Portrait Enhancement Services

Outsource Portrait Enhancement Services

If you are dizzied by portrait enhancement challenges, we can help you with portrait enhancement services so you can avoid becoming swamped by incomplete client projects

Is insourced portrait enhancement costing your business the valuable time and effort to achieve meaningful goals? Are you lacking specialization in handling complex types of portrait enhancement services required by your clients? If yes, we, at Outsource2india, can help you deal with overwhelming challenges with our affordable and efficient services. Our portrait enhancement services can be leveraged to save your time and money in a big way.

Outsource2india's (O2I) portrait enhancement and retouching services include color & contrast adjustment, background removal, noise reduction, and elimination of blemishes. In 24 years we have served over 30000 happy clients including professional photographers and photo studios. We have made a mark of our own in the global map strong enough to be remembered when our clients need to outsource portrait enhancement and retouching services.

Portrait Enhancement and Retouching Services We Offer

We go to great lengths to help you deliver quality service levels to your clients without missing the deadlines. Our portrait enhancement services in India is a top solution to deal with all types of portrait enhancement requests. Our customizable services can be finetuned to your budget and volume so that you get a 100% no-frills service at an absolute steal. At Outsource2india, our trained image editors offer portrait enhancement and retouching services for the following -

  • Family Portrait Enhancement

    Family Portrait Enhancement

    Make your family portraits memorable with our family portrait enhancement services. We will take care of enhancing portraits by retouching and airbrushing to give your photos an artistic appeal. Therefore, you treasure the best family moments that are enhanced using a touch of creativity.

  • Baby Portrait Enhancement

    Baby Portrait Enhancement

    Capturing great baby portraits can be a challenge, even for seasoned photographers. With a splash of creativity, we can make baby portraits stand out of the crowd. Our baby photo enhancement service will make way for artistically perfect baby photos that are free from blemishes and other flaws.

  • Couple Portrait Enhancement

    Couple Portrait Enhancement

    There is nothing like a well-preserved couple portraits that remind people of their togetherness even after several years. This is what we aim to achieve with our couple portrait enhancement service. We will enhance your portraits to make it appear magical with visually stimulating effects.

  • Headshot Portrait Enhancement

    Headshot Portrait Enhancement

    We guarantee flawless headshots by enhancing the beauty, fixing blemishes, correcting colors, and doing much more to flesh out perfect portraits. You will feel mesmerized with the final image enhanced by our experts.

  • Fashion Portrait Enhancement

    Fashion Portrait Enhancement

    It takes a great fashion portrait to make heads turn in the fashion industry. With the neck-and-neck competition to corner the market, designers must have stunning fashion portraits enhanced to meet the tough standards prescribed by the industry. So whom do top design houses approach to enhance fashion portraits? Us, that's who.

  • Wedding Portrait Enhancement

    Wedding Portrait Enhancement

    We are the reason behind several dreamy wedding portraits from top photographers across the world. We can enhance your wedding portraits to help you treasure the moment forever. We will add the artistic touch of our own to make your wedding photos Instagram-ready.

  • Vignette Portrait Enhancement

    Vignette Portrait Enhancement

    With a little extra attention to detail, it is possible to enhance the subtle charm in vignette portraits. To do so, we will artistically enhance vignettes to make portraits special and delightful. Our Vignette portrait enhancement services are nominal and efficient for busy photographers.

  • Specialized Portrait Enhancement

    Specialized Portrait Enhancement

    We have the bandwidth and experience in dealing with specialized portraits where enhancing select objects can impose challenges. Our skilled artist/editors can enhance the photos just the way you prefer without affecting the quality.

  • Sepia Portrait Enhancement

    Sepia Portrait Enhancement

    We can help you improve the archival quality of portraits with sepia portrait enhancement services. Our services can greatly enhance the color tone to preserve portraits for many years in its original form.

  • Black & White Portrait Enhancement

    Black & White Portrait Enhancement

    We can enhance the black and white portraits to help it retain the authentic vintage charm. Our team will enrich the black and white tones along with the contrast to make portraits look classier.

  • Canvas Portrait Enhancement

    Canvas Portrait Enhancement

    If you contemplate showing off your canvas portraits, you are one step away from making it an eye-catching masterpiece. We will enhance the canvas portrait with the best image editing concepts after converting portraits into a high-quality canvas.

    We use sophisticated portrait enhancement techniques to transform dull portraits into flawless masterpieces. Our offsite portrait enhancement services take care of the following -

    • Adjusting saturation
    • Color balancing
    • Contrast calibration
    • Adjusting the brightness & density
    • Portrait filter application
    • Removing or inserting backgrounds
    • Cropping portraits
    • Removing blemishes
    • Removing noise and grains from portraits
  • Cropping and Composition of Portraits

    Cropping and Composition of Portraits

    Our professional image editors don't just tighten the image and make it smaller without changing its scale. We crop the image so as to bring additional focus onto the subject or eliminate unwanted items from it.

  • Portrait Color Correction

    Portrait Color Correction

    Our color correction team restores, balances and corrects the color, brightness, and contrast of portrait shots.

  • Portrait Density Correction

    Portrait Density Correction

    O2I's editors use Adobe Photoshop software for density correction in portrait images. We ensure that the processed image has uniform density and contrast.

  • Color Cast Removal from Portraits

    Color Cast Removal from Portraits

    Fluorescent lighting or fading light can create unwanted color casts in portraits. O2I's experts correct and remove color casts caused by such effects. We also restore black and white digital images to their original quality.

  • Removing Blemishes from Portraits

    Removing Blemishes from Portraits

    Small blemishes, spots, sunburns, and freckles are more prominent in high-resolution portrait shots. Our high-caliber image editing professionals can carefully remove marks, blemishes, and other distracting elements with precision and finesse.

Verticals / Industries We Cater to

Outsource2india has the expertise to work with clients from different backgrounds and verticals. Some of the verticals we cater to include:

Online Apparels Shopping Online Apparels Shopping
Online Electronic Store Online Electronic Store
Online Automobile Store Online Automobile Store
Online Sports Accessories Online Sports Accessories
Publishing Houses Publishing
Portrait Studios Portrait
Real Estate Companies Real Estate Companies

Portrait Enhancement and Retouching Process We Follow

At O2I, our trained designers follow a streamlined, transparent, and hassle-free portrait enhancement and retouching process that includes the following steps -



Briefing from the client on enhancement and retouching requirements



Client transfers portraits in format of choice via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox


Resource Allocation

Designate the required resources, allocate tasks and appoint a Project Manager


Portrait Enhancement and Retouching

Image editors carry out the enhancement and retouching considering client specifications, stipulated turnaround time etc.


Quality Check

Multi-stage internal quality check to ensure 99 percent SLA adherence and ISO quality processes



Final output delivered to the client in the format of choice via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox

Why Outsource Portrait Image Enhancement and Retouching Services to O2I?

Outsource2india's professional portrait image enhancement and retouching services are affordable, professional and 100 percent customizable. Our other competitive advantages include but are not limited to the below -

  • ISO Certified Portrait Enhancement Services Provider

    We have ISO 9001:2015 certified design processes with 99 percent SLA adherence. Our teams are committed to serving you best in every possible way.

  • 100% Data Security

    We comply with Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR). This guarantees peace of mind knowing your data and project will be handled with care and caution.

  • High-quality Portrait Enhancement Services

    Test our service quality completely free of cost because we would be glad to offer you a free trial. In addition to our standard service commitment, you can get up to two design revisions at no additional cost. In case there are unintended flaws in designs, we assure to fix it without fuss.

  • Scalable Service

    Our portrait enhancement services are scalable and you can take advantage of this if you see a surge in needs or lack the bandwidth or in-house resources to deal with unforeseen challenges.

  • Quick TAT

    Experience the fastest turnaround time by partnering with us. Get images in just 24 - 36 hours (excluding weekends) depends on project complexity.

  • Cost-effective Service

    Hourly and project rates apply to outsourced portrait enhancement services. We also have a full-time equivalent (FTE) option should you prefer the latter. In any case, get customized pricing packages to suit your budget requirements.

  • SPOC

    Work in your own time zone with fluent English-speaking Account Managers. Our SPOC will get in touch with you if you need urgent attention from our team. You need not wait endlessly over the call or email to reach a human agent.

  • Full-time Portrait Enhancement Professionals

    30+ team of qualified image editors uses Adobe Photoshop CC to edit portraits can be had to work on your requirement. Our team has decades of experience in handling various portrait enhancement tasks.

  • Portrait Enhancement Software and Tools

    We use Photoshop CS6, PTGui Pro, and other services to deal with complex portrait enhancement services. Our image editing specialists leverage these tools to speed up the editing process.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is simply advanced to support our team through nearly all challenges. Our facility is secure and protected by physical and digital deterrents to prevent your data from falling into wrong hands.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Get 24/7 support from our team of contact center experts by outsourcing portrait enhancement services. We provide personalized support no matter where you are.

Case Studies

Sticker Design for an Advertising Firm

Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm
Top Scandinavian medical research company gets 3200 full-time O2I work hours and delivery of fully-functional 3D animation and 3D modeled video.
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Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company
Australian startup specializing in marketing and web development gets logo design and vectorization services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
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Our professional image editors have years of experience in color correction, adjusting contrast, saturation, color balance, and density correction.

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