integrate apps, and tweak the software to include new features as necessitated by the unique needs of the business.

    • Resolving code and database problems immediately as problems arise.

    • Application Infrastructure Management

      Our elite team of software professionals assists with troubleshooting issues related to the databases, storage, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity tools, development and testing environments, and more.

  • Proactive Application Support

    Proactive Application Support
    • We offer all-encompassing unit testing cover and review for all code paths so that the code is of high quality and that the app being developed is reliable.

    • As part of our proactive services, performance tests are scheduled, and app performance is continuously tracked so that issues and slowdowns can be recognized and resolved before it causes problems.

    • At O2I, we provide round-the-clock monitoring of security, run misconfiguration diagnostics and vulnerability checks per schedule, perform white box and black box security testing, and generate in-depth reports with suggestions to resolve the vulnerabilities we detect. These help in ensuring the reliability of your business-critical apps and pointing out when it's time to upgrade security protocols to meet the challenge of sophisticated, emerging cyber threats.

    • Our compliance monitoring service includes automated scanning and manual app analysis to help you adhere to compliance requirements of industry-specific regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, DSS, and so on. This service facilitates the mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities that are detected.

    • Our team helps to ensure that the updates that happen to your apps are speedy and reliable, and with minimal errors. To this end, we perform app testing, and automate development through test automation, setting up CI/CD pipelines, containerizing app modules, and applying IaC.

    • Releases can be speeded up by automating regression testing and combining it with manual testing for usability on an ad hoc basis. We can detect maximum bugs and drawbacks by pumping up regression testing coverage.

    • We help to ensure optimal consumption of cloud resources through methods like reviewing the environment and pinpointing current deficiencies, creating a plan for optimizing as well as helping to deploy it, and facilitating resource management as well.

    • O2I helps with monitoring the application infrastructure including cloud, databases, security tools, Ci/CD, etc.

  • Advantages of Application Support and Maintenance

    No business can afford delays and rising costs due to the unavailability of apps - consumers will simply go where they get quicker, more efficient services. Fortunately, you can ensure the reliability and availability of your business-critical apps with our app support and maintenance services. You can enjoy these benefits -

    • Greater flexibility
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Higher ROI
    • Reduced maintenance cost
    • Quick updates and upgrades to apps
    • Greater customer satisfaction

    Application Support & Maintenance Process We Follow

    At O2I we set processes in place to ensure that every project flows seamlessly. This is how we work -


    01. Requirements Gathering

    We conduct in-depth and multiple discussions with the customer to get a grasp of their business model, aims, needs, and issues


    02. Roadmap Creation

    We create a roadmap of the solution to be provided


    03. Technology Selection

    We choose the technology and tools to be used in creating the solution


    04. Migration

    We move legacy systems to new platforms with minimal business disruption


    05. Maintenance

    We provide continuous maintenance and tech support

    Technologies We Use

    At O2I we are committed to helping our customers carry on business with minimal disruption. To this end, we provide continuous training on powerful technologies that are available in the market. To enable your systems to have maximum uptime, our team uses these technologies and more -

    ServiceNow Jira Salesforce Magento Power BI Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure Python PHP .NET AngularJS Vue.js Xamarin Cordova Flutter PWA Oracle SQL Server Google Cloud SQL Amazon DynamoDB Azure Blob Storage

    Other Services You Can Benefit From

    Why Outsource your Application Support and Maintenance Services to Outsource2india?

    Outsourcing your app support and maintenance needs to an experienced company like Outsource2india makes sense as we have a proven track record of over a decade in helping businesses across industries enjoy maximum availability of their applications. Some other reasons to work with us, a leading application support and maintenance service provider, include -

    • Experienced and Skilled Team

      At O2I, our team of experienced, well-trained, and skilled developers is adept at providing prompt and effective app support and maintenance services to a wide variety of businesses.

    • Cost-effective Prices

      We provide services that are not only affordable but also of high quality because we are committed to providing top-notch services to our customers.

    • World-class Infrastructure

      Our office spaces are spacious and modernistic and well equipped with sophisticated equipment and hardware; we also have access to powerful tools and emerging technologies.

    • Complete Data Security

      O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified company, and we are committed to protecting your data; we have multi-layer protocols in place to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.

    • Global Delivery Centers

      We are a premier application support and maintenance service providing company and have 10 delivery centers spread around the world. Thus, we can provide our services from the location you prefer.

    • Fully Scalable

      All our application assessment and audit services are designed to be scalable if you need to add more applications, locations, employees, etc.

    • Single Point of Contact

      When you outsource to O2I, you will be assigned a dedicated projected manager who will be your single point of contact for all your queries and concerns.

    Client Success Stories

    O2I Created a Powerful Data Analysis App Using Power BI

    O2I Created a Powerful Data Analysis App Using Power BI

    Outsource2india developed a sophisticated app to conduct data analysis using Power BI for a transportation firm.

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    O2I Created a High-quality and Reliable Video Editing App for Both Android & iPhone

    O2I Created a High-quality and Reliable Video Editing App for Both Android & iPhone

    A client contacted us with a requirement for a high-quality app that could be used to edit videos in a myriad of ways. We created a feature-packed app much to the client's delight.

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    Outsource Application Support and Maintenance Services to Outsource2india

    Ensure reliability and high availability of your mission-critical apps and face minimal business disruption with high octane application support services from O2I. We are a leading provider of application support and maintenance services in India and abroad and can help you get the most out of your application, reduce costs, and save time. As a company that has been providing similar services to global businesses for over 24 years, outsourcing application support and maintenance services to Outsource2india is the right choice for you. We can help you fast-track your success story.

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