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Outsource Cardiology Transcription Services

Despite all the efforts and medical advancements made in heart care, the medical expenditure that United States may incur on heart care may triple by 2030. (Source: Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association). The report also states the need to continuously invest in resources to prevent the disease, and ensure its early detection & treatment to reduce the overall cost burden.

Outsource2india is a renowned cardiology transcription company which offers superior quality transcriptions through its cardiology transcription services, and its effective cost model contributes to an overall reduction in the medical costs for heart care as well. Cardiology medical transcription at O2I is offered as an exclusive and specialized service by our professional medical transcriptionists.

O2I Maintains Specialized Resources

O2I maintains exclusive and expert team of cardiology transcriptionists to take care of cardiology transcriptions. The exclusivity of the team makes them adept and extremely capable to handle all cardiology related transcriptions, error-free and faster. These teams are well backed by our software and support staff, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Instant and Exclusive Cardiology Transcription

Critical care and emergency is a term mostly linked with extreme heart care conditions. O2I clearly understands this, and delivers instant and zero-error transcription services exclusively in such cases. O2I's team would merge in, like your physical support staff, delivering instant and virtually on the spot services with its automated cardiology transcription services.

High-Quality and HIPAA Compliant

All our transcription services come with superior quality, 24X7 support, and trust. Our services are fully compliant with the latest CTC codes and HIPAA. O2I ensures precise codes and error free transcription for all its medical transcription services.

Specialized Audit Team

O2I maintains specialized and exclusive audit teams for proofreading cardiology transcriptions. These teams are well trained and mostly handle cardiology related transcripts, thus giving you error-free transcripts.

Continuous Trainings for Exclusive Teams

All our exclusive teams, like the cardiology transcription team, get regular trainings on all aspects of transcription when dealing with specialized medical conditions. This helps them complete the transcripts faster, with almost zero errors and makes the job of audit teams easier. These trainings are undergone by the transcription and audit teams as well, to bring out high quality transcription services to our clients.

Outsource Cardiology Transcription to O2I

If you run a cardiac critical care unit, a hospital, or if you are a solo practitioner having a clinic, or have a cardiology transcription company, you can just upload your point of care dictations or automated transcriptions to O2I and focus on your medical practices without any worries. So just Google 'outsource transcription India', or hit O2I and get your transcription needs met.

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