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The Client and their Business Requirements

Our Client is a successful Australian business which specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for job safety throughout the country. After building a successful product, they were looking to diversify their portfolio and develop a mobile-based project management app which could be used by enterprises to build a task-based list dedicated to a particular project. The app was required to have an in-built social component, allowing project participants to share thoughts and ideas, attach files, etc. to the common wall dedicated to the project. Finally, we were also tasked with building native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Project Challenges

The client had specific requirements which we had to met, and included certain challenges such as -

  • The client was very particular about the UI as a result of which a lot of time had to be spent at the design phase
  • The client wanted the pictures shared between the app users to be of very high-quality, and ensure that it supported 100% zoom without any pixelation
  • The app had to support real-time collaboration between different people using the app
  • The app idea belonged to a niche category, as a result of which we had to test the implementation properly before beginning development
  • In between, the client requested massive enhancements which we had to build into the app without changing the overlaying app structure decided initially

The O2I Solution

After understanding the client's exact requirements, we devised the following solution in order to ensure the mobile app featured all the requested suggestions -

  • We implemented CometChat to work within the application in order to enhance real-time customer collaboration
  • Using the app, project members could create new tasks, assign and delegate tasks, generate current status reports, and communicate with all the stakeholders
  • We ensured that all images were of the highest quality in order to support maximum zoom levels
  • We dedicated the initial project phase to getting the iOS app developed first, and once we received the go-ahead from the client about the app's overall performance, we began working on the Android app. This not only helped the client get to market faster with a single version of the app, but also allowed us to focus on one single platform thereby ensuring faster development times


The client was extremely satisfied with the overall project quality, and recommended us to their other business partners. O2I's dedication to high-quality app development also ensured the mobile app was a huge success amongst the client's targeted user base.

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