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Infrastructure Management Services

Outsource Infrastructure Management Services

Boost productivity and get rid of the inefficient management of the IT infrastructure at affordable prices by partnering with us

The modern age of business is seeing a drastic change in the business environment. This is something that the business is supposed to react to in an efficient manner as newer technology enters the market and changes the way that the business is conducted.

Inefficiency in your IT Infrastructure sure to result in a huge loss in your productivity. And to prevent this at Outsource2India, a leading infrastructure management service provider, offers the most effective infrastructure management services. We ensure that you stay up to date with the market in the most flexible, and value-for-money way possible.

Infrastructure Management Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, we have been providing top-tier global infrastructure and management services to help take the next step. We offer a variety of services which help you to make sure that all of your IT requirements are met by our plans. Some of the key services we offer include -

  1. Data Center Service

    Data Center Service

    As the hub of the IT structure, our data center services ensure we include system management, storage management, server management, technical support, and database management. Our methods are all tried and tested.

  2. Helpdesk Service

    Helpdesk Service

    Our helpdesk helps to keep the IT infrastructure running smoothly without any faults as we can meet any problems head-on.

  3. IT Risk and Security Management

    IT Risk and Security Management

    In any business, there is always a need for robust security solutions to help meet the cyber-attacks head-on. We mitigate security risk and conduct regular evaluations. We have safety plans in place along with executive protection to ensure your business is not at risk.

  4. Digital Forensics Services

    Digital Forensics Services

    Our forensics experts ensure we use the latest forensic analysis technology.

  5. Network Infrastructure Management

    Network Infrastructure Management

    We manage and monitor your WAN, WLAN, servers, platforms, communication networks, and desktops to make sure that the pace of workflow progresses in a smooth and uninterrupted manner at your business.

  6. Network Management Service

    Network Management Service

    Our network management services allow us to provide complete IT support to help you to improve your performance and get a better hand on your network.

  7. Server Monitoring

    Server Monitoring

    Our prompt and efficient monitoring services means we update the servers in a timely manner and keep our clients updated regarding possible space shortage coming up.

  8. Active Directory Setup and Migration

    Active Directory Setup and Migration

    Your businesses are helped by our professional and affordable active directory setups as we connect all the standalone machines in your network.

  9. Office 365 Setup and Migration

    Office 365 Setup and Migration

    Migrating to the Microsoft Office 365 helps businesses across the globe to collaborate resources and ensure that your work is well coordinated. We ensure that whether it is setting up Office 365 or migrating, you suffer no problems.

  10. Managed IT Services

    Managed IT Services

    We help to handle your IT infrastructure throughout the day and handle threats. At Outsource2india, we make sure there are no vulnerabilities in your setup.

  11. Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization

    Dynamics 365 Setup and Customization

    Our customer engagement through the use of business applications by utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup helps to customize your business. At Outsource2india, we provide the help that you need to upgrade or migrate to Dynamics 365.

  12. Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    We at Outsource2india offer various remote solutions customized to your need. This helps to make sure that you do not suffer any downtime.

  13. Enterprise Security Solutions & Implementation

    Enterprise Security Solutions & Implementation

    We excel at providing innovative enterprise security management solutions that are supplemented with IPS server protection, next-generation firewalls, anti-virus and security gateways. When it comes to offering secure, scalable and a totally secure system, our enterprise security India services and products are unassailable.

  14. Infrastructure Application Support Services

    Infrastructure Application Support Services

    Maximize value and streamline operations by partnering with Outsource2india for infrastructure application support services. We offer top-quality services that are reliable and consistent to ensure availability of infrastructure applications through 24/7/365 monitoring.

  15. Cloud Migration Services

    Cloud Migration Services

    Migrating to the cloud requires expertise that is either too expensive or inefficient in the hands of an unskilled worker. If this is your dilemma, get in touch with Outsource2india and delegate cloud migration services to us. We will ensure to make your business is scalable with world-class cloud migration services.

  16. Managed IT Services for Insurance

    Managed IT Services for Insurance

    Every insunace company needs asound infrastructure to keep them operational and assist new applications, process claims, and renewals. If managing these IT requriements are challenging, its best to outsource managed IT services to experts like us to save the cost and time overhead.

  17. Digital Workplace Services

    Digital Workplace Services

    At O2I, we help our clients transform their traditional workplace into an intelligent one with our cost-effective digital workplace solutions. Our services are provided by experienced professionals and ensure superlative quality and efficiency.

  18. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

    Identity and Access Management Services

    Our identity and access management (IAM) services comprise a framework of business processes and technologies that help to manage electronic or digital identities. Our IAM frameworks help IT managers to control user access to data - both critical and non-critical - within their organizations.

  19. Cloud Application Development

    Cloud Application Development

    We have the required skills and expertise to help clients with the best quality cloud application development services. We leverage the latest and the best cloud application development tools and software while delivering top-notch services to the clients.

  20. Cloud Monitoring Services

    Cloud Monitoring Services

    Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with best-in-class cloud monitoring services. We leverage the power of the best and latest cloud monitoring tools while delivering top-notch services to clients.

  21. Cloud Integration Services

    Cloud Integration Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with accurate and high-quality cloud monitoring services within a quick time. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services.

  22. Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

    Several Amazon web services are available for adoption, letting you choose the best service that lets you incorporate structured workflow and technology that drives innovation. If you can't have these implemented on your own, we have specialists who can do so to accelerate innovation.

  23. Adobe Creative Cloud Services

    Adobe Creative Cloud Services

    If you’re unsure about choosing the best Adobe Creative Cloud services, you might leave your concerns to our experts. At O2I, we analyse your need for Adobe Creative Cloud services and offer relevant solutions that can be applied to your infrastructure.

  24. Server Management Services

    Server Management Services

    If your system admin team is over-burdened with work and you are looking for a partner to outsource server support and management services, try us. Outsource server management services to Outsource2india, the perfect partner to help you take better care of your servers at affordable rates.

  25. Google Cloud Platform Services

    Google Cloud Platform Services

    If you lack the expertise to self-implement the Google Cloud Platform Services, it may be best to leave those concerns to an expert while you sit back. When you choose Outsource2india, we analyze your existing infra and look for a cost-effective way to implement the Google Cloud platform services.

  26. Security Infrastructure Management

    Security Infrastructure Management

    We make sure that your security is top-notch. With risk assessment and regulatory compliance audits, our checks are daily and help to make sure you're working in a safe business environment.

  27. Technical Design and Architecture of IT Environment

    Technical Design and Architecture of IT Environment

    Our team has technical designs which are custom. Our services are also inclusive and ensure that the performance is at a higher level. Our high-performance management of data centers is catered for every IT requirement.

  28. Infrastructure Building, Testing, and Tuning

    Infrastructure Building, Testing, and Tuning

    At Outsource2india, we make sure that our team has the expertise required for building, testing, and tuning, the infrastructure, ensuring stable service for your business.

  29. Remote IM Service

    Remote IM Service

    Our technology allows us to help monitor and deal with any issues from our base of operations, ensuring maximum ticket turnaround time.

  30. IT Infrastructure Designing and Management

    IT Infrastructure Designing and Management

    We help our clients in building secure and stable infrastructures. Starting with assessment, planning and framework development, we move on to provide deployment, migration, and monitoring of IT infrastructure.

Why Should You Invest in IT Infrastructure Management?

In any business, it is critical that the business process, company policy, equipment, human resource, and data are managed in the most efficient manner possible to help facilitate the proper use of resources.

The services help to make sure that the resources are used in the best way possible to remain relevant in the current market scenario.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Advantages of Outsourcing Infrastructure Management to Outsource2india

Outsourcing all of your IT Infrastructure Management is the smartest thing that you can do. Choosing O2I as your infrastructure management service providing company will give you access to the following benefits -

  • We provide clients with highly flexible pricing options which suit their business requirements.
  • We have a highly skilled and experienced team of infrastructure management experts who can take care of all your needs.
  • We offer top-class services.
  • We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certified organization which ensures complete data security.
  • Reduction of IT expenditure helps you to use resources in other avenues.
  • We provide a dedicated manager to every client who will be the SPOC for all their needs.
  • Outsource2india provides 24/7 * 365 support for your business, meaning your business is safe the entire time.
  • Reducing cycle time allows us to help you build the best quality infrastructure.
  • Our team of experts is always at your disposal.
  • Our faster turnaround makes you extremely competitive in the market.
  • Outsource2india has a stable IT Infrastructure system.
  • Our high-performance models help to add value to the market.
  • We keep your business goals in mind and design your infrastructure according to that.

Client Success Stories

O2I Created a Data Security Breach Solutions

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

A leading industrial automation company was looking for a reliable and cost-effective service provider who could help them develop a data security breach solution. Our team provided them with cost-effective services.

Read the case study
O2I Developed Complete Invoice Management System

Developed Complete Invoice Management System

A leading client was looking for a partner who could help them develop an invoice management system. Our team at O2I provided them with the services within a quick time.

Read the case study

Outsource IT Infrastructure Management Services to Outsource2india


Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product.

Logistics Company in North America
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Outsource2india is perfect for your business as we have helped to provide the best quality and stable infrastructure management services in India and a series of other software development services to clients throughout the globe. Our clients are from across the world, and we are used to dealing with people from all cultures and extremely specific requests.

You are in need of a consistent and stable infrastructure management service, and we are the perfect fit for that description. Outsourcing to us will help to handle each of your issues perfectly. So get in touch with us today and experience the best of IT Infrastructure management services.

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