Outsource2india Developed a Music App to Create Melodious Playlists

Case Study on Music App Development to Create Playlists

About the Customer

The customer is a family run company in the US, comprising of a father and son who are tech-savvy and smart entrepreneurs to boot. The duo was looking to shake up the social music environment.

Business Challenges

Our team of mobile app developers had to face a few challenges during the project. They were -

  • The customer asked us to develop an app that allowed users to create music playlists in collaboration with friends near their location
  • Virtual DJ was the concept; to be brought into being by multiple users adding to the playlist to have songs playing continuously at parties and other events
  • The customer's idea involved the transfer of audio files between iOS and Android devices over Wi-Fi hotspot
  • The customer asked for the app having the functionality of loading songs from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc. so that users could collaborate and create playlists
  • Users needed to have the ability to join the playlist closest to their location
  • The International Standard Recording Mode had to be implemented
  • Implementing SignalR was also necessary so that devices connected through the app would be immediately notified when the playlist was modified in any way

The Solution

This was a research-intensive project, but our team of developers at Outsource2india got down to it right away. After a lot of brainstorming, they successfully developed an app that could perform the functions the customer wanted.

  • Any user can start a collaborative playlist and send invitations to their friends within a 50 m radius to participate.
  • Users can also use the geolocation feature in the app to identify the active playlists nearby.
  • All users collaborating on the list can add songs they like, and have continuous music playing for as long as they want.
  • Songs can be transferred in the online mode over a Wi-Fi hotspot that will be created by the user who created the collaborative playlist; users can add songs from Spotify and other digital music services, and they are played on the host device.
  • Users can vote for or against songs; depending on the number of upvotes, a song may get pushed higher up in the queue and vice-versa.


This innovative app enables users to turn into DJs and have a blast at parties, rather than paying big money to hire DJs. It is easy to use, and super fun too; what's more, it allows users to always play exactly those songs that are their favorites.

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