iPhone App Development for a Company Providing Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly Products

The customer

The customer is a US-based website that helps people make green choices in their daily lives. The website connects people with green products and helps them make choices that save power, find energy-efficient alternatives and find environment friendly products.

The challenge

The customer wanted an iPhone app that would help people make energy efficient choices for their home and work place. The app also needed the capability to help people choose healthy products at the grocery or supermarket.

The project

The mobile development team at O2I created an app with multiple capabilities: Map Feature, Categories Feature, Check Lists Feature and Forum. These apps help users determine how healthy or green their choices are. They can also use this app to reduce cost and save power in their homes and work place.

The Map Feature allows users to browse through their house, zoom in, and tap on any object to learn more about it. They can explore rooms and objects - recycling centers in the garage, eco-friendly furniture to water-saving techniques in the bathroom and recycling paper in their home office.

The Categories Feature helps users define actions and products under each of these categories: Save Money, Save Energy, Material Selection, Save Water, Indoor Environment, and Design Tips.

The Check Lists Feature allows users to determine how healthy certain products are while shopping for food, beauty and skincare products, toys, games, computers and building materials.

Using the mobile app, users can also browse through the Forum, read existing comments by other users, read the latest posts and also submit their own comments.

The result

Users of the app now have access to all the features, allowing them to make choices that are energy efficient, less expensive and environment friendly. They can sign up on the forum, connect with like-minded people and share experiences and tips.


Mac OS, iPhone SDK 3.0, XCODE, XML for Web Services

The mobile app development team at Outsource2india has developed apps for enterprise and entertainment solutions on various platforms like Android, Symbian, iPhone BlackBerry and other popular mobile platforms.

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