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We are now doing over 150,000 Medical Billing transactions/month for a Healthcare Technology Company in USA.

Outsource Radiology Transcription Services

At Outsource2india we offer expert radiology transcription services, with a high level of accuracy and at a cost-effective price. With us as your radiology transcription partner, you can spend your valuable time catering to the needs of your patients while we do all your radiology transcription work. You can be assured about the quality of our medical transcription services as we follow and stringent quality process. Outsource2india provides Medical Transcription services to many healthcare providers and we are HIPAA compliant.

Why outsource radiology medical transcription services?

  • Outsourcing your radiology transcription work to a specialized radiology transcription company will be cost-effective as you will not have to invest in hiring and training medical transcriptionists within your practice.
  • By outsourcing radiology transcription, you can save on time and resources. You can spend your valuable time in providing patient care, while we handle your transcription requirements.
  • Since radiology reports document radiology procedures or radiology studies, it is best transcribed by a professional radiology transcriber so that the accuracy of the information is not lost.

Why choose Outsource2india for radiology transcription?

Offshore medical transcription services are offered by many companies today, but how do you find out which company offers the best transcription services? To ensure that you get the best deal without compromising on quality, it is best to choose a specialized vendor for radiology transcription services. Radiology is one such area that requires a lot of transcription work.

Expertise in radiology transcription: We have expertise in transcribing radiology reports and other types of radiology documents. We offer a variety of radiology transcription services to suit the different needs of our customers.

Accuracy: You can be assured that your radiology transcription files are accurate as we follow stringent Quality Assurance processes. The completed radiology transcription reports are sent to a Proof Reader and then sent to an Editor to ensure complete accuracy. We can modify the final transcript to suit your formatting requirements.

Turnaround time: We can deliver the transcribed files to you within a 12-24 hour turnaround time. The transcribed files will be uploaded on our secure FTP or sent as an encrypted attachment to your email address.

Cost savings: You can make huge savings on your operating cost when outsourcing, as we will provide you with medical transcription services at half the cost.

Toll free dictation: We offer our radiology transcription customers the option of toll free dictation transcription.

Experienced transcribers: The radiology transcription work at Outsource2india is handled by our experienced team of medical transcriptionists. They are given training on the jargons used in radiology. They are also knowledgeable about the latest developments happening in the field of radiology.

FREE trial & quote: We can offer you with a free trial on radiology transcription. Our medical transcriptionists can work on a sample file. Based on the free trial you can decide if you want to outsource medical transcription to us. We can also provide you with a free quote.

You can avail all this and more when you choose Outsource2india as your partner for outsourcing radiology transcription.

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