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Outsource EMR Transcription Services

Electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) make storage and access of patients' records easy, paperless, and organized. With numerous templates and point-and-click options, EMR is surely one of the best developments to have happened in the healthcare domains. However, at times using and maintaining this large system may prove complex and unfriendly for doctors, this is where O2I can step in by providing complete EMR transcription services. Our EMR services let you focus on your core medical practice and free yourself from the burgeon task of maintaining complicated healthcare records.

EMR Services and Healthcare Transcription

EMR solutions were deemed to replace medical transcription, as a faster and easier way of maintaining paperless records, but as doctors preferred dictations at the point-of-care, the need for clubbing conventional medical record transcription with EMR emerged as the new solution in healthcare.

Unless doctors are tech-savvy and are completely comfortable using the EMR software at the point-of-care, it becomes extremely difficult to manage all the necessary details related to the patient. Even if these templates provide the required information, typing patients' details while juggling core tasks may be extremely strenuous for the doctors. This is where doctors can rely on dictations, so that all that is needed to be recorded is easily done without wasting much time.

O2I's EMR Transcription Process

Outsource2india's high quality healthcare transcription solutions are perfect for specialists handling single patient EMR or a medical office providing comprehensive EHR for multiple patients. Our transcribers extensively go through entire EMR documentation and use unique procedures to make the EMR/EHR transcription fully compatible with your EMR system. We follow a series of steps to ensure highest accuracy in transcripts, these are:

  1. Dictations are received from the doctors
  2. Audio files are uploaded onto our online platform
  3. Files are transcribed by O2I's EMR transcriptionists as per the medical standards
  4. Transcription audit is conducted to get a quality review and check the transcript for errors
  5. Transcription compatibility is checked for your EMR system

As all our transcriptions are compatible with your EMR system and conform to the applicable healthcare standards, entering transcribed details into your EMR will be really easy, time saving, and accurate. This allows us to easily create and maintain electronic records for all data using our EMR system, which otherwise may not have been possible at the point-of-care.

Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT) Service

DRT is another easy option for doctors to avoid using EMR templates at the point-of-contact. Using DRT, doctors' dictations can be easily encoded with discrete data elements which can be then easily imported onto your EMR system. O2I provides you DRT services that would make recording in EMR system easier and faster. O2I also checks for errors and mistakes before the data is entered into your EMR from DRT.

Outsource EMR Recording and Management to O2I

O2I employs experts in the field of medical transcription and other related services. We are swift in employing latest technologies and follow standards and procedures in the area of healthcare and always lookout for new developments. If you are running a healthcare facility or an EMR company with multiple clients, and looking for EMR outsourcing, O2I offers all medical transcription and EMR transcription services that can be customized as per our clients' needs.

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