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Beauty Retouching Services

Outsource Beauty Retouching Services

Beauty retouching services bring those significant features and elements in a photograph to perfection where at the end of it the whole picture looks natural and beautiful, at rates starting at $12 an hour

Making everyone look good in a photograph is a big challenge for a photographer. It's not just about the right photography, but also about the appearance of people and objects, much of which is beyond the control of a camera. Yet, ensuring all look good gives a photographer the good name he always aspires to have. This is where the importance of beauty retouching come into play. It frees photographers from the influence of elements that affect the beauty of a photograph and give them control over making everything look good and bright.

We at Outsource2India have over 2 decades of experience in delivering top class professional beauty retouching services to clients around the world. Our experts have assisted both amateur and professional photographers give the touch needed to make their customers happy and bring their skills to the fore.

Beauty Retouching Services We Offer

Being one of the best beauty retouching companies around, our services make photos of people and products look attractive. As a well-known beauty retouching service provider, we offer a diverse range of services. Some of these include -

  • Clearing Complexion

    Clearing Complexion

    Clearing complexion takes care of the overall effects of light on the complexion of a character. We assist you either enhance it or tone it down based on factors such as impact of accompanying characters or surroundings.

  • Skin Smoothing and Toning

    Skin Smoothing and Toning

    With this service, we give dark skin a makeup to make it glow in the picture. We do this with great finesse to ensure that the appearance looks realistic, and the natural skin texture in the photograph is preserved.

  • Background Beauty Retouching and Clean Up

    Background Beauty Retouching and Clean Up

    Unwanted things in the background may ruin a photo altogether. Our retouching service also helps in cleaning up the background. This includes removing a person or object out of the frame or getting rid of clutter without leaving any footprint or impacting the photo.

  • Glamour Photo Retouching Techniques

    Glamour Photo Retouching Techniques

    With this service we give every photo a professional edge. We apply advanced editing techniques to make a photo dazzle. To up the glamor quotient of any regular photos, it is important to provide advanced retouching service. Our service is tailored to uncover the charm of the shot and conceal the flaws and imperfections inherent in it.

  • Dramatic Photo Retouching

    Dramatic Photo Retouching

    Our dramatic photo retouching service is tailored to highlight distinctive features of a photograph. We ensure this by exploring lighting effects and playing with contrasts. The main objective is to give a special effect that will influence public perception the way you want.

  • HDR Photo Editing

    HDR Photo Editing

    With this service, we strike a balance between the brightest highlight and deepest shadow of an image. This service of ours is availed to make interiors of houses and outdoor locations look more appealing. We leverage our HDR editing skills to give fantasy touch to photographs. We take care to ensure nothing gets overdone.

  • Hue and Saturation Adjustment

    Hue and Saturation Adjustment

    We bank on our hue and saturation skills to adjust colors in a photograph based on the captured saturation, hue, and lightness. A perfect balance of hue, i.e., color in the image and saturation, i.e., richness or intensity of that color, enhances the sense of appeal of a photo.

  • Removing Skin Imperfections

    Removing Skin Imperfections

    With this service we assist photographers remove pimples, clear acne, erase pigmented spots, retouch blackheads etc. This ensures characters in photographs look neat and clean.

  • Adding or Correcting Makeup

    Adding or Correcting Makeup

    When there is a need to highlight the makeup for added emphasis on style and drama, we rise to the occasion. Our experts ensure that the outcome of your photography is not affected by this aspect.

  • Reshaping of the Face/Body

    Reshaping of the Face/Body

    With this service, we assist you to change the shape of characters by trimming their bulk or adding weight to their appearance. Our experts can execute this task without leaving any trials behind.

  • Separation Frequency Technique

    Separation Frequency Technique

    Our frequency separation technique gives you control over the color and delicate textures in your images. We assist you to separate the fine details from the texture and edit them independently.

  • Dodge and Burn

    Dodge and Burn

    Our expert dodging and burning technique helps photographers soften the transitions between skin tones without impacting the details. This gives a photograph the clarity it deserves.

  • Colour Enhancement

    Colour Enhancement

    With this specialized service, we make sure that the brightness of a photograph is restored thus helping photographers correct the bad impact of poor lighting.

  • Contrast and Brightness Adjustments

    Contrast and Brightness Adjustments

    With this service, we assist you to make correct adjustments to the tonal range of an image. It takes care of overall darkness or lightness and the difference in brightness between regions or objects.

  • Outfit and Accessories Retouching

    Outfit and Accessories Retouching

    This service is aimed towards making accessories and outfits standout. We bring these into sharp focus to enhance product appeal.

  • Light, Contrast and Color Adjustments

    Light, Contrast and Color Adjustments

    With this service, we make a photo stand out in completeness. Attention to these aspects make a photo look overall good and complete.

  • Color Correction

    Color Correction

    Our color correction service is tailored to adjust the exposure, white balance, and contrast of an image so that the mistakes in the camera settings can be rectified.

  • Liquefying Body/Face

    Liquefying Body/Face

    With this service, we detect and adjust facial features to make a portrait more impactful such as a surprised expression by adjusting mouth, eyes, nose, etc.

Beauty Retouching Service Process We Follow

As a reputed beauty retouching services providing company, we bank on a proven photo manipulation process to make photos aesthetically beautiful and accurate. These steps consist of the following -


01. Requirements Gathering

We sit with you to understand your overall project requirements. Once we sign off on them, we form a dedicated team for your needs. The number of members is decided by the scope of the project.


02. Working on Photo Beauty Touch

The process begins when you to transfer or upload the photos to us. Each photo is analysed by experts and a template is created to highlight the short comings. These may include a list such as culling, spot healing, eye retouching, image tone adjustment, spot healing, etc. The template along with the photograph is passed on to the team for retouch.


03. Quality Assessment

Once the changes are made, the retouched photos undergo a quality check. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated exclusively for quality check. They check the photos meticulously to make sure all changes have been addressed.


04. Delivery of Retouched Photos

Once all the photos get cleared from the QA team, they are ready to be delivered. We make sure the entire process is time-bound and deadlines are met at all costs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Beauty Retouching Services

Beauty photo retouching services is primarily outsourced to offshore companies because of a number of valid reasons. Some of these reasons include -

  • Easy Availability of Experts

    By outsourcing beauty touch services, you can get easy access to experts who almost have an instinctive understanding of how to go about. Our experts have in-depth understanding of photo composition, lighting and other critical aspects of photography. Our clients prefer our experts to others because we guarantee the next level touch to all our projects.

  • Minimize Costs

    As hiring an onshore professional is always a costly affair, outsourcing helps you cut down on the costs. Moreover, there is no dearth of highly skilled experts in offshore countries. Consequently, you can get the work done not just at half the price but with guaranteed results. Therefore, complicated tasks of beauty retouch such as clipping path can be accomplished with ease.

  • Guaranteed Turnaround Time

    One of the most important reasons for outsourcing photography is that it offers guaranteed and fast turnaround time. In fact, you as a photographer, can set the pace irrespective of the bulk of work. By outsourcing, several photographers and shoot agencies can meet seasonal demands with ease and at the same time keep their reputation unblemished.

  • Focus on Business

    Editing is a stressful job and demands meticulous attention. By outsourcing, one can avoid the pressure of carrying out several touches that each photograph may need and therefore save on a lot of time which can be channelized to expanding your business. With quality taken care of, much of your stress gets removed and you can take your business to the next level.

  • One-Stop Solution

    Beauty retouch is an exhaustive task that entails a number of small services. Most of the times the services get interwoven unless addressed by an agency that offers all of these solutions under one roof. Be it image retouch, clipping path, background retouch, masking, etc., you can get it done all at one place.

  • Easy Multi-platform Customization

    Different platforms need different kind of Image customization. For instance, what goes well with print ads may not measure up for digital ads or social media or for mobile platforms. However, with the help of multi-platform customization, it is possible to work on an image platform agnostic. Our specialized photo editing services enable you to customize images in such a way that fits snugly into all platforms.

  • Best Tools

    Companies specializing in professional beauty retouching in Photoshop depend on the most advanced software to edit photos, besides Photoshop. They keep upgrading their tools to remain competitive. This means you can always get beauty retouch for your photos done with the help of sophisticated tools to highlight key subjects, bring focus to an image and enhance an average picture into something awe inspiring.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Beauty Retouching Services to Outsource2India?

Outsourcing beauty retouching services to O2I gives you the kind of quality where it would be impossible to tell if the image has been worked upon. Even upon close scrutiny, you will see a flawless, high-end image. Here are more reasons why outsourcing beauty retouching to O2I is a good business decision.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Our beauty retouching services are customized according to the client needs and we offer them with the client budget.

  • Data Security

    We maintain 100% confidentiality of all the data and materials we manage and transact with the client.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    The retouching team of O2I is armed with the latest retouching tools and software including high-end platforms on a subscription basis.

  • High-quality Retouching

    Our beauty retouching services are considered the best because we do not compromise on quality.

  • Experienced Team

    The professionals who work with us have tons of experience and unmatched skills in beauty retouching projects across the globe.

  • Scalable Services

    We always make room for any sudden project expansions, and we are able to scale up to the new requirements in no time.

  • Round-the-clock support

    Our clients receive professional support from us 24/7 and can contact us through their preferred channels of communication.

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Outsource Beauty Retouching Services to Oursource2india


Thank you for the excellent work you have done for me. The quality was very high, the price excellent and the turnaround time was very fast. 10/10.

Professional Photographer,
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When it comes to high-end beauty retouching services, skill matters more than anything else. Outsource2india provides you with an outstanding team of skilled beauty retouch experts with extensive exposure in retouching photos for professional and commercial use. We work hand-in-hand with your fellow photographers to speed up fashion, beauty, and portrait retouching workflow to make the quality of a finished product superlative.

If you are looking for the best beauty retouching services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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