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The Client's Business Requirements

Our client is a successful business entrepreneur based out of Hong Kong, and approached us with an inventive idea for an e-Learning app. The client wanted a language learning app akin to most other apps available out there, but with one key difference, that languages would be taught by real-life tutors with prior experience in the language of choice.

Tutors can create an account, and after proving their proficiency in a particular language, immediately start an online course. Prospective students can also browse online courses and then choose a course, teacher ratings, teacher experience, etc., which best suits their requirements. They can then make the required payment, whereupon they can start the one-on-one course with the tutor at a predefined time.

Project Challenges

Owing to the nature of the project and the complexities involved, we faced quite a few challenges over the course of development, including the following -

  • The client wanted us to work on a separate web app for handling the backend of the iOS app
  • The app had to feature robust chat integration in order to facilitate real-time collaboration
  • Since students were going to pay for online video courses, the network had to be extremely secure and we had to ensure that the video quality remained foolproof throughout the session

The O2I Solution

After going through the client's requirements in an in-depth fashion, we devised the following solution in order to ensure all the requests were met -

  • We integrated CometChat within the app to facilitate real-time audio, video, and chat ability between students and teachers
  • The app features a fully secure payment gateway with transparent regulations in order to ensure the student-teacher interaction remains smooth
  • We implemented complex video compression protocols in order to ensure the video quality of the online classes always remained great with minimal buffering

Project Outcome

The client was extremely satisfied with the end-result and commended us on our approach towards a difficult project. The app is now used by countless people to learn new languages from professional teachers, who on the other hand also get to earn a steady income for the knowledge dispersed.

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