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Customer's Requirements

Our customer approached us with an innovative idea for a taxicab app. They were looking for an Outsourcing provider who could not only build the app from the ground up, but also ensure it worked across different mobile platforms including iOS and Android. Their exact requirements included -

  • Greater Transparency - Most manually hired cabs give a lot of unwanted problems and unnecessary troubles to passengers. For instance, their fare pricing is not customer-friendly. Our customer wanted to ensure that the app would bring in better transparency while hiring a cab
  • Faster and Efficient Cab Hiring - Sometimes it gets too difficult to find a cab just when a person needs it the most. Inconsistency in availability of manually hired cabs is a major problem people face at the time of urgency. On the other hand, drivers also find it hard to find customers when they are idle. The customer wanted the app to alleviate the troubles of both customers and drivers by providing an interactive and easy-to-use medium for booking taxis.

Project Challenges

While developing the app, we had to make sure all customer guidelines were met at each and every turn. Some of the challenges faced by our developers during the course of the project included -

  • The app had to offer a user-friendly interface, and had to be beneficial for both passengers and drivers alike
  • We had to provide features that improved the efficiency of cab service for users
  • The app had to support automatic fare calculation and best route options from the get go
  • The app had to be able to connect the nearest cab with customers looking to hire one

The O2I Solution

In order to ensure all client requirements were successfully met, we decided upon an approach which included the following -

  • We developed the app using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation format). This ensured the app could be installed and run efficiently in smart phones running different OS platforms like iOS and Android
  • The app interface featured a form which the user had to fill with details such as place of pickup, destination, etc. Leveraging GPS technology, the application would then automatically search for available cabs in the nearest area
  • We included a useful feature wherein a user could select what sort of cab he/she required, including the ability to select AC or non AC cabs, size of the car (mini, sedan), seating required, etc.
  • The App was able to flash the following on the screen for further end-user convenience -
    • Distance between nearest cab and user
    • Starting and Destination Points on a map
    • Automatically calculated cab charges
  • We incorporated a variety of payment option within the app, including credit card, online banking, PayPal and cash
  • We included a variety of different features within the app, including -
    • Facility to make multiple bookings for different places from the same phone
    • Users could prepone or postpone the journey timings
    • Cab bookings could be canceled using the app itself, and money would be automatically refunded to the user in case of pre-paid option
    • A provision for service/driver feedback which further helps in improving the service
    • Useful features targeted towards the drivers, allowing them to find customers, generate bills and get optimum route suggestions

The Results

Upon completing the development of the app successfully, the client was able to benefit from the following result -

  • Our app provides a very efficient means of cab booking and can be used by cab service operators, travel agencies, and people from the hospitality sector equally
  • The taxicab app is extremely beneficial for passengers who need cabs at odd timings and at unknown places
  • No more unfair cab charges and complete bill transparency for the customers
  • Cab drivers are now happier as they don't need to look for passengers; they get more business and also get assistance in choosing the best route
  • It adds transparency in the cab hiring process for the passenger, driver as well as the operator

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