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Outsource Software Programming Services - Outsource2india

Software Programming and Coding Services

Outsourcing software programming and coding services to India can give your business an edge in the highly competitive software market. A pioneer in outsourcing, we have been providing software coding programming services to a large number of global customers. Our customers have benefited from our technical expertise, organized workflow management, good communication, cost-effective coding, and quick turnaround time. If your organization is looking for an outsourcing provider in India, then you have come to the right place. Outsource software programming to India and see an increase in your productivity.

Our Software Programming Expertise

  • Testing

    We have expertise in testing services and we can identify bugs and conduct debugging in your codes. Testing is essential, as if the codes have bugs, then the results would be wrong

  • Development

    Our software programming professionals are skilled at developing high-end desktop and web applications. We are also skilled at customizing web/desktop applications to suit your business requirements

  • Database and system architecture

    We are competent in developing open database architecture in distributed environments, extranet/intranet/internet, decision support and client/server amongst others

  • Maintenance

    With our technical expertise, we can efficiently maintain small, medium and large websites and keep them constantly updated

We have the expertise, infrastructure, and presence of specialized software programmers and developers in-house to develop software customized to your needs! Call us on 800-594-9501 to talk to our client engagement executives, and know more about our coding capabilities.

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O2I's 8-step Process to Programming and Coding

At Outsource2india, we follow a stringent process to ensure that we provide our customers with high-quality software programming and coding services.

Defining the Scope of the Project

After understanding our customer's requirements, we will define the scope of the project. Along with the customer, we will specify the challenges and the details involved in the project

Project Specifications Documentation

In this stage, we will document information and details about the description of the project, the deadline within which it must be completed and the milestones that must be achieved. The team who will handle the project would undergo training on these specifications and targets

Project Planning

During the stage of project planning, the database design is decided, the site structure is created and a risk management plan is defined. The entire project plan is also divided into different segments


In this stage, our software programmers will first develop and build the logic. Then they will write the codes and scripts

Validation of the entered data

After the programmers complete the coding, they will write codes to check the validity of the data


In the stage of integration, all the different modules of codes are integrated, in order to implement the functions of the application

Testing and Debugging

During the phase of testing, we will test the entire application from the perspective of the user and check for any errors. If any errors are identified, we will take steps to rectify it in debugging


This is the final stage in the process. In this stage, the application is released

Tools and Technologies We Leverage

At Outsource2india, we work with the latest and best in technology and software. The following are a list of tools and technology that our software programmers use in O2I.

  • Programming languages

    We use ASP, PHP, XML, Java, HTML, ASP.NET, C#, VB Script and JavaScript amongst others

  • Project management tools

    We use MS Project and Base Camp amongst others

  • OOAD Tools

    We use Rational, Visio and UML amongst others

  • Source Control

    We use VSS

  • Databases

    We use MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MS Access amongst others

  • User Interface Design Tools

    We use Photoshop, Flash, Dream Weaver and Corel Draw amongst others

  • Servers

    We use highly-advanced server technologies, such as Apache. We also use other servers

  • Development Tools

    We use MS Visual Studio 2003 and LLBLGen Pro amongst others

Outsource Coding to India and Get the O2I Advantage

Apart from having years of experience in providing software programming services, we are also a Microsoft certified partner. Outsourcing to O2I can help you save on the expenses of hiring and training new employees, providing benefits for new employees, managing an extra team and ensuring privacy. Outsourcing programming can help you save 50-60% on costs when compared to an onshore project. We follow stringent processes and we will keep on track by sending reports on a daily basis. Our rigorous quality assurance processes ensure quality at every step in the process and fewer errors. Our experienced software programmers have expertise in programming services and coding. Outsourcing programming and software coding can also help you save time, effort, expensive technology/software and infrastructure.

At Outsource2india, we use the best in infrastructure and technology. We have high-end multimedia development facilities, high-speed leased line, a secure development environment, multi-platforms hardware facilities, continuous power supply, generator backup facilities and storage of project backups. When you outsource to O2I, you can be assured of confidentiality, security and privacy.

Experience Outsource2india's Coding Modalities

At Outsource2india, we offer our software programming customers with different coding options to choose from. In the co-sourced coding model, you can hire a team from O2I as an extension to your existing team. In this model, the hired team will work at your office. The in-sourced coding model is similar to the co-sourced model. In this model, a team from O2I will be sent to your office and will use your tools. Outsource coding model is a model where you can outsource your services to O2I and the work is completed at our workplace. In the dedicated development group model (DDG), you can hire a team, which we will form for you. The team would work for you and you can pay them on a monthly basis. In the build operate transfer model (BOT), you can first test the team whom you have hired for a period of time before you want to make the team a part of your company.

Outsource programming to O2I and get access to accurate software coding and software programming services.

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