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Outsource Software Requirement Analysis

Software Requirement Analysis

In-depth software requirement analysis - to make your project a success

O2I has extensive software development expertise, so we understand the optimum level of detail required to move software requirement specification to the development phase. We have experience working across a wide range of projects, both large and small across various verticals and industries.

O2I's team of software development experts, technical writers and business analysts come together and astutely analyze your requirements to help you develop an application. We can develop a detailed requirement document which you can use to get quotes for the project or pass on to a development team.

Outsource2india's Software Requirement Analysis Process

Based on the scope and nature of a particular software project, requirement analysis is carried out by an independent business analyst or a team of analysts to capture requirements. Typically requirements analysis involves capturing both functional and non-functional requirements and requires both technical and business expertise. To ensure effective capturing of requirement we follow a holistic process involving these broad steps -

  1. Requirements Scope

    The scope and boundary of the proposed software solution is drawn based on business requirements and goals.

  2. Stakeholder Identification

    Identifying stakeholders such as customers, end-users, system administrators etc. is the next step in requirements analysis. This is one of the most important steps in the whole process as proper identification of stakeholders enables the business analyst to draw a road map for gathering requirements.

  3. Requirements Elicitation / Requirements Gathering

    Post identification of stakeholders, the tedious process of eliciting requirements follows. Based on the scope and nature of a particular software solution there can be multiple stakeholders. Interaction happens with stakeholder groups using various communication methodologies including in-person interviews, focus groups, market study, surveys and secondary research.

  4. Requirement Analysis

    Once user data is gathered, structured analysis is carried out on this data to determine models. Usually use-cases are developed to analyze the data on various parameters depending on the larger goals of the software solution. We use requirements animation, automated reasoning, knowledge-based critiquing, consistency checking, analogical and case-based reasoning.

  5. Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

    Once the captured data is analyzed these are put together in the form of a software requirement specification document (SRS) or a system requirement specification (SYRS) document. This document serves as a blueprint for the design or development teams to start building the solution on. It serves as a technical compendium of all the stakeholders' needs including user requirements, system requirements, user interface and operational requirements.

  6. Software Requirements Management

    The final step of the requirements analysis process involves validating all elements of the requirements specifications document. Errors are corrected here and it can also accommodate minor changes to requirements of the proposed software solution.

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Our Team

Our expert business analysts get involved from the first stage of Requirement Analysis at the start of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The BAs or Business Analysts understand the customer's business and the possibilities and restrictions of technology. The meetings are held at the customer's offices to ensure all the details are captured and the business analysts get a firsthand experience of experiencing the current workflow/legacy software. When in-person meetings at the customer location are not possible, they conduct online meetings, screen sharing and looking at scanned documents etc.

Once the initial requirement gathering has been completed, the Business Analysts along with the Technical writers come up with the document identifying clear, unambiguous requirements that can be understood by the customers as well as the development team.

  • O2I's business analysts conduct a series of interviews with the project owners, the users who will be using the software, the technical team who will maintain the IT infrastructure etc. to know the complete ecosystem in which the software will operate
  • The business analyst will also study other software that the new software that is being built will have to interface with, but limit the detailed study specific to the interfacing components
  • They also look for best practices (if available) for developing such software

Need of Requirements Analysis for Business

It has been determined that one of the primary reasons why software projects fail is because requirements of the project were not captured properly. Current software applications often operate over multiple platforms and across many locations around the globe. Often during the project lifecycle the demands keep varying and this can also have an impact in eliciting proper requirements.

Requirement analysis covers those tasks to determine the needs of a proposed software solution or product, often involving requirements of various stakeholders associated with the solution. Requirement analysis is a key component in the software development lifecycle and is usually the initial step before the project commences.

Requirement analysis is very expensive, requiring huge investments in scarce resources, systems and associated processes. Outsource2india has over 20 years of experience working on software projects of varying scopes. We understand the nuances of capturing and scoping software requirements, and the importance it carries in a software development lifecycle. O2I's core team of Business Analysts has worked with clients across the globe to effectively infer requirements leading to successful products and services.

Outsource Software Requirement Analysis to O2I

O2I's industry experience and technical expertise will help you develop robust requirements specification taking into account scalability and adaptability of the proposed software solution.

Outsource requirement analysis to Outsource2india. Let's Get Started!.

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