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Outsource SaaS Development

Since the inception of desktops and other computing devices individuals and companies have been running software on their own infrastructure. With advent of Web 2.0 technologies, high speed broadband connectivity, and feature packed computers the world is now shifting towards the online software delivery model. This enables the end-users to access the service software online and pay for the volume of usage.

Our SaaS Development Services

  1. SaaS Solution Development

    We can help you transform your packaged software solution into a web-based one with similar features and capabilities. We utilize a mix of several commercial and open source technologies to build an optimum solution for you.

  2. SaaS Hosting

    You would need a managed hosting provider who can run your application efficiently with high uptime - we can host and manage your SaaS solution.

  3. SaaS Solution Upgrade

    If you already have an old SaaS solution and you would like to upgrade it to a new version with added features, or if you would like to rebuild it entirely, we can help.

  4. SaaS Solution Management

    Outsource2india can also assist in managing, maintaining, updating and resolving user issues of your existing SaaS solution.

Advantages of the Software as a Service model

  • No need for users to download the software or apply patches and upgrades as all these are handled by the SaaS service provider.
  • Low cost to the end-user as they can pay based on their need.
  • Easy role-based customization features.
  • Very suitable for global organizations who need to access the application from multiple locations worldwide.
  • Reduced support costs for the software vendors as they don't have to build the software to support multiple platforms and operating systems.
  • Ability of software vendors to reach even smaller markets who cannot afford to buy the actual software.

All these benefits have made many independent software vendors (ISVs) to switch to the software as a service or SaaS model of software delivery especially in the fields of video conferencing, human resource management, content management, customer relationship management, sales management, email, and accounting.

If you are an ISV selling your software in the traditional packaged way, you can take advantage of SaaS to offer a cost-effective alternative to your customers. You can easily venture in newer markets without making heavy investments.

Outsource2india can enable you to take your software solution to the next level so that you can increase reach and profitability while constantly innovating and adding new features to your software. Our engineers, software developers and programmers have experience of developing several SaaS applications for CRM, Sales, HRM, and accounting. We can take up entire development, or work in-sync with your in-house team based on your requirements.

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