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Outsource Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

With software product launch taking most of your resources and energy, are you left with no time to test and validate your software before its crucial release? If lack of resources, infrastructure or time is forcing you to bypass one of the essential phases of the software development life cycle, outsourcing software testing services to a specialized service provider like Outsource2india can help. Outsource2india has over 23 years of extensive experience in serving global customers; and can efficiently handle any testing project, and ensure its successful delivery, leaving you with ample time to concentrate on core development.

Our testing professionals are proficient in employing a wide number of open source technologies for automation, test management, and defect tracking. Based on your requirements, we can provide you with manual or test automation services.

Software Testing Services We offer

Whether your project requires security testing or compatibility testing, we are a one-stop destination for any type of software testing that you may need. The services we offer include -

 Functional Testing
 Acceptance Test Driven Development Services
 Independent Testing Services
 Beta Testing Services
 Internal Network Penetration Testing
 Firewall Penetration Testing Services
 DevOps Testing Services
 Penetration Testing Services
 Service-Oriented Architecture Testing Services
 Selenium Testing Services
 Robot Framework Testing Services
 EDI Testing Services
 Usability Testing Services
 Outcome-based Testing Services
 Happy Path Testing Services
 API Testing Services
 Exploratory Testing
 Regression Testing
 Network Testing
 Continuous Integration Testing
 Managed Testing Services
 Mainframe Testing
 Managed Crowd Testing
 ETL Testing Services
 SOA and Web Services Testing
 Test Automation
 Independent Verification & Validation
 Testing Services for Industries
 Sanity Testing Services
 Soak Testing Services
 Performance Testing
 Scalability Testing
 SAP Testing
 Backward Compatibility Testing
 Cloud Testing Services
 Browser Compatibility Testing
 Risk Management Testing
 Web Services Testing
 System Testing Services
 Smoke Testing
 CRM Testing Services
 Website Testing Services
 Mobile Testing Services
 Installation/Configuration Testing
 Recovery Testing Services
 Volume Testing Services
 Load Testing Services
 Localization Testing
 Compliance Testing Services
 Stress Testing Services
 Cyber Security Testing Services
 Billing Testing Services
 Compatibility Testing Services
 Reliability Testing Services
 Testing Knowledge Management Services
 Accessibility Testing
 Managed Quality Assurance Testing Services
 Software Testing Project Services
 GDPR Compliant Software Testing Services
 Security Testing
 Test Process Improvement Services
 Test Environment Management Services
 GUI Testing Services
 Game Testing Services
 Wireless Penetration Testing Services
 VAPT Services
 eCommerce Testing Services
 Network Penetration Testing
 Social Engineering Services
 Sanity Testing
 Internationalization/Localization Testing
 Automated Test Script Development
 User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
 Compatibility Testing
 Defect Verification
 GUI and Usability Testing
 System Integration Testing
 Alpha/Beta Testing

We have the expertise, infrastructure, and presence of specialized software testing professionals and quality analysts in-house to test your customized software! Call us on 800-594-9501 to talk to our client engagement executives, and know more about our testing capabilities.

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Our Software Testing Capabilities

Our capabilities include -

  • Test consulting services
  • Release testing
  • Test automation - Functional testing of flash applications, Installation testing and Redstone's eggplant tool
  • Assistance in migration from manual to automation testing and open source testing tools
White Box Tools

Dev Partner Studio, Dev Partner for Java, JUnit, NUnit

Black Box Tools

QTP, Selenium, JMeter, RFT, Robot, LoadRunner, OpenSTA

Schedule and Resource Planning Tools

SVN, VSS & MS Project

Defect Tracking and Closure Tools

Test Track Pro & BugZilla

Test Automation Tools

Egg Plant, Silk Test, Selenium & IBM Rational Test

Test Management Tools

Test Director, Quality Centre, Digite' ALM, Mantis

Defect Tracking / Issue Management Tool

Jira, BugZilla

Why Invest in Software Testing?

Software testing refers to the process of executing programs and applications in order to find software bugs and other defects. This process of technical investigation, performed on the behalf of stakeholders is intended to reveal quality-related information about the product with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate. Through QA testing, your company can obtain an objective and independent view of the software, understanding its drawbacks, as well as the benefits. By getting your software tested, you can find out if your product -

  • Meets the required design and development requirements
  • Performs as expected
  • Can be executed with the same characteristics
  • Satisfies the requirements of your stakeholders

5 - Step Process We Follow

software quality

Our resources find and document defects in the software quality

perceived software quality

Next, we offer advice on the perceived software quality

design and requirement specifications

Through concrete demonstration, we validate and prove the assumptions made in the design and requirement specifications

software product

The software product is then checked to see if it works as per the design specifications

we validate all the requirements

Finally, we validate all the requirements, and see if they are implemented appropriately

6 Levels of Software Testing

Testing is an integral part of software development. At Outsource2india, we follow a 6-layered approach that includes -

  1. Independent/ stakeholder testing - Testing based on the needs and concerns of various stakeholders
  2. Unit testing - Focuses on verifying the smallest testable elements of the software
  3. Integration testing - Ensures that the components in the implementation model operate properly when combined to execute a use case
  4. System testing - Guarantees that the complete system, as a whole, complies with the predefined specifications
  5. Acceptance testing - Verification that the software is ready, and can be used by the end users to perform those functions and tasks, for which it was built
  6. Quality assurance testing - Ensures that the development and/or maintenance processes are continuously improved to produce software that meet required specifications/requirements
    • Developer testing - Denotes the aspects of test design and implementation, most appropriate for the team of developers to undertake
    • Independent testing - Refers to the test design and implementation, performed by someone who is independent of the team of developers

The key measures of a test include - Test Coverage and Test Quality. Test Coverage is the measurement of testing completeness. On the other hand, Test Quality is a measure of reliability, stability, and performance of the product under test, and is used to evaluate test results and identify any change requests (defects) while testing.

Read this case study on software testing to learn how we helped a Scandinavian company enhance their testing process by removing all bugs and inconsistencies in their software, by testing it exhaustively, and in turn ensuring the highest levels of product quality.

Read the case study

Leverage the Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a reputed technology services outsourcing company offering comprehensive software testing services for over 23 years to global clients. Hiring O2I offers you following advantages -

  • Leverage the skills of certified and trained software testers
  • Tap into our test automation and test data management expertise
  • Get your products tested within a quick turnaround time
  • Escalate your team strength as per your requirements
  • Benefit from our engineered approach to application testing
  • Ensure best results with the use of testing best practices, tools, methodologies and frameworks

Contact us right away to outsource software testing services. We will be glad to assist you.

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