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Teleradiology Services offered at Outsource2india

Outsource2india 's radiologists are experts in their own fields and can provide a detailed and final read of Musculoskeletal, Doppler, Abdominal and Echocardiography Ultrasounds, CT screenings of the whole body, MRIs of Musculoskeletal, Spine, Brain etc., Thoracic Imaging, Clinical Trials, Nuclear Medicine/ Cardiology and Coronary CTA. We can send a transcribed report back to you within a quick turnaround time of 10 to 12 hours. Our services include -

Certified Reporting Services

Our panel of radiologists includes US Board Certified Radiologists, UK-FRCR Radiologists, Canada-FRCP-R Radiologists, Australian Board Certified Radiologists and Indian-MD Certified Radiologists.

We offer a 2-phase Certified Reporting Service. Phase-1 where the image is read by two Indian MD certified radiologists and the case is reported in the required format. In Phase-2 the report is finally read by the Board Certified Radiologist for a final sign-off. The final report is provided to you either in your hospital or diagnostic center's letter head or our Board Certified radiologist's. These reports go through three stages of quality assurance.

You can focus on building your business and increasing your patient base while we take care of all your reporting services. At Outsource2india, you can get access to reliable and cost-effective reports.

Preliminary Reporting Services

In this model we simply act as a performance enhancement engine. If you are a radiologist group, a hospital or a diagnostic center with your own panel of board certified radiologists, envision expanding your performance in terms of the volume of cases you handle per day or the revenue you generate. Outsource to us your Phase-1 reporting where a junior radiologist does the initial reporting and a senior Indian MD radiologist reviews and sends it back to your radiology panel for a final sign-off. These reports will be as per the format you require and will be absolutely reliable.

eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

With O2I's eRAD PACS system, you can streamline your organization's workflow, automate reporting, remotely read or make changes. We have a team of more than 300 medical professionals, including radiologists, consultants, doctors, etc. They can successfully deploy and host this great tool. In addition, our team will help you migrate, so you do not have to worry about migrating large amounts of data.


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Benefits of Outsourcing to Teleradiology

  • 24/7/365 Coverage
  • Time zone advantage
  • Customized formats of reports
  • Flag off of high priority cases for quick completion
  • Online communication through chat, VOIP
  • US Board Certified Radiologist with malpractice insurance
  • BS7799, HIPAA Compliant

Driven by a host of technological improvements and general population growth, Teleradiology is now considered by many to be the next big thing in healthcare. This industry is expected to generate more than $8.24 billion in revenue by 2024, while ensuring better healthcare opportunities for rural and distant populations.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of Teleradiology services and has been providing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to global customers.

Our Teleradiology Services Team

  • Outsource2india's radiologists who provide certified reporting services for hospitals in America, UK, Australia and India are board certified radiologists in the respective nations and in the case of US, in over 22 states. All our radiologists are licensed to carry out a practice within different states in the United States.

    Our radiologists have licenses in U.S states, such as, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, Delaware, Oklahoma, Michigan, California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Louisiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Minnesota amongst others. At Outsource2india, we have an insurance policy that gives us protection throughout all the states in the U.S. Even if your hospital belongs to a state in which we do not have a license, we can obtain a license for that particular state and provide you with our world-class teleradiology services.

  • Our Teleradiology Services Team

Our radiologists have attended fellowship training in prestigious universities located in the U.S. They are well-trained in renowned medical schools and have wide-ranging experience in the field of Radiology. All our radiologists are also eligible for credentialing.

Outsource2india's Teleradiology Process

Certified Reporting Services Process – 3 Tier Interpretation


Diagnostic tests done at the Diagnostic Center / Hospital


Images uploaded to the PAC system


The team of radiologists access the image


Tier 1-Junior (Indian MD) Radiologist reads the image and interprets it


Tier 2-Senior (Indian MD) Radiologist reads the image and verifies Tier 1 interpretation


Tier 3-Board Certified Radiologist reviews the interpretation and signs off


The final report is submitted on the PAC system


The report is sent to the Hospital / Physician

Preliminary Reporting - 2 Tier Interpretation


Diagnostic tests done at the Diagnostic Center / Hospital


Images uploaded to the PAC system


The team of radiologists access the image


Tier 1-Junior (Indian MD) Radiologist reads the image and interprets it


Tier 2-Senior (Indian MD) Radiologist reads the image and verifies Tier 1 interpretation


The Preliminary Report is emailed to the customer or submitted on the PAC system


A Board Certified Radiologist reviews the report and signs off

Whom do we serve

  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Clinics and care centers
  • Medical Insurance companies
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Teleradiology centers
  • Revenue Cycle Management firms
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Why Choose Outsource2india for Teleradiology Services?

Outsource your requirement to India and you no longer have to hunt for nighthawk radiologists, worry about the overflow of work during daytime, relieve nighthawk radiologists or find coverage for a radiologist on holiday. With our help you can get access to preliminary and final reports 24/7/365. Our diagnostic radiologists are licensed, certified, American as well as fellowship trained, and are experienced in providing medical imaging services within short turnaround times.

At Outsource2india, we also specialize in providing 3D image processing services and medical imaging services along with our expert services. Some of our key differentiators include -

Why Choose Outsource2india for Teleradiology Services?
  • Total coverage for 24 / 7 / 365
  • US Board certified radiologists with malpractice insurance
  • Cost-effective teleradiology services
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Support for web-based PACs and secure FTP channels
  • Customized formats of reports
  • Online communication through chat and VOIP
  • Quick completion for high-priority cases
  • Time zone advantages
  • Safe and secure services

Client Success Stories

Having worked with clients from around the globe for so many years, we have had helped several clients achieve their business goals within a short time. Some of our success stories are listed here -

Outsource Teleradiology Services to O2I - The Healthcare Experts

Outsource Teleradiology Services to O2I

At Outsource2india, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve especially when it comes to offering our unique services to clients around the globe. With our help, you can gain an efficient partner who is always ready to back up your business pursuits. Discover more about the advantages of outsourcing Teleradiology services to Outsource2india.

Still have doubts about outsourcing? Read some of the answers to Outsourcing Teleradiology Services FAQs.

Contact us to outsource to right now! Read our article which highlights the key benefits of PACS and how it is proving to be a decision support system for radiologists.


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