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Business Analysis - Part III

Communicating Requirements

The Requirements Specification document drafted during the course of the software business analysis process serves as the basis for Systems Design by the development teams. It is also used as a contract between the client and the Project Team and for planning project schedules, formulating test plans and validation of project goals. Thus, a clear communication of the requirements specification to all associated groups is necessary.

Communication of requirements is a crucial stage in software business analysis. The requirements specification has to be communicated clearly to the customer, project manager, development team, testers and end-users to make sure that all involved in the software development process are clear on what their expected deliverables are. Formal and informal meetings, written documentation, process flow charts and diagrammatic representations are used extensively to communicate the specifications of the project to all team members. Business analysts need to have excellent communication and presentation abilities, strong inter-personal skills and sound conceptual knowledge on software development platforms.

The customers and end-users tend to view an application from the functionality aspect, while Project Managers, development teams and testers will have completely technical approach to the project. A skilled business analyst ensures that the project specifications are communicated to both the technical and non technical users with maximum clarity.

Designing the Solution

At this stage, the development team sets to work on identifying and designing a solution that best meets the stated requirements. The basic solution architecture is also determined during this stage of the software business analysis process. During each step of software consulting there is repeated interaction between the developer group and business analyst to ensure that the proposed solution is comprehensive and complete.

This stage of the business analytics process calls for expert understanding of systems design on the part of the business analyst.

The application development team focuses on all aspects of solution design starting from a prototype of the User Interface to creation of implementation models and test models from use cases.

Implementation and Testing the Solution

Once the design has been finalized and accepted by the customer, the systems team moves on to developing code based on the design and implementation models. A continuous process of testing goes on as each module is developed. The code is tested against requirements, test cases and test plans.

Integration and Quality Testing is carried out before the application is presented for demonstration and client acceptance. Through these stages the business analyst has to ensure that the application meets the requirements specifications and project goals. The application is debugged and fine-tuned based on client feedback. This is followed by actual deployment of the application on live servers at the customer site.

Business Analysis Services and Software Consulting services from Outsource2india

At O2I, business analysis is a critical first step in all our software consulting projects. We employ skilled business analysts who conduct detailed review, analysis and documentation of your business processes and requirements. A clear and unambiguous documentation of all these requirements serves as the basis for the application design, development, implementation and testing of customized software solutions that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Our business analysis processes ensures that we develop robust, scalable and superior software solutions that exceed your expectations and at affordable rates.

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