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The right employment of business intelligence, driven by data analytics, is today's prerequisite to a business's success. Power BI, as the name suggests, is a powerful tool by Microsoft that empowers companies to filter, sort, and convert tons of data into actionable insights. With enabled data visualization, seamless content collaboration, and highly reliable metrics, Power BI is one of the most intuitive business analytics software you can find.

O2I is a leading Power BI service provider that holds unmatched expertise and comprehensive experience in advanced business analytics, data visualization, customized dashboard development, and related services. We have helped hundreds of global businesses to back their decisions with verifiable data and streamline their workflow to get more optimized results. So, if you trust the potential of data, trust us to scale the potential of your business by outsourcing Power BI services to O2I.

Optimize the Cost of Power BI Services as Per Your Business Needs

The Power BI tool by Microsoft offers analytics solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers multiple platforms based on subscription models to address specific needs. So, the cost of Power BI varies from organization to organization. Are you leveraging the right power BI pricing? Or are you paying more than you should because you do not know how to optimize your BI requirement? Discuss your business needs with a long-standing and trusted Microsoft partner like Outsource2india today!

  1. Power BI Integration

    Power BI Integration

    Whether it's a specific model you seek to implement or a completely customized dashboard you need to get developed or create standardized KPIs, we will help you reach your desired results by catering to a range of Power BI integration requirements.

  2. Advanced Analytics with Power BI

    Advanced Analytics with Power BI

    Leverage the best of advanced analytics with Power BI with our expert data science team on your side. By empowering your software with machine learning along with R and Python integrated scripts, we can make sure that both your business strategies and tech stack are cutting edge.

  3. Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

    Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

    Strategizing a resilient data plan and utilizing it to building the right roadmap can bring a world of difference in scaling your business. Our Power BI team consists of veterans from the fields of analytics and business intelligence who can lend their expertise and consultation to translate your business challenges into actionable insights.

  4. Power BI Reporting

    Power BI Reporting

    Our team can help you transform invaluable data into insightful reports in personalized formats so that you can make better and faster business decisions. Our adept team also automates the data updating and report making processes to ensure that there is no interruption in getting accurate business insights.

  5. Power BI Embedded

    Power BI Embedded

    Through embedded services, we can help you upgrade your reports to a more interactive format by integrating them with the existing salesforce systems that you use to streamline business operations including CRM, ERP, and more.

  6. Customized Dashboard Development

    Customized Dashboard Development

    Whether you need a sales report focused dashboard, an interactive real-time IoT dashboard, or one that facilitates smart management, our Power BI dashboard services include crafting a dashboard development roadmap; perfectly optimized to suit your pocket and business plans.

  7. Calculations and Measures

    Calculations and Measures

    When catering to smaller datasets, our adept team works with DAX expressions and queries in Power BI for developing measures and calculated columns. For larger datasets, our solution is focused on creating the same, right in the data sources.

  8. Data Visualization Through Power BI

    Data Visualization Through Power BI

    Interactive data visualizations and representations can increase your team's productivity manifolds. We make this possible by leveraging our Power BI prowess for seamlessly collecting, connecting, arranging, analyzing, and transforming data into smart visuals.

O2I's Power BI Development Methodology

One of the important pillars of our success is our step-by-step work methodology. It is carefully structured yet flexible enough to incorporate any iterative changes needed during the process and adaptable enough to suit your personalized business requirements.


01. Advisory, Planning, And Configuration

Our first step is to analyze your requirements to formulate the best business intelligence strategy, the right technological stack, and the best roadmap to address your business's data issues


02. Integration with Data Sources

Next follows the process of compiling all the external and internal data sources and integrating Power BI to relevant databases


03. Data Preparation for Power BI

This step involves querying unformatted data, loading it into Power BI, followed by cleaning, sorting, organizing, and augmenting all the data


04. End-To-End Implementation

Once the data is ready, we move on to execution. This step includes requirement-specific tasks like dashboard development, analytical report making, and much more


05. User-Enablement and Training

Our end-product goes through multiple testing and approval phases from the client/user side. We make sure your team is well-trained and equipped with your very unique Power BI tools

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Key Benefits of Outsourcing Microsoft Power BI Services to O2I

Among the several factors that have contributed to making O2I a global name, here are some of the key factors that make us one of the providers of the best Power BI services in India -

  • Expertise in Complete Microsoft Stack

    Our team is proficient with not only Microsoft Power BI but also all related software, especially in the Microsoft technology stack. This means you can rest assured to have complete end-to-end solutions to your data structuring and analytics needs.

  • Customized Engagement Models

    At O2I, we understand that not one cloth fits all, and therefore, we offer models unique to your needs. Whether you need complete implementation and after-sales support, a specialized service collaboration with other outsourcing parties, or simply Power BI training and counseling, we offer it all.

  • Partnered with Fortune 500 Clients

    Our global clientele consists of leading companies who have trusted us to create several success stories. Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries right from manufacturing, automotive, banking, and finance, to hospitality and travel.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner

    Our competency with enabling interactive Power BI dashboards and creating painstaking data reports is recognized and certified by the brand you trust.

  • Competitive Pricing

    At O2I, our goal is greater value for lesser money. Our price packages are the best in the segment to ensure that scaling your business through appealing visual data representations doesn't disrupt your budgeting.

  • Ensured Data Safety

    We have advanced data security and access control protocols in place. When you outsource to us, you can rest assured that your data is stored, transferred, or shared most safely with the best data security technologies available.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Developed a Robust Power BI-based App to Help a Logistics Provider Analyze Data

O2I Developed a Robust Power BI-based App to Help a Logistics Provider Analyze Data

Outsource2india provided a leading transportation and logistics provider with a Power BI-based app to help it analyze large amounts of data generated from client feedback.

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O2I Created a User-friendly Mobile App to Provide BP Readings

Developed an App to Read Blood Pressure Readings

A leading client wanted a service provider who could help them to develop an app that could provide blood pressure readings. Our team delivered the best quality services.

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Under tight deadlines and with high expectations, O2I was a pleasure to partner with, on a high profile political campaign website.

International new-media agency headquartered in Scotland
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Outsource Power BI Development Services to O2I

Microsoft Power BI is an industry-leading analytics innovation that promises to revolutionize the way data can be streamlined and optimized to obtain more accurate and visually organized business insights. With an award-winning, certified, and reliable Power BI services providing company like O2I, you can easily integrate this tool with your interface to your business's advantage and have your team efficiently operating it in no time.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your company with smarter, fast-paced decision-making and enhanced business intelligence capabilities, outsource Power BI services to O2I. Contact us today to get more information on our service packages.

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Power BI Services FAQs

  • What is the Power BI service?

    Power BI is a business analytics tool that lets you measure and visualize data and create insights. It enables you to develop dashboards and BI reports in charts and graphs.

  • What is Power BI Desktop?

    It is an app that can be installed locally to collect, measure, and interpret data. The owners of Power BI Desktop can share the data with other users and stakeholders.